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Summon me
A dark stormy night, Shadows dancing across the abandoned buildings, a single lantern lights the room. A book open to a page with a demon like figure on it, candles unlit in the room, the Summoning will begin. (picture is done ...
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Drifted, rand0m thoughts. Not poetry.
These are basically incomplete posts that I would've put on my wall if they weren't too stupid. Enjoy your viewing of my brain : ))
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The challenge Revived #32
Lets try another requested challenge. When you give me a challenge idea, I'll change it up.
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Merge madness 8
Almoat time for a new cover photo. I started school this past Wendsday. I cant find the one i always use, too much lag, so ill use this one
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The challenge Revived #31
I got no challenges planned. So this'll be alot of fun. Hehehe... help me
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Battle of the gifted few season 1 meet the cast
Okay there are 10 characters each season the 1st elimination it's characters vote and then the rest is you guys vote and the host for this season is jack
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My BFB predictions.
This is my BFB predictions, not much else to say. So... dont disagree with me, its all my opinion.
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Top 10 Futurama Characters
My top picks for the characters in the hit TV show made by the creators of the Simpsons, Futurama.
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The Last Person Standing! #4
Hhhh Hi Bro Niergga Okay qfeast is it long enough for your standards
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The challenge Revived #30
This challenge will be hard to write for. So I'm spending more time writing it.
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Top 12 SML Characters
Here's a top 12 for ya featuring my top picks for SuperMarioLogan characters.
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She hates me.
She hates me. My best friend hates me. I messed up. I’m sorry. I’m so sorry.
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Top 10 The Challenge Characters
Yet another Top 10 list, this time featuring my top picks for DerpyDerpJuice's series, The Challenge Revived, specifically.
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The challenge Revived #29
One way to make everything better is to work with 2 other people. A table with 3 legs is stronger than one with 14524 legs
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The odd one
this is about a 6th grade girl who gotten a weird disease that make her seems at times hostile she learns more about why she have to leave and live a secret life
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The challenge Revived #28
Time for the merge. Even with 25 people. Merge was bound to come soon.
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Merge madness 7
I recommend these games, Msm, Minecraft, Mcsm, Battle camp,, Roblox.
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Top 10 PVZ Plants
Another Top 10 list consisting of my top picks for Plants Vs Zombies plants.
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Top 5 Ice Cream Flavors
As requested by AirbourneRanger and Hikari_Chan, Here is another top 5 featuring my favorite Ice Cream flavors! (Just a disclamier, I'm allergic to eggs, so some of your favorite ice cream flavors may not be on this list becaus...
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The Last Dragon
This story is based upon a dream I had in 2017. A young girl by the name of Serafina is called to work under the royalty of her kingdom - but has no idea her adopted parents gifted her with the most magical gift of all time! Jo...
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