Fiction and Nonfiction
I don't have a title yet ;-;
This is just the story I'm writing for a convention I'm going to, this is a WIP and it's based off a VOCALOID Manga series as well as a song called Bad End Night. Critique is preferred.
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Eddsworld Shamchats
I got on shamchat, and here are some of the convos I've been I hope you guys enjoy! Eddsworld and Shamchat do NOT belong to me. At All.
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Injurious Pests Shorts
Most of these will probably make sense even if you don't read my original story, but they would all be more meaningful if you do. These are just some shorts. They take place anywhere from before, after, or during the story. The...
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Diary of a lost soul
Elaine is a troubled teenager with a drunkard father and a mother she hardly knows. She struggles with getting bullied at school.
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Random little things that just pop into my head as I go about this thing called 'life'.
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Create your own Kpop Artist
Basically what the title says... basically just answer the questions and record your results.
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9 Short Creepy Stories
This is just some short creepy stories that I have found. REMEMBER: If you do NOT like creepy/scary things, leave. You have been warned.
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My favourite songs (2)
If you like these songs too or want me to add some more, just say! Enjoy
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Andrew's Short Stories
Just random short stories I've written. Feel free to throw ideas or criticize the ones I've already written.
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Shades of Sanity
A short story about a person in a coma slowly waking up. I wrote this at midnight, and it's a tad poetic and deviant from my usual style, but I think it turned out okay. Enjoy~!
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Skyrim: How to farm Steel Arrows!
Steel Arrows are decent Arrows that usually deal 10 damage. Here's a good and simple, harmless way to farm Steel Arrows!
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Briar Rose
In class, we had an assignment to rewrite Sleeping Beauty (the Grimms Brothers' version tittles "Briar Rose"). I thought I would publish it because I can.
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The Story Behind The Miitomo Babies..
Here is the story about the first babies to enter Miitomo besides Baby Alice. If you want to meet some, read through this to find out!
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Short sad story I made
I know, Amazing title right? I didn't know what else to name this honestly. So this was a really short story that I wrote a year or two ago and recently I re-wrote it and made it longer. So yeah, I hope you all Enjoy it. Ke...
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I am a Victim
This is the true story of something that is happening to me right now, I am being bullied because of my looks and some other things. Please don't judge me, all names are fake, so it is not putting anyone I know who is involved ...
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I'm back again
After several months I'm actually back again. I didn't made the journey mentioned in: my journey towards south korea. Instead I'm planning something else. Let's talk about it in here.
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Mary-Sue - The Ultimate Guide
Based on every advice ever given, I believe I have conjured the ultimate guide to follow when creating an OC for any fandom, as Mary-Sue's exist everywhere. (There is still more to come, so don't panic if there is something lef...
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Darkwood Circus
An Rp Angel and I had a while back (we still Rp it today) about a ring leader named Jack and a run away named Angel who meet in a circus, and eventually grow fond of each other. I put what I remember and honestly I don't rememb...
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Warrior Cats Concept Ideas - Faded Cats.
So I was looking into theories about Fading away in the Warrior cats series like; They're a 2nd Starclan, They don't exist anymore etc. But I wasn't satisfied with any of them, so I was like "I'll just make one of my own!". And...
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Warriorcats name generator
Ever wondered what your warriorcats name will be? Not anymore! Answer truthfully, have fun!
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