Fiction and Nonfiction
Lore of the Astral Dragon
OH BOY theres a whole mess of why in my story of how we got here so heres some explaining. From the lore and cultures, to magic systems, to species in one document.
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the life part2
read jade's superior diary filled with comedy jucy gossip and heart breack
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the life
this is a story about a girl in high school. I only wrote a chapter but there will be more soon ! i hope you will enjoy it! ,supercutecatty
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my life story (1)
i am hinata hyuga and this is my life story i hope you enjoy thanks for reading
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Star Wars Fanfictions!
From Ben Solo and Rey to Anakin Skywalker and Padme! Please leave requests for what you would like to see xx
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This is my OCs Peppers backstory. I would like to thank @Cactus.Catoo for giving me the idea.
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Until Dawn (reader insert) (read desc)
So in this i will include the reader and you can make your own choices! But just cause i love Josh a lot imma have my oc with him so hope y'all don't mind... But if you want i could make x readers just request it on my x reader...
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A Lover's Responsibility
An amazing life. Isn’t that what every princess desires? Well that's Vienna’s life. But her life was crushed whenever the mafia tries kidnapping her and her friends. What did they want to do to them? Well, that's for me to know...
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The Alpha Wolf
What's the point of even writing a nice description? Like, what if I want it to be a mystery for you?!
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Dramione: Is The Love?
Draco develops a crush on Hermione when he first sees her, but she seems to be taken by Ron. As the years pass, Draco keeps trying to convince Granger that he can treat her better but she doesn't see it that way. He is constant...
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Autism the poem
Posting for criticism this is serious short poem themed around autism not to be disrespectful
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My Diary (1)
Hi my name is Stan Marsh this is my diary. i don’t know why the fück i have to censor the f word or why i have to make the description so fücking long.
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what happened last night to me
this happened to me last night around 2 am and it lasted up to 5am i had to get this off my chest
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Two Sides to a Story
here is my attempt at writing a babyfur story and maybe some of you will actually like it
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explaining baby stuff to y'all cuz i can
some of y'all are probably still like "ew babies gross i hate babies" so i am going to shove my logic down ur throats
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SCP-006-B x Bisexual Reader
You are a Bisexual reader who’s outward appearance looks feminine. You have been assigned for nightwatch in the SCP facility.
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SCP-006-B is a manipulative SCP and can mind control anything it wants to.
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Poetry Collection (2020)
I have a poetry collection already, but its from several years ago, and my writing style had changed immensely. So here are more recent poems from this year.
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things for achool
my school told me to make a randomly generated story and so this is it.
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The Story of the Boy Who Moved to Japan
It is 2021, a year after the pandemic that shook the world peaked. In April of this year, a boy from America moves to Japan because of his father who works in the military, he only has a few years left before retirement. This b...
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