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German Translation Services
In this article, We will be discussing the key reasons to hire professional German translation services for website localization. So, lets find out.
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What if Princess Joined Thunderclan?
If you are a fan of Warrior cats, then you must know Princess. What if she decides to join Thunderclan? Will stuff change or stay the same? please don't be mad at me if you don't like princess's warrior and/or apprentice name a...
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A.I 2389: Amy Waters
hey guys! this is probably my first story i wanna put effort into, thank u blue for helping me making the story better XD i appreiate it. grab some soda and SNACKKSSS and enjoy. also this story is inspired by anita battle angel
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This AU came to my head while looking for photos of Dream SMP angst. I occurred some awesome drawings seeming to be sort of based on the same story. But what made me slightly mad is that it takes place BEFORE Wilbur blew up L'M...
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This is the second book of the Legacy Series, which I hope you all have been waiting for. If you haven't read the first book please go check it out first. Bye!
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An Jeff x reader
one day a normal girl named y/n and her sister Rachel had a problem they where visited by an killer. will they survive? will they ever escape? or will they be forgotten?
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Ask or dare Hp characters
Ask or dare the harry potter characters! YAYY this will be so much fun and i will be including me!
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the bathroom key vol.4
by nezuko_mha\melody ember pendley enjoy this book i have no more to say.
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I am Blue!
Guys! I am Ayumi! Blue the quiz whiz wants to be me! I AM AYUMI!! NOT LOK!
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She Loved Flowers
And the note read... "I loved flowers. They were beautiful. And so are you. Don't be guilty. It wasn't your fault."
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*So Stories going to be a zombies *(If triggered by zombies then leave) *Viewer discretion is advised* *Random story
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the bathroom key vol.3
writing this seires is a pain in the neck by nezuko_mha\melody ember pendley
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Alice and Alex's story
So, you’re all wanting to know the story of Alice and Alex, 2….rather odd pairs of twins, who became Creepypastas….here’s how it started.
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the bathroom key vol.2
doing 20 words is a pain in the neck by nezuko_mha\melody ember pendley enjoy
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the bath room key vol.1
meet the family. hope you enjoy by nezuko_mha\melody ember pendley. doing 20 words is a pain in the neck
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Fnaf This Will have cussing and strangeness and more i do have 2 1 is were ennard is possessed 2 is were ennard isnt possessed and instead has Ft.Freddy bon bon and Ft.Foxy.👌
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Ok so this is the start of sheepy and warning: cursing and poor fish and grammar mistakes
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Letter for the Crood lovers
Really, I've been wanting to write this for a while, so yeah. If you aren't a Crood lover, you can read this as well. (THE PHOTO IS RANDOM!)
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I litetally just realized
No description i swidnok qfeast beceausee wyou does not undrstand me when i say jo desvripiton
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