My Dream SMP Theories

So I might have many theories about the Dream SMP. I'll be recording all my thoughts/theories of the SMP here. I need some help- These theories come into my head after just watching ONE video of the 'Dream SMP reacts to ...'

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My Dream SMP Theories
KarlJacobs theories (part one?)

KarlJacobs theories (part one?)

Okay so I'm over here and I come across a video that says 'Deleting memories'. Then I saw ANOTHER video was titled 'KarlJacobs come BACK from the INBETWEEN'. I was in pure confusion at this point, what is the InBetween, why is he losing his memories, What is going to happen to Sapnap and Quackity once they find out that Karl doesn't remember them, or have they already found out? I had many questions but sadly, I couldn't find a video that explained anything. Many theories started to pile up in my head, what will hap to Karlnapity, what will every one do to help Karl get his memories back, is Karl gonna have to regain his memories from scratch? I still have no clue, that's all for the day. My head is hurting from finding this out and trying to process the information.
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