Fiction and Nonfiction
hold on by Chord Overstreet
I love this song so much that honestly it makes me want to cry tall me what you think ^^
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nicknames for your ex-friends
(warning: only do this if you have a partner because if they complain to a teacher, you have to have back-up.)
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the tall men
yes there was a tall man that was a WOMAN (gasp) :0 ;0 6
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The book of my theorys
In this book, you'll be learning ALL about my theories, where they came from and such.✍✍✍ There'll be at least one chapter a day.
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Funny warrior cat stuff
funny stuff about warrior cats. like, secrets about how the cats really died and funny stuff. P.S: Only up to the 6th book. I might get the rest of the series but thats a pretty slim possibility.
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The cutest cat breeds
if you don't know which cat breed you want, than this is the story to read! It explains how the cats are like etc.
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me x red
storyon how we met an yeah im dead if u dont like omt read pls stop pls let me continue
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Lavender Town Syndrome Study
I'm under the age of 18 and therefore able to hear the high pitched notes, I'll listen to this over and over again and record my symptoms... the video I'm listening to it on is 6 minutes long so each listen is 6 minutes. The li...
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the entire bee movie script x2
its the bee movie script but twice joidhgquihfiruqhpfhrqiu urfh ui qrui hqug h
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What happened to Yoinkyoit
What happened, and why Yoink was gone for so long. If you wanna know, here's the info.
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Creepypasta Zodiac
This is basically a Creepypasta zodiac. I'm bored right now so we'll see how this goes. It's generated by a wheel of names so a very high chance it's not accurate. And none of the Creepypasta are mine, And Masky and Hoodie are ...
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Miitopia Grub Logbook Journal Section No. 2
This is a Guidebook/Logbook of the food, or Grub, found in Miitopia. (WARNING: This logbook contains spoilers for the game Miitopia)
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Playing in Minecraft: Noob to Pro
this is not a account of my life in Minecraft. Just some made up girl who's username is Milky9965. Every time she sleeps is the end of a chapter. Probarbly 0-2 chapters a day.
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Miitopia Key Items Logbook
This is a logbook containing entries of Key Items found on the journey of Miitopia. (WARNING: This logbook contains spoilers for the story of Miitopia)
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Lana The axolotl
Lana is an axolotl. her owner is called Bink. Bink is a naughty boy. Lana thinks she had enough of this torture, so she escapes.
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The 'Happy' Family
A family that suffered very bad deaths. Kinda ironic, but oh well deal with it
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The world inside my head
I just need a place to write and their ain't no way im writing it on discord- so yeah I might make it public but idk yet lol if it is ig im just proud
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Day to of being sad with out bother but today is the day she gets to see him! or will she?
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