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How To Draw A Yin-Yang
7 steps, and 4 items needed. You also need to know how to do/use a few things. *Note! Picture isn't mine!*
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peggy moves schools (PART TREE!)
Pt 3 of PEGGY MOVES SCHOOLS! nanana man nyer naa just like a ciiircus (THE PHOTO IS ROTATED!)
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Legacy Character Info Thingy
This has all the information about each character. There are minor spoilers for people who are not up to date with the book series. But in this story I will give you the general idea of each character, and even leave a few hint...
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peggy moves schools (PART TWO!)
Part one was not written by me. Have a good day everyone. (THE PHOTO IS BALLS!)
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This happened one day at school soo~
Why do i have to erite this stupid descriptiin qll the time who cares if it makes sense. Oooofa ouifa no more descriptikn
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A small story
S-M-A-L-L S-T-O-R-Y :P why i did something like this WHY W H Y hjhvj
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hey guys,,,
This is just a note... I don't know you'll care... I just wanna let you know of this.
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Hey guys...
This is just a note... I don't know you'll care... I just wanna let you know of this.
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All Light Has A Dark side~ |An Emiko explanation Story|
All this is, is explaining my character Emiko's backstory along with her non-canon lover Zero.Also excluding her sister that is canon and including her original and still canon brother Tomura Shigaraki {Tenko Shimura} but not i...
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Songs That I Feel rn
i- do i really need a description? no. is qfeast making me do it? yes.
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qfeast users dishes UWU
NO IM NOT A CANIBALL I EAT NORMAL FOOD this is just a joke lmao- also if i cooked u u will be in this story-
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my childrens book
i made this for my class i had to make a childrens book so here it is yes
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S m i l e Villain Deku x fem!Reader
“I deserve you,” his words were so quiet they were almost inaudible. They shook; desperation and adoration clinging to every syllable. “I’ve always loved you more than him.”
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Book of Dragons
Throughout the ages and across time and space this book has grown and changed with each new dragon that appeared. This book has every dragon species and what to know about them.
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So I'll be posting random stuff on here like my A.Us and whats going one in my unholy life so yah i wouldn't read this but hey if you want go a head. UwU
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Letter for pink the quiz whiz
letter for pink the quiz whiz. if you arent pink, you can still read. (THE PHOTO IS RANDOM!)
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My Dream SMP Theories
So I might have many theories about the Dream SMP. I'll be recording all my thoughts/theories of the SMP here. I need some help- These theories come into my head after just watching ONE video of the 'Dream SMP reacts to ...'
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Ask/Dare Izteray
HI and you guys can ask or dare him anything you want i don't really care! <3
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This is just a story that i've been running with in my head for awhile now and I thought you guys might like it. If you have any ideas or anything let me know!!
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