Kate Walker and friends (KWAF)

Kate Walker and friends (KWAF)

Why does a secondary school teacher need blood to survive? Why does a secret agent take a job in the same school? What kind of strange school is, where the owner of the school(who is the principal as well) continuously experiments with the students and with the workers of the school too? Why does the same principal (who is extremely strict and sometimes cruel with his subordinates) allow a totally uneducated(but attractive) girl working in a very important position in the school? There is no one normal in this school? Read this astonishing book and you will find out!

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Chapter 1.
The weird organ dealer

The weird organ dealer

Viivi had a bad day. A really bad day. She felt so bad as you can feel after 6 years of striving in a relationship, which is slowly getting more and more rotten, but you don’t want to notice it. Then finally it’s finished, but not because Viivi wanted to finish it.

‘That wanker! That jerk!. He just kicks off me, like I would be a f@cking slut.’

She walked faster. ‘I don’t want to think! I don’t want to know about anything.’ - she almost cried when she thought of their moments together. She walked like crazy, far away from the centre, in dirty suburbs, suspicious streets full of even more suspicious bars and pubs, and with hot girls!!,girls!!,girls!! and cold drinks, at least if we can believe the neon ads.

‘A drink?’ asked a parrot-like guy, in an unbelievable dress, while he checked Viivi with an expert, almost business-like look. His eyes reminding Viivi to Alec, she shivered for a second. Letting him alone, she entered alone to a bar and went to the counter. Ordered a cocktail (an orange-martini, her fave) then sat at a free table in a dark corner, then examined the large premises with a critical look.

Well, it was not the 'King Cole', nor the ‘Old town pub’ for sure. Half drunk or totally drunk women clung to the arms of their partners. Viivi never was in such a terrible and low place before. The smoke almost made her blind, it fully filled the whole space, the smell choked her rudely. It was a mix of sweat, the smell of beer and smoke, and who knows what else yet.

An alizarin-haired guy with a slightly Asian look passed by her table. Viivi looked at him, and maybe for this, or maybe the martini made her mind misty, she missed the moment when the guy sprinkled some white powder into her drink. Nevertheless, he didn’t look at her even for a second, but went to another table and took a seat. Viivi tossed off her drink, maybe too fast, and she already wished for the next one.  The strange boy sat relatively close to her, but the girl didn’t see his features clearly. She felt that the drink affected her too fast, or was it something else? She almost could not keep her eyes open. Her arms become lead-heavy. No, not only her arms, but her whole body. She felt as if she could not move at all. The boy took a thorough look at her, and slowly, but very confidently went to her. He ‘helped’ her to stand up, took her arm. Then - as he would be her boyfriend - very naturally walked out of the pub with her, arm in arm.

Viivi wanted to cry, shout, scream! She knew already very well that she was in big trouble. Tried to move her parts of body, but it was kinda impossible, she lost the control over her muscles, become a puppet, a very stupid puppet actually.

‘He will kill me or rape me or both.’ - she was sure.

Viivis look was desperate, she tried begging with it for help from  the drunk guests of the pub, but everybody remained totally in,different, it was an everyday event that one carried out their unconscious partners, otherwise no one would care with a case of crime either here, where the barman with his insidious look certainly saw plenty of rude things,or even participated in them as well.

Viivi’s position was really, really damn scary. The red-haired guy was quite calm, he acted like he would do his everyday job. He carried the powerless girl in a dark street, where there was an old battered-worn, once white van. He opened the car's front door, and put Viivi in the dirty passenger seat. He also sat in, and started the engine.

The journey started, certainly not a luxurious and happy one. It was even more dreadful that the girl’s brain was clear already, she heard and saw everything, but could not move at all.

Finally the journey ended as suddenly as it started, the guy stopped the van, and carried out Viivi from it. The terrified girl realized that they were on a dock, near a ruined ,old building, looks like an abandoned hospital,perhaps for the sailors or the dock-labourers; it was certainly out of use now. He brought her inside, they passed on a dimmish corridor, then entered a disgusting operating room, the crumbling plaster, the blood-dirty interior made it like that.

