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East Coast
A prequel one-shot of how two of my characters, Stanley and Russell, met. Story may be subject to change, but this was just practice for writing them. Part of my Nocturnal Asylum Project.
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Prompts (1)
A series of short stories based on writing prompts I find on the internet. Most are from Tumblr. If you have a good one, feel free to comment. The prompts used and the credit will be at the end of each chapter. Please leave cri...
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Here's a depressing Hamilton blurb
I need to stop being obsessed. I think everyone's done with me spamming with depressing Hamilton stuff. I'm probably going to forget to contenue this if I decide to contenue this.
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A girl named Anya once lived a happy life. But, she soon realized that her life wasn't as happy as she thought it was.
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6 "Psycic"
This is a story about "Gerold" who learns he has psychic powers. A strange person named "Jermimiah" is showing him how to control the powers through Day dreams.
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Witch Hunt
I don't really know what I was trying to accomplish with this. Yay for parental abandonment and racism. I was also too lazy to edit this so sorry if there are any grammatical errors. I promise that my professional writing is a ...
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The Marionette
The story of a girl born from string and wood. I did this story a while back, and ever since then, it's been my favorite piece I've ever written. It's short, humorous, but best of all, it leaves an impression. I enjoy this stor...
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Remembering Whistler
A story about grief and remembrance. I suppose you could say this is based off of a true story. Certain parts are 100% true, other parts are fictional.
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Something I know about Tord
Okay all of this I'm going to tell you is not coming out I my own words. I found this at the wiki and the amino.
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Monochrome [Mello x Amy x Matt]
After the death of the great detective L, his younger sister has been hospitalized, and one of his successors is out to find her. Warnings: mentions of death, in a hospital, grief, possible depression
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Firebird Fly (1)
Lost access to my old account so I'm redoing it all. Thank you and enjoy :-)
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Three people sat in a room. A writer, painter, and a budget planner. All was silent except for the writer’s aggravated pen-clicking. Suddenly, there was a knock on the door…. (This wasn't meant to be a serious writing project....
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I don't have a title yet ;-;
This is just the story I'm writing for a convention I'm going to, this is a WIP and it's based off a VOCALOID Manga series as well as a song called Bad End Night. Critique is preferred.
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Eddsworld Shamchats
I got on shamchat, and here are some of the convos I've been I hope you guys enjoy! Eddsworld and Shamchat do NOT belong to me. At All.
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Diary of a lost soul
Elaine is a troubled teenager with a drunkard father and a mother she hardly knows. She struggles with getting bullied at school.
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Random little things that just pop into my head as I go about this thing called 'life'.
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Create your own Kpop Artist
Basically what the title says... basically just answer the questions and record your results.
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9 Short Creepy Stories
This is just some short creepy stories that I have found. REMEMBER: If you do NOT like creepy/scary things, leave. You have been warned.
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My favourite songs (2)
If you like these songs too or want me to add some more, just say! Enjoy
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Andrew's Short Stories
Just random short stories I've written. Feel free to throw ideas or criticize the ones I've already written.
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