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Warriors Dawn and Blue
Basically this is a warrior cat fan story that I created, it's more of a draft but I hope you like it! This story is set in around the lake with the four original clans. And yes, Dawnpaw is the fluffiest boi on the block.
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The challenge Revived #4
This challenge is based of BFB 12. If you have a problem with that, talk to the hand. Hand: Hello.
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The challenge Revived #3
Descriptions are long and pointless. People should read the story and not the bio.
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Things Left Unsaid
In which a boy writes down his unspoken thoughts and feelings. ~ A little something I started on another website and am posting here for fun as well cause I need some less cringy stories on my profile.
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This story is about the zombie eclipse (not apocalypse) and the main character cannot tell if he is truly alive or dead. Also he escaped from prison, only to get a lot of issues. He was better off to pay the price for his crimes.
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The challenge Revived #2
Hello, I want to change the description, instead of using the same one over and over again.
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The Lost Ring of Rylie Reynolds
Read this absolutely boring story where you will find yourself dozing off before you know it. LOL!
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The challenge Revived #1
51 competitors battle for there life, but at the end. Only 1 person can stand
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otp questions
yay look i'm making you think and i'm also filling these out get yote thots
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The Burning World
When Venemorh captured the kingdom’s capital with his army of Tenebers, the four royal families; Conils, Patermurs, Soricems and Tuterets have to organize an attack to take it back. While they are idle, either refusing or unabl...
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Asthma and Me
This is just a little bit of me talking about what it's like to live with asthma. Ive been doing a lot of thinking lately and felt the need to get this out. No. I'm not trying to get attention. This is just one of those things ...
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Pokemon Truth or dare Part one.
The Name says it all. Charters: ALL CHARTERS! Oc's: Scarlet, Star, S, Samil, Seri.
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Highschool life (Read description)
¡THIS IS AN AU! I decided that I want to make an Au about the older characters or the teens about going to regular school which they have to hide their identities because other people say that they are monsters. It will start o...
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Just a memory
Clara loves Jaycee, jaycee is dead. Clara’s new...what does she call her is found dead. Her parents understand that she would be sad, her friend is dead but they don’t understand just how much she meant to her. All she has left...
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Mafia City h5 - play mafia game here
Mafia City h5 is a game that ensures you use all your mental as well as logical faculties. Granted the in-game help does wonders for a beginner but if you really want to progress in the crime rings and make a name for your gang...
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Unpopular Kpop Opinions
Grab a cup of tea and let’s discuss. *Disclaimer* Not trying to start any fan wars or tension, just sharing my opinions. If anyone wants to submit one just message me :)
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Queen of stone
A queen is offered a deal by two strange men, when she refuses she is turned into stone, and her memory is gone, will she ever remember what she needs to to save her kingdom? (Also sorry for the awful art and any spelling mista...
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Basically something my friends and I sent to my B/D
We all know about how my band director got really sick so my friends and I sent him a thing and he didn’t listen to our advice Basically our whole lives in a nutshell.
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More than Blood
Ever since they were pups they were inseparable. Even though they are brothers by blood, they see no difference. but a war between their kind and the humans break out and the brothers' bond are put to the ultimate test of loyal...
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