Harry Potter activitys

Harry Potter activitys

A bunch of Harry Potter stuff to do. There are challenges and fun projects. And lots more

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Chapter 1.

What The characters think of you

When you enter emoji key board there is frequently used emojis go there.

Harry: 1 frequently used emoji
Ron: 2  frequently used emoji
Hermione : 3  frequently used emoji
Ginny: 4 frequently used emoji
Luna: 5 frequently used emoji
neavile: 6 frequently used emoji
Fred: 7  frequently used emoji
George: 8  frequently used emoji
Cho: 9 frequently used emoji
Percy: 10  frequently used emoji
Dudley: 11 frequently used emoji
Draco: 12  frequently used emoji
crabe: 13 frequently used emoji
goyle: 14 frequently used emoji

That's what the characters think of you :)
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Today is a practical lesson, you will only need your dicks
on February 21
on February 21
There will be more coming
on February 20