Fiction and Nonfiction
The zombie apocalypse
This is how the world was getting infected that's all can tell you so far so enjoy my story (:
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Set Your Target Score For PTE Exam
Every PTE aspirant needs to set a target score before starting the preparation. If you have decided to score 79+ in the PTE exam, it is only possible if you are preparing through an appropriate PTE study plan. PTE study plan i...
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look through thsi book for commissions, what I can and can't do, rules, etc all that fun stuff
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Demigod of Death
Seven is just a regular 19 year old guy, with regular godly powers, who lives in a regular stinking city; But when a mysterious fellow comes along, his entire life changes. Honestly I should finish up the legacy series first si...
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A Story About A High School Girl
This is about a girl that has 2 siblings she is the middle her mother passes away from cancer.Her and her brother need to take care of there little sister.But they are both in high school the little sister is in elementary
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my school fight p2
I have already made an part one so read that one first pls have fun reading my fight ^w^
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My school fight!! Part 1
I got into an fight at lunch and this is how it went have fun reading about the fight ^w^
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My Marble Hornets Playlist
I got this off of Spotify... I have no clue ok. This is a PHASE AGAIN. I had this before, but it's back again.
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My Marble Hornets Journal
I'm going through a phase of Marble Hornets again... MOM, IT'S NOT A PHASE (If you look at the photo, Masky is escorting Skully! LOL XD ) This will contain Terrible uncensored jokes, quotes and incorrect quotes.
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Q & A about my religion (Christianity) + Stories
I got bored, so I decided why not?? PLEASE NOTE: If I can not answer a specific question, that does not mean it is unanswerable. I am still a student who is learning. ALSO: different denominations have different takes on contro...
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Who would wanna date a zombie? Apparently a serial killer. The worlds gone to shatters and destruction, in the middle of a zombie apocolypse, how will these two find love?
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the dragon
dragon what is it my book tell you more ok ha and look my quiz for fun ;3
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My Ouija Board Experiences
This is basically my book about my Ouija Board Experiences. I will try it every afternoon on Wednesday, Thursday, & Friday. It won't be very long...
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Songs from my Playlist V1
Just some songs from my playlist that are definitely worth listening to if you want
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The Beginning Of The End
A story I decided to make about the end of Qfeast. Inspired by my good friendo @ZEROE. This is all fictional lol.
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Stories that will keep you up at night
Ill be telling true stories i have hear & telling my own experiences. Good luck & never go in the woods alone &/or without protection
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Mha and fnaf crossover
Yes I'm doing this but technically it's just the mha reactions to fnaf
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Clown.Boy update!!
I made a new account because my computer broke and I forgot how to log in. If you couldn’t tell, it’s me, Devin or John. There’s a lot that’s happened so I made this so anyone that cares could catch up and be updated.
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My opinions about people on qfeast
I saw someone else doing this and I thought it was a good idea. WARNING: I WILL BE BRUTALLY HONEST!!
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