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Devin Fitzpatrick Art Consultants
Devin is passionate about designing spaces for art and also incorporating art into existing spaces.
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Every Spark
A Quarter Quell AU if it had been different. What if President Snow had thought of another way to punish Katniss? Hunger Games AU.
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Remembering Whistler
A story about grief and remembrance. I suppose you could say this is based off of a true story. Certain parts are 100% true, other parts are fictional.
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The Curse (2)
When young Callum Gravedon is sent to live with his Aunt Lucinda in Salem, Oregon he begins to learn about his family's dark past. He learns about the dreadful curse that was bestowed upon them over one hundred years ago, and h...
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Fox life
Its about a little fox named Sarah And she is trying to find her way in the wild But she makes some friends along the way. (Warning, Violence)
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Undertale life story
a amazing story (random words)kshkhsduhaudhhadhahdihaidhaihdiahdidsugdiau
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Ariel and her family moved into their new home in Georgia after all the trauma her family had faced. The old, creaky floors and antique appeal seemed to be the exact right change they needed from their suburban lifestyle. But n...
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The Magician of Mobius
Hi I'm Tappdancing the cat and I’ll be telling you more about me in this story and future stories. Btw, I look like a turquoise cat which is similar to Blaze.
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My Story (Skii)
Most of This isnt true... But, theres some things that was inspired from a real life experience. Please do not bully me. If my story needs to be improved, Though, Tell me. I can also add your oc to the story if you'd like. Plea...
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Drarry fic inspired by a Tumblr post. I wrote this randomly, fueled by mountain dew, determination, and a snap.
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We Are Soldiers!
In a world where danger lurks at every shadow, can these cats survive? Humans have begun capturing cats and doing experiments on them left and right. Some show positive signs, making them have powers. And others show negative s...
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The Life Of Cinderleaf
This is a story about a Medicine Cat named Cinderleaf and how she is who she is. -- She has a lot of trouble coming for her in her life ahead. Will Starclan guide her through her life and help her? Or will the Dark Forest try ...
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The Kits
This is a warrior cat fan-made story of mine. The art isn't mine but the story is. -- This is the story about Cindertuft and her sister(s) Brightflame (& Blackfrost). Cindertuft (an apprentice at the time) falls in love with a...
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The Runt That Gets Nothing
Nothing right now. I don't have anything to say about this Story yet. I will put one later though.
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After the Rain Stops
Kara Nuni was a survivor, just like everyone. After World War Three, not many world leaders were left, and the world descended into chaos. A second Dark Ages. Warriors were needed, and the Mutations were considered wizards and ...
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Jason John and hypers back story
I asked @sapphirethehedgehog for any ideas she told to do a back story for my ocs so yeah here you go
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A New Life (1)
This is book two of Love Of Pokemon Trainers.So I hope you enjoy.No mean commets.Commet if you want more .
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The Killing Game
Five people are invited to a party being held at a mansion in a dark, secluded area of a forest in Maine. It is foretold that four will die, and one will survive. Remember, X marks the spot!
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Something I know about Tord
Okay all of this I'm going to tell you is not coming out I my own words. I found this at the wiki and the amino.
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Dead End: No way out
Curiosity helps in many ways. But sometimes it kills. Neer is an 16 year old normal school going boy who gets friends due to his ability, observing. But his weakness is curiousity. life takes a different turn after he sees th...
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