My anime or book characters

My anime or book characters

I was bored so I diecieded to make an anime character and characters from stories I have written and put them on here for people to read.

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Chapter 1.


Name: Lizzie
Age: 14
Gender: girl
Hair: pastel purple, to waist, has some wave
Eyes: bluish gray
Height: 5'4
Clothes: a crop top and skirt school girl outfit
Jewerly: dangly blue earrings
Makeup: mascara, pink lip gloss, and a tad of blush
Personality: smart but is shy. Likes to meet new people but is bad at showing it because she is to shy. Very loyal and a good gamer. Has lots of ideas at once.
Likes: music, video games, friends, family
Dislikes: fire, darkness, and being alone
Family: a twin sister named Tillie who will be written about next chapter, mom, dad, and a nanny
Pets: a cat named butterscotch and a dog named cupcake
Lives: Florida and loves to swim
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