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The Role of Blockchain Technology in Bitcoin Casino Software
Blockchain technology has transformed numerous industries, and the online gambling industry is no exception. The use of blockchain technology in Bitcoin casino software has created a secure, transparent, and fair gaming environ...
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A Motherless Child
Why did they take her from me? Why did they put me in this strange place where everything is so big and shiny and I'm surrounded by all these strange people who took me from my mother?
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A Story of Forever
The world was murdered. The world will live again, will rise out from under its fetters. So will the people. In the meanwhile, the Yemars have magic. The Yemars have magic, and they have each other, and they have hope.
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Two Children
Malina-Deprassi was a world of extremes. The Big People had more than they ever could need. The Small People struggled to get by. Events occur which cannot be explained. Prophecies are told which gain widespread attention. Chil...
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The Doctors Daughter
I watch over her. I feel her pain with her. I feel all the many injustices done to her. And I wish I could intervene. I wish I could intervene but ever since my powers became depleted, this is all I can do. The child is away f...
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Purr For Me, Cat || Neko!Sal X Travis ||
Sal was quite the easy target for bullying. Small, a neko and a typical outcast. However, there was one bully he was able to change. Travis Phelps [This story can be found in other places like A03, W@ttpad & Qu0tev before you...
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Sheelo the Prophet
Nobody knows where the stories of Sheelo the prophet originated from. But everyone knows that they believe them. The stories are amazing, fantastical, inspiring, and so very empowering. And everyone knows that with Sheelo on th...
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The Farlens Orb
Once upon a time, in a land far away filled with magic of all sorts, there was a type of creature called a Farlen. The blood that they bled, when it hit the sunlight, would turn into a grand host of rubies, one ruby for each dr...
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the thirst to be the first
ol drippy local school Fountan had been warn down, he was going to be remodeled.
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I don't have a title yet (1)
A young woman who attends college is also a witch. She practices witchrcraft for others to help them at a small cost most of the time. More description to come later, I'm not exactly sure what I even write about, just that I wa...
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The Reich Hour
I wrote the story with the help of God. This story is about Germany winning World War 1. I am still writing it so here is the story so far.
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An Untitled Story
A story in progress. A mysterious man shows up one night, speeding across the road. He leaves his audience stunned. The protagonist, Eli Nelson, uncovers many secrets on his way to find this mysterious sir.
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Roarke: An Origin Story
In late Septemer of 1860, a young man by the name of Roarke Everitt attends a fancy house party with his family at the Cooper Mansion. A massacre ensues and he ends up murdered during it, or so he thought. Now he has a vendetta...
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Never Loveless
“You, love Link? That’s not possible.” “No one is ever loveless, Zelda.” Eira wakes up in the Lost Woods, with no recollection of her past. She makes her way to Korok Forest, where she learns from the Great Deku Tree that s...
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Why I Swear By My Standing Desk
For more information on how you can maximize the advantages of replacing your traditional workstations with a standing desk, contact FEZIBO today.
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endless souls
this is a story about a human and a vampire its a love story so no hate plz QWQ
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Santa Cruz
Scenic views, mind-boggling spots, and what not, you will find it all in Santa Cruz. here is your guide to knowing unique things to do in Santa Cruz.
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the deaths of the loray family
kinda of a creepypasta Oc i made idk what to say really so yeah this requirement
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my chess story
its so sad it little drowed my pet fish is made me so sad and made me so sad
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The wonderus world of KK in The cat-astrophe!
i was bored so i made a children's story and its forcing me to write more words so imma say beware the ohio butthole tickling bandit also here's a preview of ch.1
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