Fiction and Nonfiction
Flowers (1)
Whenever or wherever your soulmate gets hurt... flowers grow at the wounds, infecting them. This only happens if you have seen your soulmate anywhere. This content is for MATURE AUDIENCES. Triggers: Self harm, smoking, bullying...
3 reads 2 readers 0 by LeSkyBoi
Pack of Wolves: Pup to Alpha
This book is about a Alpha named Jumpingheart. His the Alpha of Heartpack. He once a pup now a Alpha, but what happens before his alpha? His mother death is unforgotten in his head. As he hunts down the murderer of his mother.
10 reads 8 readers 4 by BajanCanadianFan
Three people sat in a room. A writer, painter, and a budget planner. All was silent except for the writer’s aggravated pen-clicking. Suddenly, there was a knock on the door…. (This wasn't meant to be a serious writing project....
39 reads 13 readers 6 by Kaleidoscope
The divided pack
Will the pack live together, or apart? Everything divides Alikai the young wolf pup and his pack from The Tribe
5 reads 4 readers 0 by Scourgelover
The Devil Queen
A horror story of Seg. And how she turn into a 5 eyed demon. WARING: GORE AND BLOOD. Its a Halloween special. #goretober
2 reads 1 reader 0 by Smol_Space_Seg
Geniuses and Criminals
A mysterious school for talented high schoolers opens and sends at letters to the teens invited. Then, one day, the school is taken over by a group of criminal. The kids have to use their special skills to help the criminals in...
83 reads 11 readers 0 by ScarletRoses
He Loves Me Not
All he could think about was his bright cerulean eyes and deep chocolate brown hair. And that was when the petals came.
16 reads 13 readers 0 by roger.the.boi
Something Strange About Sapphire.
In the world, there are several humans, girls, who have special abilities. And where there is power, there is someone who wants it all for themselves. 4 girls are snatched away from their homes. Jade, who can move objects with ...
2 reads 2 readers 0 by Creepypasta_Jayden
A Girl Named Vivianna who has an amazing brain. She’s filled with intelligence, but she was also born with deep green eyes. On Earth, it would be more of greyish green, but It was different with her. Scientists and doctors wer...
10 reads 10 readers 0 by TheSkysTheLimit
Jackson Clay Did It
Jackson Clay was abandoned by his mother at the age of five. For eleven years he lived in Black Water orphanage. Now a family has taken him in since the took him in odd things have been happening. The strange things all started...
1 read 1 reader 0 by Phoenixflames1234
Welcome to the life of Electra Heart
The story of Marina and the Diamond's Electra Heart and her ups and downs. Who is Electra, really?
18 reads 7 readers 3 by ScarletRoses
What makes me human?
Sometimes Rosie isn't sure who she is. She was just recently taken into the asylum and she's already forgetting who she is. The decent into insanity is a hard path to be stuck on. Written in free verse poetry
15 reads 5 readers 0 by ScarletRoses
The tale of a not so bad Slytherin
Slytherins have the worst reputation. But do they deserve it? Kianna is just your average half blood girl in Harry's year who gets sorted into Slytherin. She certainly doesn't think she's evil. How does she deal with Hogwarts l...
4 reads 4 readers 3 by ScarletRoses
Summers save the world
Summers was you avinerg teen age to one day a one of the Moon godless told her she need to save her world from the devil that will stop at no cost to be free. On her way to save the world from the evil spirit she was given a w...
12 reads 4 readers 2 by Darkwolves
I ain't your ordinary wizard...
There's a town in Fiore called Magnolia where a famous wizard guild is based. The name of this guild? Fairy Tail. Within this guild is a young dragon slayer. Her name is Hikari Grace. Hikari has had a troublesome past. How you ...
8 reads 5 readers 4 by HikariGrace_TheEarthDragonSlayer
Nolly: an Abnormal Day sidestory
A little side story for my web comic that I haven't gotten to work on for a while. This is kind of how Nolly came to be Corbijn's second pet.
18 reads 9 readers 1 by Corbijn3andNolly
Happiness Happens
The girl you wanted was the sister of a girl who wanted you. And the girl you wanted loved her sister too much to love you. But now you're home from the war, and the world has changed. Now happiness happens. But does it?
2 reads 2 readers 0 by JamesFoley
The Club: A Musical
The creation of a new club is announced, and people are curious. The basis of the club? Fruit.
219 reads 24 readers 21 by Helpless
Just a story about an emo boy who fell for a not so emo girl, and how the not so emo girl fell for the emo boy.
59 reads 9 readers 69 by xXEmo_KingXx