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Which is a worse sound?
Fairy Tail Poll: Kimono Edition
Which Bree ship do you like most? (If you haven't done so, read Glitched)
Did you enjoy the movie Mean Girls 2?
Did you enjoy the movie Mean Girls?
Who do you like out of the slender family
What creepypata do you like more
Did you enjoy the movie The Fault in Our Stars?
Deadpool or Spider-Man?
Do you guys think I should make a shipping couples story?
Favorite Grim Reaper From Black Butler
Favorite Black Butler Character
Favorite Harry Potter character?
Liv or Maddie
Pastries or Ice Cream or Neither or Both?
What did you think of the movie; Mission Impossible : Rouge Nation
Pick a cake!
Hot Dogs, Hamburgers, or Pizza?
Hollywood undead or slipknot
What name do you like the most? ( All are from my made up FNAF characters)
Disney or Nickelodeon (1)
Best slipknot song
Would you rather... (19)
Which one would would you rather have as yr bf?
Who your fav band
Have you ever lock your self out of your house
Chica or Mangle?
Who likes pizza?!
Have you been to Silver Dollar City?
Navi;Cute or Annoying?
Do you like FNAF?
Do you normally say yes or no?
Do you like trains?
Do you dislike clowns
What eye colour do you have?
Do you remember you dreams
What creepypasta reader do you like better
Who your fav ICP member
Creepypata or slashers
Who better Solid Snake or Sam fisher
do you remember the first teen titans ? which is your favorite 1
Snapchat or kik
Are you a juggalo
Who is better: Death the Kid or Black star?
Slipknot or mushroomhead
What Minions Movie character is your Favorite?
How do feel about going back to school ?
Who is your Favorite Toad?
Which Minion is your Favorite
Would you rather? (Alone or People person poll!)
Blue or red pill (look at pic)
What is your favorite color out of the rainbow?
What's your favorite text abbreviation?
What emotion do you use\like the most?
Do you think FNaF is scary?
Do you tink FNaF deserves all it's hype?
Bath, or shower?
Do you want to be famous?
Do you like RPGs in general
who is the better qfeaster? ( me and fullmetalsoulbutler r doing a competition to see who is the bst)go foreverinpink!
Do you think Qfeast needs to add a "Would you Rather" category?
Have you been bullied by Wolfina_The_Pet_Wolf?
What console do you prefer?
Best form of transportation?
Are you a grammar Nazi?
Did you enjoy the movie The Age of Adaline?
Did you enjoy the movie Paddington?
Do you like hunger games
Which Descendants character is your faveriote?
Fifth Harmony vs Little Mix (Celeb Wars)
One Direction vs 5SOS (Celeb Wars)
Who do you ship more with Zoro
What Internet short form do you use the most?
Are You a Doctor Who Fan?
Which one is better: Pancakes or Waffels
Should pants be illegal?
If you could play one of these, which one.
What's Your Favorite Part Of Qfeast
Okay tough one: which Hetalia pairing do you think is the best? (out of these at least P.S sorry if I missed yours)
Should there be changing tables in the men's restroom?
Inside vs Outside!
Do you think Sardonyx should quit her job as a Crystal Gem and become a game show hostess?
Do you like social media in general?
Do You Like One Direction's Song 'Drag Me Down'
Xbox one or Ps4
Bath or Shower?
Whats your favorite kind of clothing
Who's better: Anime or Reality
Totally Random Poll Number 1
Who's your favorite R5 member?
what 5 legendary pokemon of the starter pick up will you be?will you be a... maybe X and Y or Omega and Alpha starter.
Did you enjoy the movie Frozen?
Did you enjoy the movie Maleficent?
Was I the first person to vote no on Lapis_Lazuli's poll?
Do you think Lapis Lazuli is a jerk?
Where do you WANT to live?
Would you Rather (Celebs)
Should Marbles and Hawk Get Married?
How much do you like Steven Universe?
Do you think it's wrong to hurt animals?