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Tdc 5 Coraline special
Starlight: have you heared that a new contestant is joining the game? Thomas: ya.
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Tdc 5
Loud speaker: im coming up with a new theme song! Everyone: YAY! Loud speaker: it sucks! Everyone: aww.
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Tdc 4
Loud speaker: We are back James: about time Loud speaker: everyone to the elimination area, or ted!
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babes // fem!style one-shot
going to the cemetery (10:27 pm) and? (10:29 pm) you can come (10:30 pm) be there in 10 (10:31 pm) // one-shot
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A Book of Poems
A collection of Poems I've written, well, ones I've written semi-recently. Feedback and commentary is appreciated as is constructive criticism. Some have rather melancholic themes. You have been warned. Posted in no particular ...
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Just something
just a random thing here. Idk, it's not really important but I was bored
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The crystal games Division 1: Racing/hurdling part 1
These are 10 conference fighting for 1 prise. 1 Starlight (Starlight_the_crusader) 2 Derpy (Derpyderpjuice) 3 Tori (Dowogami_Is_In_Love) 4 Gamer drop (Pj_The_Poll) 5 Cupcake Sparkle (American.idiot) 6 princess Evelyn pie (pastr...
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Not You
Writing this with candy flavored Kool-Aid and spaghetti with a nice pair of sleep deprivation lETS GO. (For the story contest from Brea- the second prompt) NOTE: PRETTY GOREY AND ABUSE SO BE WARNED.
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Piper was a normal girl with a normal life. Until one person caused her life to come crashing down. And she will die if she doesn’t obey her captor.
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The following story is real about my background saying that so it's public
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Tornado triplets are trouble?
There has been a crime on mount aris and the the Twister twins (triplets) get accused. They end up blaming eachother and het into more trouble.
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Out of Mustard
So, this is a very emotional story for me. I recently had a class assignment to write about a time when I lost something dear to me, and give the story a hopeful ending. Well, I wrote about my beloved dog, Mustard, who died two...
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10 facts on my ocss
Give me a break it's for while my other story's are coming out this story will be simple
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Harry Potter activitys
A bunch of Harry Potter stuff to do. There are challenges and fun projects. And lots more
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Girl Fears Ghost Girl
The girl he loves today fears the girl of his memories. Can he convince the living girl that she is now the one? And can he truly get past that other girl who was once so wonderful and so alive?
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Hamlet and James Dean Died Youn
Young couples discover that Shakespeare’s Hamlet is a reckless, disturbed, free-spirited youth like the Byronic nonconformists of romantic literature from Heathcliff through the great Russian rebels down to the films of James D...
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Barbara has been away from her wicked wonderland for far too long, and now she's falling too quickly.
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Birthday [Nico + Amy]
Nico di Angelo doesn't like his birthday all that much. Amy doesn't give a darn what he thinks. Warnings: mentions of death, mentions of homophobia
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East Coast
A prequel one-shot of how two of my characters, Stanley and Russell, met. Story may be subject to change, but this was just practice for writing them. Part of my Nocturnal Asylum Project.
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