Fiction and Nonfiction
Whispers: Beginning
Zane was just an ordinary teenager like any other. Then there's is Derek who is spunky, fun and energetic. Plus, the new student Violet who sweet and shy. Let's not forget Lila a mage in training. One day they all meet together...
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My book ^^
Mk so... This story is about my ocs, ( Chesaki, Kohechi, and Minu. ) so they are 3 of many of my M.H.A ocs. So I hope you like this. I'll make more stuff whenever I work on it.
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Kate Walker and friends (KWAF)
Why does a secondary school teacher need blood to survive? Why does a secret agent take a job in the same school? What kind of strange school is, where the owner of the school(who is the principal as well) continuously experime...
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Life in the Middle
This is a story about a Highschooler named, Alex, was bullied and killed herself. After she died, something unexpected happened...
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My Dream SMP Theories
So I might have many theories about the Dream SMP. I'll be recording all my thoughts/theories of the SMP here. I need some help- These theories come into my head after just watching ONE video of the 'Dream SMP reacts to ...'
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This AU came to my head while looking for photos of Dream SMP angst. I occurred some awesome drawings seeming to be sort of based on the same story. But what made me slightly mad is that it takes place BEFORE Wilbur blew up L'M...
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She Loved Flowers
And the note read... "I loved flowers. They were beautiful. And so are you. Don't be guilty. It wasn't your fault."
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Joinable (A/U) Story (Open!!)
This is a story that I made starring my main Oc, Lynn. I will be featuring whoever enters, hope you enjoy!
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breuh x bowie FANFIC
this is for bruh and bowe i hope u enjoy its gon be grteaw. DOO DOO PEE
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Ask Or Dare
This is so you can get to know me a little bit better! I want you guys to get to know me!
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Ask or Dare the real me
Hi my name is Faith and I hope you like this book it is a way for you all to get to know me
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My Afton Family Alternate Universe
I made a poll to decide what to do and Afton Family got the most votes. 100% Well, let me say this...GENOCIDE!!
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Short Stories With Jaxon
In the process of writing. (multiple stories on each chapter) on the first one.
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Hello. This is a story based on a true story, So a lot of things in here have happened in REAL LIFE. But there are also some things that didnt. I'll add a new chpater every once in awhile so pay attention! please enjoy!
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Concession-Villan Uraraka AU(Dialogue Story)
Ships(main):Ohcahimideku, AFO x Inko, Bakukiri, a continuation of the first one. Uraraka grew up with little money and not that much to eat. Wanting to help her parents she went into the hero course at UA high. Because of her ...
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drarry oneshots <3
just a bunch of oneshots of harry potter x draco malfoy that either come to my mind or have been sitting in my archive for a little bit.
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Lovesick-Villian Deku Au (Dialogue Story)
The title says it all. The(main)ships in this AU are: OchaHimiDeku, TodoMomo, and KiriBaku. Izuku Midoriya was always bullied for not having a quirk. Even by his childhood bestfriend, Katsuki Bakugo. On Upon finding out his d...
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My emotions as people
This is just a bunch of my emotions made into people some may be horrible because it was hard to match them with my emotions cause I have none so hope you like it it’s not much no hating
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Take Me Too
Oliver is a lost soul, roaming the earth, searching for a way out. Until he falls for a human girl, Amanda. She soon dies from a terminal illness, and taking her to heaven is his assignment. On the way there he truly knows that...
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Shattered (1)
High is a 16-year-old girl who lost her twin brother, Low, who was brutally murdered one month ago. She is abused terribly by her step-father, Adrien, and her mother is an alcoholic. High ends up falling in with the outcasts wh...
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