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I'm not a curse
I am not a curse... I am not a curse... I EXIST... I am not a... cuuurse...
12 reads 10 readers 1 by Dowogami_Is_In_Love
Rep points
Based of bleshou’s story because I wanted to be cool. I need rep points and I need to express my rage
9 reads 8 readers 4 by RaspberryJello
My fan art was set to profile
This is based off of bleshou's story because QFEAST IS ROOD. I need to vent about this.
18 reads 18 readers 6 by Dowogami_Is_In_Love
The Princess Of The Sky Part 3
Helllo this is part three of The Princess Of The Sky so I hope you enjoy the story. I know this will not make any sense but I tried to continue my story.
4 reads 2 readers 0 by MaylatheGalacticWolf
The Fighters Part 6
PART 6.There going to be lovely doubly things in here.Anyways will Mayla be saved in time or will Roy suffer by this.Find out on part 6.Sorry if theses chapters are short.
9 reads 3 readers 0 by MaylatheGalacticWolf
it had returned
another, another notification. please help me. i’m dying. i can’t continue on with these dull red words
11 reads 11 readers 6 by bleshou
Spirited away : the forgotten promises
Chihiro is finally a high schooler. After coming from the spirit world, her life turns ordinary . but after she stalks the mysterious kid in the class, will chihiro come to remember her past. Can She feel the same for Haku?
16 reads 6 readers 1 by Hikari_Chan
qfeast wants me to post
qfeast won’t leave me alone oh my gosh why what the heck do you mean i need more words
23 reads 16 readers 2 by bleshou
HaPpY tHoUgHtS
A story about a girl who kill people for fun. A mask appeared in her face because of her depression. A depression called Smiling depression. Trying to get revenge on her enemies. And kill innocent people for fun.
10 reads 5 readers 0 by Segiplier
A year of drama
A year from my life slightly different with different names besides my own. School drama. Nine year old Abby goes to a school and is treated really badly by a group of mean girls specifically one girl willow.
10 reads 4 readers 0 by ABgaminggirl
Dead in the daylight
Making a story like day by day light but there is weapons this time and it's dead in daylight
43 reads 7 readers 12 by Hyperthehedgehog
His Light In The Dark |M.YG x Reader|
You are an average teenage girl when you meet Min Yoongi. His rude and distant attitude drove you closer to him. You somehow find a way into his heart. Now how did your story begin? Read to find out.
4 reads 2 readers 0 by Amaracool21
Lost Storm
When everything goes wrong, how can you think right? A plane crash, a forgotten one night stand, a jealous best friend and survival!
2 reads 2 readers 0 by that.little.muffin
The Girl In Black
Hitomi was a normal girl... until one night, when in her dreams, a man came to her. He asked what he wanted her future to be. Hitomi, being only seventeen, didn't know what she wanted to be. The man gave a suggestion, and she s...
6 reads 5 readers 2 by Luckythewhatever26
Spell Book (From Spells Of Magic)
Use these spells with only experience and caution. There will be consequences if used wrongly and will backfire. Use magic at your own risk. Some are curses some are good, either way, be careful what you wish for because magic ...
18 reads 5 readers 0 by TheQueenOfHell
Cheated (truth or dare two)
Luna moves to her new schools and finds her self in the center of drama and falling in love. Jasper thinks Luna is cheating on him he might be right.
21 reads 9 readers 0 by ABgaminggirl
Qfeasters trapped on an island
The beginning is based of titanic. But eight people make it on to an island and are trapped there and must survive. Qfeasters are in the story.
96 reads 21 readers 9 by ABgaminggirl
Hello, I’m Alexandra. I am your usual teenage girl- aside the fact that I have insomnia, claustrophobia, and hydrophobia. And the fact that I hear voices... that no one else can hear... so I guess you can say I’m a bit demented...
4 reads 4 readers 0 by Fangirl1253