Fiction and Nonfiction
Dawn meets the world
just a story of a simple girl. No, this is not about how magically she finds herself a soul mate. no this is not how she became rich or found herself really great friends. She never did. This is how she learnt a few things in l...
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Cryptic Killer
just read the god damn story please and rate it ok? still wants words. oh there.
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Halloween 17
Drabble about how I met the best boyfriend ever on the Halloween of 2017
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Obsessed || An Oliver Wood/Harry Potter fanfiction
Lo and behold another Harry Potter fanfic, this one being between my character, Emalia Moran, and Oliver Wood. It takes place during Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's (or Philosopher's) Stone, which is Em's third year, and I put ...
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The batter for home
Dark is a werewolf in command of a high tec ship for space but Earth was bing attack by human from Mars. Dark need all his friend he can get and ship to keep his home safe from harm.
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The Switch
This is a story I wrote for a school asignment. It is about two of my sonic oc's in particular - Lilac and Tanya - and only has three parts, all very short.
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Basically; A bunch of weird concepts
This is something of a journal of weird ideas I have for another thing that ISN’T “Abnormal Days.” Mostly, Boot Leg Stands that I call “Incarnations.”
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Jeremy. Can't. Floss. (A Crack One-Shot)
so, guys... I have a writers' block isn't that neat! So basically I'm going to write this CRACK fic about the fact that Jeremy Heere absolutely cannot floss. ENJOY!
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My best friend is a spy. (And my enemy.)
Kim Jisoo is from Seoul, South Korea. Her best friend, Yoo Su-hwa, isn't from Korea. Nor is her real name even Yoo Su-hwa. When Jisoo learns this, she feels betrayed and angry. However, when she learns that her so called best f...
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My experience as alter
This is based on a true story about my experience as a alter and all about my personality and my relationships with the people in the external world and the internal world
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The Beacon on the Hill
A young man, Bromdun, discovers a relic of the past that could not only break open the roads that would define his future, but also the future of the world. Urged on by his friend, will this man find the meaning behind his find...
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dissociative identity disorder
This is based on a true story about dissociative system this book will educate you about dissociative identity disorder
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Heat haze (Eddsworld Tomtord)
Warning, contains gore and slight TomTord. P.S. The end is different than the actual song of Kagerou daze
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Shuffle, Kick, Step-Ball-Change
(SPOILER! You guys are getting a sneak preview of a story I DO actually intend on publishing, so be painfully, brutally honest about how this is!) Livie Larson and her twin brother, Pierce, lost their mother when they were th...
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The Golden Dragon
This is a short story I had to write in literature as a sac, the premise was that it had to, in some way be tied to Romanticism, be it via written style, ideals, or any other way you could think of. I decided to base mine aroun...
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Songs I Make
if you know me you know i like making songs stories poems, etc. heres some of the songs i made and reminer : never said they were good. also theres instructions on how to read it by the title.
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Tomtord is one of my favorite ships! Enjoy the story! It was originally posted on Story Wars by me! The profile doesn't have the same name as this one, but find TomTord on Story Wars and follow me if you'd like! =3
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