Fiction and Nonfiction
The Boy Who Standed Up Whilst He Needed A Wee And A Poo
This is gross, as you can see from the title, but it won't get into horrible details but you still should probably not read it unless you're a weirdo who loves gross, moral, short stories.
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The Hated child
This is a story based on a gacha animation (yet again). bdhdr ycc dycdubd h hgc dndu jxjdneefhbv dz cxdssnnnsd xjn xjss fhesaw szm n
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you won't believe what happened to me!(2)
the 2nd chapter of the story (i'm really sorry i couldn't write the whole story. thanks for your consideration! bdudedcu nxdix dhd dd djd dbsks ns s djsksms snse djendjs dbxu j bxbcjc cj cj nc cn n n n n n n n n nxjuxsh...
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the life part2
read jade's superior diary filled with comedy jucy gossip and heart breack
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the life
this is a story about a girl in high school. I only wrote a chapter but there will be more soon ! i hope you will enjoy it! ,supercutecatty
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This is my life (1)
This is my life story,it might seem short but I tried my best,and everything's ok...alteast right now.
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pre written essays
literally made these as a joke for my friends to plagiarize for an english assignment so anyone can take them. i guess tw? like theres not anything as political as abortion but especially my argumentetive essays are biased as i...
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A story (1)
I don’t really know how to explain the story but I hope you enjoy the story
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Not a fanfiction! This is just for information of others! Read if you want to!
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Some people meet, only to say goodbye.
A small story that I remembered deeply in my middle school. Of course it has been modified a lot, but the story is still playing in many parts of the world. It is somewhat similar to the movie "Flipped". Because my English is n...
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ask vincent
this is for my friend glitcheskillingtime but anybody can ask vincent too if they want so have fun
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asking/daring ticci toby
know what screw it im making my ask and dare page a story so throw any questions or dares at me!
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The life of an anthro Fox: The End (Beta)
this is just a test to see hoe emotional it can get and will NOT feature anyon's oc(s) other than my own as this is just a test
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Zeno the sergal: the origin of destruction
The origin of of the archnemisis of the world's fastest fox, this alien is a villain set on dominating the world and this explains why
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Is Drinking Alcohol Risky to Prenatal Development?
he contemporary research on the effects of alcohol exposure during pregnancy shows that abstinence from alcohol consumption is essential when healthy child is desired.
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Culture and Communication
In this story the author tries to describe the notion of culture and communication and how do they both cooperate.
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Life of an anthro Fox: origins
you all know Amaze's origin story where he was adopted by a alpha female wolf and her son's Wick's father (his father is Shadow now and Wick's name used to be Shadow) made him upset and run away costing Wick's mother's life but...
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All About Me
This is a story about things that happened in my life, or things about me. Enjoy! ???
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The Switch
This is a story I wrote for a school asignment. It is about two of my sonic oc's in particular - Lilac and Tanya - and only has three parts, all very short.
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