Fiction and Nonfiction
they are tasty, good on pizza, they make you grow, and they are even part of chinese food!
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Chase x Aiden
This is a story about a tom who cheated on his mate sandflower with a nother tom his name is chase and the other tom is Aiden chase has white fur with black spots with blue eyes and Aiden is a fluffy tabby tom with light gree...
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Spark X Max
Spark is a cougar and Max is a tiger max likes spark as a mate but spark likes max as a friend
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middle finger
?? f middle finger mf flip off third finger best finger come on stupid requirement
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The anialator (3)
How I became a user and my backstory for new people, it’s hard being me and this explains why
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a poem written by me, garfield about the most wonderful thing to ever exist (I eat it, here's ur hint)
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Abandoned (1)
A boy and his friends decide to have a night over in a haunted house. What will happen?
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Fazbear Frights Combine
I wrote this for school and I thought it'd be nice to share, let me know if I should keep adding to it
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the city, a gumball story
how it feels to live in a city like new york and how a miracle happened it was very cool and not quiet,
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bee movie script 7times
bee movie bee movie bee movie bee movie bee movie bee movie bee movie bee movie bee movie bee movie bee movie bee movie bee
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my follower mcnuggets :D
he/she made my day better and my fav follower and he/she loves amazing world of gumball plus can we make amazing world of gumball a trend PLZ
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my favorite follower who comments on my channel replys to the comments i put on his pics
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mcdonalds incedent
i unknown man (we just call him joe) came to mcd's one day but something horrible happened
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the bacon
a tale of giving and taking and how to separate between them, there is no way to have one thing take it and let all be happy
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you're in space and I have nothing to do so I go to hamic to sleep and the monster comes to ur bed and kills u
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My fnaf AU (story)
You will find out my fnaf AU story and about my fnaf charters so be warn: this is scary.
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The original story of Zimi The Killer 2022 (1)
Young Zimi Evans was an ordinary, modest schoolgirl until she accidentally heard about Jeff the killer. Zimi was interested in him, but she was still a normal person, the injuries of other people did not occur to her. One day t...
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Garden flowers
Garden flowers dried flowers not only delight the eye and create a unique atmosphere, but also protect the soil from weeds and attract insect pollinators. When choosing plants for the garden, every gardener prefers unpretentio...
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Comment contacter American Airlines en France ?
Américain aérien accueille beaucoup des passagers de différentes parties du monde a chaque jours qui envisage multiple type des problème comme la perte de bagages, besoin d’un fauteuille roulants, urgence médicale, le retard etc
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