Take Me Too

Take Me Too

Oliver is a lost soul, roaming the earth, searching for a way out. Until he falls for a human girl, Amanda. She soon dies from a terminal illness, and taking her to heaven is his assignment. On the way there he truly knows that he wants to go to heaven too. But they have to find his body and rid of all revenge on his murderer: his older sister, Kylie. Will he be able to do it in time before the clock runs out? Keep reading.

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Chapter 1.
How I Died...

How I Died...

So... I'm dead. My name is Oliver and I was 15 when I died. I am a lost soul. I roam the earth... people are afraid of me. Other spirits passing through either way avoid us lost spirits. They haven't found my body. Or found out that my older sister, Kylie murdered me. Even I don't know where my body is.
I forget how I died, honestly. But I remeber water and blood and pain in my neck for half a minute before I blacked out. When I "woke up" I was here. On earth, but alone. It was... gray and cold. I remember going to my funeral. An empty casket being lowered into the ground. My parents crying, my sister smiling. I wish I could kill her. If only we all knew where she put my body...
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It's very good. Your a very talented writer, keep up the great work!
12 days ago