Fiction and Nonfiction
One Week.
What would you do if you became friends with a boy who doesn't seem...human?
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How To Get The Qfeast App (Unofficial App)
This Isn’t An Official App. I Just Found This Trick That You Can Do If You Have The Safari App. (Probably Works For Every Website)
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A story :p
Its a story about a girl that everything bad happens to, from the least dramatic thing to the worst things possible. i know its shirt but i didnt feel like writing a lot like i usually do. hope u like it
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basically me journaling, ranting, and being a relatable teen for 73829388392 chapters
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This is just everything about my OC - ever - whom I love to death and would never, ever part with.
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Top 13 Youtubers
My opinion on the top 12 Youtubers of today. YOUTUBE. You is Tube. Tube is You.
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Mr. Yang.
This is a medieval shortstory, created out of a fictious manner, but still pretty cool! I do hope you can see the depth behind it 😄
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Merge madness 4
When the object that was the best leader gets eliminated, Team Breakfast goes wonko not knowing what to do in the challenge. Will they face an elimination or will team rooster lose a member?
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Merge madness 3
Second challenge, Which team will win? Team Breakfast or Team rooster?
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Merge Madness 2
After the team names have been chosen, some contestants realize that teams come and go but friends are forever.
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Writing Prompts
Just some prompts for writing... mostly horror bc I have a dark mind but whatever. Feel free to use them and if you create a story based off of one tag me so I can read it :) DISCLAIMER for those of you who do not know what th...
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Merge madness
A challenge-type story with 22 Contestants battling for a prize. I forgot to mention 2 charaters in -1. JB and Push pin. Jb was my second created charater and Push pin is an orange push pin and she is PUSHY *knee slap*
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Asthma and Me
This is just a little bit of me talking about what it's like to live with asthma. Ive been doing a lot of thinking lately and felt the need to get this out. No. I'm not trying to get attention. This is just one of those things ...
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Unpopular Kpop Opinions
Grab a cup of tea and let’s discuss. *Disclaimer* Not trying to start any fan wars or tension, just sharing my opinions. If anyone wants to submit one just message me :)
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Tdc 6
Jb: yay! Im in the game. Wait. What are you doing? Derp is trying to drink jb. Jb is now empty
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Tdc 5 Coraline special
Starlight: have you heared that a new contestant is joining the game? Thomas: ya.
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Tdc 5
Loud speaker: im coming up with a new theme song! Everyone: YAY! Loud speaker: it sucks! Everyone: aww.
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