The red haired boy puts her to a medical table, she laid  there now. Then started to make special preparations, it seemed for an operation, he took scalpels, medical tweezers, bandages and iodine too. Viivi, who constantly watched her kidnapper, became very frightened. Her mind was fully clean, and she felt that the numbness which captured her body, slowly, but surely dissolving from her body, she was able to move her fingers a bit.

The redhead guy stopped doing his activities and sat down. He nailed his look to Viivi and didn’t move.

‘I should escape somehow’ this thought was in the girl's mind continuously. She tried to speak, and surprisingly it succeeded.
‘What do you want from me??’ The words were less intense as she intended to say.

The guy answered with a wide smirk. ‘Your kidney!’ - Viivi was not sure if she heard it well.

‘M-my kidney..?’ - she was shocked - ‘are you serious??’

‘I want to take out your kidney. Only one.’ - he looked at her as a doctor would look at a stubborn patient.

‘Are you crazy??? I need my kidneys! Both of them!!’ - her voice was desperate. But she was really determined to protect her organs. The guy seemed not angry, rather worried. ‘You should give them to me. By your own will..’

Before the girl could protest, the guy continued. ‘I can even pay for it.’

‘You want to buy my KIDNEY??? From me??’

‘If you don’t mind.’ - he looked at her with hope.


‘Do you?’

‘I do mind it very much!!’

‘But if you don’t let me get your kidney, they will kill me.’

‘Who? Someone who pays for the kidney?’

‘Yes, Skinjacket and his gang.’

‘Skinjacket and his gang’ - repeated the girl. ‘Who are they?’

‘Criminals. Very dangerous people.’

‘Aha.’ Viivi realized that she could move her legs and her arms, the effect of the drug almost disappeared from her body. She took a hidden glance to the scalpel, then suddenly she jumped off from the bed and grabbed the sharp tool, and with another jump she reached the door. But it was locked, she jerked the handle, but it didn’t work out.

The guy - who seemed surprised -took a step backward and took a big breath. ‘Please, put it back on the table.You could hurt yourself.’ There was something irritating in his polite style, Viivi realized that she would expect a very different attitude from someone who just kidnapped her and wanted to remove her organs. Nevertheless, she didn’t obey his request, her fingers clutched on the scalpel, she raised her hands in a threatening way. ‘Open the door, and let me go!’ - she demanded.

‘Please think it over. It’s possible to live with one kidney. I would give you 3000 usd for it. It’s a very good price’

Viivi’s eyes become wide. She never saw such an impertinent and -in a way - very cute gangster. But, the situation was not about being cute or not, she wanted to escape. She repeated her wish : ‘Open that damned door NOW!! Can you hear me?? NOW!’

The boy looked rather sad than angry. ‘I’m not allowed to open it. If I release you , I will die. I am not the boss, I just fulfill their order.’

‘You aren’t afraid if I kill you? The scalpel is in my hand!’ She raised it again.

‘Put back it to the table, please.’

‘I will not. I want to go!!!’ she almost cried.

The boy sighted. ‘Okay’ he said. ‘I will open the door. But after that, please give back to me the scalpel.’

He stepped to the door, put a key to the lock and turned it. It made a squeaking noise, but didn’t open. ‘Shit!’ he said in a low, but devoted voice. Viivi watched him with a slightly ironic look, what a clumsy kidnapper!

After several pathetic attempts finally the door was opened. ‘How long do you still want to hold that scalpel?’ he asked in a nervous voice.

‘As long as I am not safe,’ she answered. The guy sighted again: ‘Okay, then just take it. You can keep it if you want. Can I take you home? ‘ Viivi was astonished, not for the first time on this crazy night. ‘You want to take me home?? Are you an idiot, damn it??’

‘No, no. Just this is a very dangerous area, many crazy figures walking around here, drunk sailors, homelesses, thiefs, whores, drug dealers,even..’

‘Even organ dealers..?’ asked Viivi with a grin.

‘Sure, indeed they are!’, said the guy, ignoring Viivi’s teasing voice.

‘Okay,’ said the girl after a short silence. ‘You can take me home.’ She didn’t understand her own behaviour either.

She is crazy as hell. What a crazy thing! Her kidnapper will take her home!
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