Fiction and Nonfiction
Just an idea for a prologue... please read I want to know what you think! Might be continued!
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Cold Blood (1)
During the Cold War, two spies break a rule that will cost them Thier lives. They are born to hate each other but it's just the opposite. They fell in love with each other. They ended two superpowers within that war.
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A spring day. (Taehyung x Jungkook fanfic)
Taehyung grew up in a rich loving family. He had anything he ever wanted yet he was still lonely. Jungkook grew up poor and depressed. He never had anything he wanted. He was always lonely. When Jungkook's parents send him to...
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Two brothers: The journey back home.
After Yiu and Xiangtan spend some time in America, they've finally decided to visit their homeland, China, for a while until they figure their lives out. But of course, some drama happens when Yiu meets a handsome stranger...
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Teh chAllaNGe GlitcheD 5
Wow owo wow owo wow owo oof foo moo oom wee baa gloo glue the moose. Hehehe.
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Teh chAllaNGe GlitcheD 4
Hey bop do dop, dee dop dow... dwy dop day dop hee haw hoo wa we day. Wow
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The Wanderers (1)
John Benson didn't love the world, but he didn't hate it either. sure life wasn't perfect, but it was better than everyone in the world but him disappearing and having terrifying creatures replacing them.
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Teh chAllaNGe GlitcheD 3
Wee woo wee woo. Zee zaa zuu zii zoo. Wii song deluxe elephant. With a side of fries
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letters to myself
if you want to read this, be my guest. this will be a collection of letters to myself, whether it be to the past or to the future. i guess i just want to help myself, maybe this is how *lowercase intended
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MM 13 One small kick.
Ughhh. This is the most boring part of a story. The disruption. Please help me. PLEASE!
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Teh chAllaNGe GlitcheD 2
Ep 2. All here. Lets see who'll be the first loser. Because they suck and should die
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The Story of Jay the Gay
this is just basically about my sexuality and how i came to terms with it. read it or don’t, i just wanted to feel able to share some of my experiences. some TWs included.
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The Sharkenge #11
I know, I know. It's been a million years since the last one, but hey, it's Christmas, and I'm giving Qfeast a small present.
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Teh chAllaNGe GlitcheD 1
Its back. And I'm hoping for a good season. And not a completely fail. Like usually. Heh...
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where ya' queen went
so you might wonder why i decided to leave again. i dIDNT HAHA. well have ze explanation uwu
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My Top Tens!
Essentially you can put a request about anything down below like "Hey do a Top Ten My Hero Academia characters" or something along those lines and I will. i doubt this will get very popular though."
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Scary stories. (1)
Oh boy, do I miss Halloween. ;-; Hello there, this story with be short/long scary stories. Thank you for reading. ^^ *I don't own or claim any stories. *If you have a certain story you'd like, tell me. ^^
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Okay, so not a story, but a collection of stand-alone monologues I write. Please enjoy and if you have any feedback, I'd totally appreciate it!
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Eeveelutions Hangout
Parties, sleepovers, school dances, meet ups- all this and more with the Eeveelutions (they attend Pokemon high)
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