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Camp Camp Headcanons
Characters: Neil Max David Nikki Preston Harrison ( my magic bae!) Pikeman * any other character you want * Mostly as if someone inhaled crack After they become a couple- All characters ( minus dadvid) Are aged up to 13-15 y...
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Insanity (Sam's Story)
Samantha's story of hardships she had faced. There may be harsh language and moments.
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Zeno the sergal: the origin of destruction
The origin of of the archnemisis of the world's fastest fox, this alien is a villain set on dominating the world and this explains why
3 reads 2 readers 0 by AmazeStark
Maraya's Big Dream: The Sequel
This is a sequel to the previous story "Maraya's Big Dream" that I wrote last summer. In this story, Maraya dreams of running into her best friend, Ms. Carolyn, again but this time it's in a different place and that place is in...
8 reads 4 readers 0 by maraya
Kimbly x Bianca
Kimbly is a popular girl at school. She has a boyfriend, but she doesn't love him, or even know him properly. Bianca is the girl that raises her hand but is never called to answer. She can't help noticing Kimbly, nobody can, bu...
21 reads 9 readers 3 by Jetwing
The wrong side of heaven
My sister keeps begging me to make a story about Charlotte... So looks like im making Charlie's origin... Or something... I suck at writing heh heh... But hey enjoy I guess ...
10 reads 6 readers 2 by Queenofshadows
Is Drinking Alcohol Risky to Prenatal Development?
he contemporary research on the effects of alcohol exposure during pregnancy shows that abstinence from alcohol consumption is essential when healthy child is desired.
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best things about being drum major
it was too long to post on my wall so i had to make it a story. you get the idea, im basically a gym rat with a baton
3 reads 3 readers 0 by silly.goose
The serum
this book is a file of all of the experiments on dark wielders, how the serum was made, how it works, and what happened if cured correctly
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This is a story about ch ok e. It is a story about ch ok e which is a story
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Culture and Communication
In this story the author tries to describe the notion of culture and communication and how do they both cooperate.
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And Then There Were None (qfeast drama)
This is the qfeaster drama version of...lots of stuff dat has happened recently. DOn't take offense. It's a joke. It might not make sense, and I assure you dat you have a 1 percent chance of being in here.
38 reads 21 readers 0 by shallot
this is a journal created to clarify some common misinformation. tw for political subjects. i wanted to keep it unbiased and i really do a lot of fact checking before i make any chapter because im only doing it to help people f...
10 reads 10 readers 0 by Aureospace
Abnormal Days: NEW lore bible
The new and improved lore bible of Abnormal Days, detailing the adventures of Corbijn, Nolly, Pliggy, and more.
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Life of an anthro Fox: origins
you all know Amaze's origin story where he was adopted by a alpha female wolf and her son's Wick's father (his father is Shadow now and Wick's name used to be Shadow) made him upset and run away costing Wick's mother's life but...
34 reads 6 readers 15 by AmazeStark
The Past Of Mayla Dawn
As requested I made a story about my oc, Mayla Dawn . Just like in most role plays I use her cause it's easier she's based off me but her past is more darker than mine was but anyways enjoy and warning there will be mention of ...
37 reads 6 readers 15 by WolfieGirl12
Willow's Refuge: A Creepypasta Story
Masky and Hoody were not expecting what they were going to see when they went on patrol in the woods. They thought they were go home with no problem. They went home with something alright.
2 reads 2 readers 8 by Lindsflea
The world of anons
Welcome to the Q & A rules will be explained. Only trusted users are allowed to take the pass. Bye
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