Fiction and Nonfiction
Brace Face
Amanda Lane just wants to be normal. Unfortunately for her, though, the past comes back and, when that happens, nothing stays low for too long...
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4 my story idea
This is about a tv show idea I had come up with In 2014 and I have been working on for awhile a post apocalyptic show.
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The Four Clans of the world (Read Description)
(I have removed Music Clan and made this story more fitting for the Warrior series) Watch as Four clans deputies become leader of their clan, but there’s a secret waiting for them when they pass on to the leadership side. Shal...
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Sight in Black and White
Jackson Lee Thomas has a "talent", as his best friend Sabrina calls it. He can see people for what they truly are. Normal people (humans) are gray, evil "people" are black, and pure innocent beings are white.
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3"Casino catastrophe"
This is a story I came up with about a terrorist attack inside of a casino.
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2 "I'm Hear"
A paranormal story about a women who explores an abandoned school and comes close to solving the mystery of what happened there.
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1 " The Field trip"
I write short horror stories for fun. This one is called "the field trip" nothing I wrote is too scary tho so don't worry about that :p
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The Proxy Vol.4
will they go back to the cp house. will Clockworks live with them. is there finally be the time for soph first kill!
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The Proxy vol.3 the escapest
Will they get out of the room Will they get out of the tunnel Will they get away How is the strang being
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The true history behind pitbulls
Pitbulls have been hated, abused, avoided, all because of what people make them out to be! But that's because of the people who own them. I will put sources for the things I put in there, most I won't own. So again, I disown mo...
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Hanahaki Disease: A Writers Guide
This is a guide about everything you’ve ever wanted to know about the Hanahaki Disease [My interpretation of it]
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Dead Before Midnight
A dark version of the Cinderella story. Warning, deals with darker intense topics.
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Better Off Red
All he could do was watch in complete silence as the pretty red petals fluttered away into the night.
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List of all the Genders
Enjoy, I honestly don't even know why I decided to make this. Oh well. Whatever. Just try and read all the these
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Nothing Gold can Stay
He never realised he loved him, and by then it was too late. The procedure had been done, the flowers were gone, and with them went his heart. ((Tw? Blood.))
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The Unseen War
The ATI, Anti Homeland invasion, team are a force of few team that specialise in dealing with Homeland threats before and after they even happened. The teams consist of 5-6 people. Delta squad are one of the best teams to run a...
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Twenty one pilots
these are twenty one pilots lyrics i will add more to lyrics :p or you can ask for any song
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There is a Zombie Apocalypse and some students are trying to get away from it.
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Machiavelli and Brexit
Machiavelli believed that his country Italy could only become a unified nation by the force of a determined prince. What about Europe today? Should it become a unified nation? And How? Plus: love, swimming, fun, the beach, and ...
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Helpless Pleas and Family Trees
Just a quick Hanahaki drabble that really has no plot at all. The drum boy gets himself tangled up with Hanahaki again, but this time, family-tree Hanahaki— TW for hints of family abuse and violence—
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