Life in the Middle

This is a story about a Highschooler named, Alex, was bullied and killed herself. After she died, something unexpected happened...

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Life in the Middle


Alex's POV

Most people say when you die, you go to Heaven. That didn't happen to me though, what happened to me is that I had a choice. I had the choice to either go to Heaven or stay on Earth as a hidden angel. Of course I choose to stay on Earth so I can see my friends and how they're spending their lives. Most of you are probably wondering, 'How did you die?'. Well here's my answer, I jump off a building after being told many time to do it. So, I finally did what they wanted me to do. So many of my friends were telling me, 'Don't listen to them', 'They're just jealous of you', and so on and so forth. But I wasn't always the person to be told, 'Jump off the roof, no one would care of you die'. I used to be the person EVERYONE loved but after some false rumors went around many people started hating me for things I never did.

~20 minutes before Alex's death~

No ones POV

"Hey! Why don't you go kill yourself! Nobody cares about you, everyone hates you," some random person said to Alex. "Hey, why don't you fvck off?" Alex said straight back to them. "Oh, I'm so scared." Another person said teasingly. "Hey don't listen to them, they're just mad because your the most popular person at school." One of Alex's friends, Ethan, said to her. "Yeah right. I'm not the most popular person here. Not anymore at least..." Alex replied to Ethan. "Hey, to me, Layla, Julia, and Bryson we still think you're the most popular person at this school." Ethan tried to reassure his friend. "Let's just go meet them at the rooftop for lunch." Alex said starting to walk away, gong to a door leading to the stairs. Ethan started walking after her trying to keep up and tell her something...

~5 minuets later, 15 minutes before Alex's death~

"Hay, how are you two? You're late." Layla asked, "I'm good, just that someone was bullying Alex again." Ethan responded to Layla, Alex stayed quite. Bryson rolled his eyes and said, "I swear, do they not realize they've already ruined her life? They're just making her life a living hell." Layla look at Julia signaling her to say something, "Your right Bryson, we should do something about this, but what?" Julia said in a kind, soft voice. "Maybe we can tell the school to actually put that, 'Stop Bullying' program into action." Layla suggested, "Nah, the school doesn't really pay any attention to the students, they just worry about how much money the make." Alex finally said after a couple minutes. They kept talking, trying to make up any ideas to stop people from bullying Alex.

~12 minutes later, 3 minutes before Alex's death~

Soon everyone heard the bell ring, telling them that lunch was over. "Well shit, we didn't think of anything. Come one guys, let's head to class before we get in trouble." Ethan said, "Okay, you coming Alex?" Layla asked her friend. "Yeah... Just let me gather up my stuff and clean up, okay?" Alex said. "Okay, see you in math class!" Julia said while walking off with Layla, Bryson, and Ethan. It took about two minutes before all her friends got their stuff and left. Once Alex realized they were gone, she quickly slipped off her shoes and ran to the edge of the roof and jumped...
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