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Santa Cruz
Scenic views, mind-boggling spots, and what not, you will find it all in Santa Cruz. here is your guide to knowing unique things to do in Santa Cruz.
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the deaths of the loray family
kinda of a creepypasta Oc i made idk what to say really so yeah this requirement
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my chess story
its so sad it little drowed my pet fish is made me so sad and made me so sad
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The wonderus world of KK in The cat-astrophe!
i was bored so i made a children's story and its forcing me to write more words so imma say beware the ohio butthole tickling bandit also here's a preview of ch.1
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they are tasty, good on pizza, they make you grow, and they are even part of chinese food!
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Chase x Aiden
This is a story about a tom who cheated on his mate sandflower with a nother tom his name is chase and the other tom is Aiden chase has white fur with black spots with blue eyes and Aiden is a fluffy tabby tom with light gree...
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Spark X Max
Spark is a cougar and Max is a tiger max likes spark as a mate but spark likes max as a friend
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middle finger
?? f middle finger mf flip off third finger best finger come on stupid requirement
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The anialator (3)
How I became a user and my backstory for new people, it’s hard being me and this explains why
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a poem written by me, garfield about the most wonderful thing to ever exist (I eat it, here's ur hint)
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Abandoned (1)
A boy and his friends decide to have a night over in a haunted house. What will happen?
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Fazbear Frights Combine
I wrote this for school and I thought it'd be nice to share, let me know if I should keep adding to it
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the city, a gumball story
how it feels to live in a city like new york and how a miracle happened it was very cool and not quiet,
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bee movie script 7times
bee movie bee movie bee movie bee movie bee movie bee movie bee movie bee movie bee movie bee movie bee movie bee movie bee
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my follower mcnuggets :D
he/she made my day better and my fav follower and he/she loves amazing world of gumball plus can we make amazing world of gumball a trend PLZ
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my favorite follower who comments on my channel replys to the comments i put on his pics
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mcdonalds incedent
i unknown man (we just call him joe) came to mcd's one day but something horrible happened
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the bacon
a tale of giving and taking and how to separate between them, there is no way to have one thing take it and let all be happy
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you're in space and I have nothing to do so I go to hamic to sleep and the monster comes to ur bed and kills u
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My fnaf AU (story)
You will find out my fnaf AU story and about my fnaf charters so be warn: this is scary.
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