drarry oneshots <3

drarry oneshots <3

just a bunch of oneshots of harry potter x draco malfoy that either come to my mind or have been sitting in my archive for a little bit.

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(If this is bad, I don't care because I like it more than I thought I would. Little to no editing on this one.)

    Draco and Harry were sat atop the roof of Hogwarts beneath the dull sky. The sun had just barely set, leaving the sky with a gray-tint that the two found that they both liked. There was one thing that they had in common.
    Harry had finished up a joke, sitting with a manspread, covered by a heavy black hoodie and some faded jeans where the color wore out in the sun. He didn’t have shoes on, only mismatched socks that he had found in a rush to make his way up to the roof.
    Draco, however, was dressed much more… elegantly, as Harry liked to put it. Except it wasn’t elegant, Harry just was being nice by saying that Draco looked better than he did, and it usually put a slight blush across his pal’s face. The blonde boy was dressed in a loose and flowy, cream-colored top, matched with these sort of tight tan shorts that had multiple tea and coffee stains. Harry thought they looked adorable on him, especially the way that they hugged his thighs and complimented his curves.
    “Mm, that’s funny,” Draco said seriously. A trace of a chuckle was left on his lips as he played with his fingers awkwardly, his right leg crossed above his left.
    Harry had his elbows resting on his knees, his hands clasped together like he was some sort of fancy businessman. He inched closer and closer to Draco the more they talked. Draco didn’t seem to notice, but Harry thought that he wouldn’t mind either way.
    “Hey, do you…” Harry mumbled. He thought about what he was going to say as he noticed Draco turn his head. What if he says no? What about Hermione?
    “Why are you staring at my lips like that?” The blonde said, obviously flustered as he stopped fidgeting with his fingers. Harry’s eyes widened as he realized how close he had leaned in towards Draco in his few seconds of daydreaming.
    Draco looked down at Harry’s lip as well in the moment of desperation. He scooted himself by the inch towards the brunette. Harry found his arms wrapping themselves around Draco’s waist as he got closer, holding him tight. Draco seemed comfortable there.
    Draco leaned in as he looked up from Harry’s lips and back to them again. He tried his best to seem like he was confident, but on the inside he was scared. Jesus fu-
    Until he felt Harry’s lips on his.
    They both felt blissful; the way that Harry’s arms were wrapped around the other boy’s waist and how Draco’s began to wrap around Harry’s neck. It was beautiful to them. They both felt like this was their moment… like they were where they meant to be.
    Harry was the first to pull away from the kiss. Draco wasn’t surprised, and he was pretty sure that Harry wasn’t either.
    “You’re, uhh…” Draco paused for a moment. He looked at Harry awkwardly and then back to his own fingers. They seemed really interesting that day. “You’re way better at that than I had expected, Harry.”
    The brunette laughed lightheartedly. He didn’t feel like Draco was trying to insult him. “Yeah. Me, too.”
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