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Life of an anthro Fox: origins
you all know Amaze's origin story where he was adopted by a alpha female wolf and her son's Wick's father (his father is Shadow now and Wick's name used to be Shadow) made him upset and run away costing Wick's mother's life but...
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why am i lorn?
sorrow of a sore throated, broken wristed girl. started: june 25th, 2019 ended: ?, ?, 2019
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Who will join object breakdown?
So 7 characters were recommended to join the battle for 10 trillion dollars and the characters are bop it,key,roley,petunia,Polaroid,x-mas light,chocolate
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All About Me
This is a story about things that happened in my life, or things about me. Enjoy! πŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œ
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The Switch
This is a story I wrote for a school asignment. It is about two of my sonic oc's in particular - Lilac and Tanya - and only has three parts, all very short.
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My experience as alter
This is based on a true story about my experience as a alter and all about my personality and my relationships with the people in the external world and the internal world
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dissociative identity disorder
This is based on a true story about dissociative system this book will educate you about dissociative identity disorder
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The Golden Dragon
This is a short story I had to write in literature as a sac, the premise was that it had to, in some way be tied to Romanticism, be it via written style, ideals, or any other way you could think of. I decided to base mine aroun...
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Songs I Make
if you know me you know i like making songs stories poems, etc. heres some of the songs i made and reminer : never said they were good. also theres instructions on how to read it by the title.
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The book of never ending short stories
Just a bunch of short stories about life and other things. I will keep this updated as much as I can. ( comment what kind of stories you want to see)
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entitled parents meets eddsworld
Okay what do you get when you mix a entitled parent and eddsword? Savage and funny results now they have there own personal experience with a entitled parent. Let's hear what happened then shall we?
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Baa-b's Mission
This one is about... sheep. Yup. Sheep. And not just any sheep--NINJA sheep! Baa-b is a she who has to assassinate the evil King Baa-d. Sorry for all the hard to pronounce names! It's also really short, sorry.
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Warning! Probably swearing, maybe some other themes. Nothing too major but uh, yeah. Just a temporary title for a series of drabbles, mostly between two of my OCs. To be edited and revised. Majorly. Still, it'll be fine, probab...
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Rambles and Poems
Thoughts that occupy the shallow space of my mind from time to time. Not to mention some low quality poems that will most likely be angsty.
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For Her
just innocent rambles about a special someone because I'm an oblivious hopeless fool.
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How To Get The Qfeast App (Unofficial App)
This Isn’t An Official App. I Just Found This Trick That You Can Do If You Have The Safari App. (Probably Works For Every Website)
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A story :p
Its a story about a girl that everything bad happens to, from the least dramatic thing to the worst things possible. i know its shirt but i didnt feel like writing a lot like i usually do. hope u like it
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