Concession-Villan Uraraka AU(Dialogue Story)

Concession-Villan Uraraka AU(Dialogue Story)

Ships(main):Ohcahimideku, AFO x Inko, Bakukiri, a continuation of the first one. Uraraka grew up with little money and not that much to eat. Wanting to help her parents she went into the hero course at UA high. Because of her quirk, she was looked down on has weak, and that she could never be a hero. To her surprise, she ended up on this crazy journey from hero to villian. Along side Toga and Deku, shes has happy has she'll ever be! She can support her parents financially and she doesn't have to worry about food! Kuroguri is a great cook. She's living the dream!...or is she?

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Chapter 1.

The Next day

~Toga~ '' Well that was one exciting night right??? ''
~Uraraka~ '' Yes it was!, but i gotta get going, can't stick around too long, if im gonna be a traitor i gotta go back to UA! ''
~Toga~ '' One thing before you go! '' *kisses cheeks*
~Uraraka~ </////> '' I-i- amma go now.. ''
~K~ '' You gotta make it look like you got kidnapped..shinso might also try to get answers from * places a hair clip in her hair* this will make it so that if they do question you.. you don't give away valuable info..same for izuku too. ''
~Uraraka~ '' Do ya''ll have these? ''
~K~ '' Some us do..most of us don't, if we don't end up in that situation we know how to control our mind so you have nothing to worry about! ''
~Uraraka~ '' Oh..thats a relief.. well i better get going! ''
~Toga and Deku~ '' Bye!! ''
{When she arrived at UA}
~Uraraka~ '' H-help me..  ''
~Mina~ '' OMG!! URARAKA! ARE YOU OK! ''
~Bakugo~ '' Ofc she's not! she got kidnapped by the LOV, who knows what they've done to her? ''
~Aizawa~ '' I'll take care of this..get shinso for me, it doesn't seem like she wants to relieve what she went through. ''
{Inside the interrogation room}
~Aizawa~ '' Shinso? ''
~ Shinso~ '' I'll do this..Are you okay uraraka? ''
~Uraraka POV~ '' Here goes nothing.. ''
~Uraraka~ '' I don't wanna talk about it- ''  *shes in his control now*
~Shinso~ '' Did they tell you anything? ''
^Uraraka^ '' No..but i overheard them saying something about planning to attack next Tuesday..with deku-kun..''
~Aizawa~ '' So he's traitor huh? ''
~Shinso~ '' How much traitors are there? ''  
^Uraraka^ '' ## ''
~Aizawa~ '' Omg- we gotta find them a.s.a.p..they might be useful info for the LOV..thank you shinso. ''
~Shinso~ '' Anytime''
~Uraraka~ '' ...''
~Uraraka POV~ '' Omg it actually worked.. ''
~Shinso~ '' One more question..Are you a traitor? ''
^Uraraka^ '' ...''
^Uraraka^ '' No i am not ''
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THIS IS SOOO BEAUTIFUL i love this story😭😭😭😭😭😭✨✨✨✨✨
Thank you! that means alot 😭😊😭
10 days ago
13 days ago
Don't worry! This is a continuation of the Villain Deku AU! But with Uraraka has the MC. I'll try and post more chapters soon!
Oh! thats a relief! i really wanted to see more of the other one! And also take your time! Its really good so far!
Thank you!
23 days ago
23 days ago
23 days ago