A hogwarts story

A hogwarts story

My story of my life at hogwarts. I saw someone else do this and I wanted to do it myself.

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Chapter 1.
Year 1

Year 1

My family, pure blood, supports of muggle born rights and against the dark lord. People talked about us we were blessed with pure blood and we threw it all away.

"Abby there's something in the mail for you", my mom shouted from down stairs.

I hoped it was my hogwarts letter I had been waiting for a long time now my brother was annoyed at me because I was going to hogwarts before him. I sat at the table with my parents my brother watching from afar and pealed open the seal preventing me from opening the letter.

I would be going to hogwarts!

"Now you have to get me that owl", I said.

My parents had promised me that they would get me an owl when I was excepted into hogwarts.

"Well okay we can go to diagon alley next weekend", my mom said.

I ran into my room smiling the whole time.

"All aboard all aboard", the train conductor said.

I had said goodbye to my family and was standing in the train filled with people from 11-17. People pushed passed me and hurried to get into compartments before the others. I took a seat with a bushy haired girl and a trembling boy holding a toad.

"Hello I'm Abby", I said.

"Hermione granger and that's neavile", the bushy haired girl said.

Neavile waved still clutching his toad.

"Are you a first year also", Hermione asked.

I nodded.

"I,I hope I'm griffendor", neavile said shyly

An older boy with red hair and who was very tall walked in "I'm a prefect here and I was told to make sure your all doing okay"

"We are thank you", I Said.


I stood with the other first years in front of all four houses waiting for my turn to be sorted while watching the others.

The head of griffendor called my name "Abigail fudge"

I stepped up slowly a bit unsure trying not to do anything stupid. I sat down on the stool and the sorting hat covered my eyes. It said a bunch of traits and was on my head for a pretty long time before it said "RAVENCLAW"

Dumbledor clapped a little the same rhythm he did for everyone and the ravenclaws stood up and cheered. I hurried down and joined them. The feast was amazing there was every food you could imagine.

"Abigail isn't it", a girl about a year older then me said.

"Abby but yes", I said.

"I'm cho-cho Chang", she said

"Here cho you have something in your hair", a pretty girl with wavy blonde hair said.

Cho thanked her and rubbed the food out.

"This is Amanda Blake", cho said.

The three of us talked for a while. They were both second years as I suspected and really nice. Amanda's little sister Cameron was in my year both if them had blonde hair and bright blue eyes.

"To ravenclaws", an older student yelled out and we all raised our juice into the air and said "wit beyond measure is mans greatest treasure"

I could tell it would be a good year.
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That's awesome, good job!
on March 19