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Which creepypasta is cooler?
What's Your Favorite Band out of these 17?
Who is the author of the non-fiction book A Brief History of Time?
Facts about Moscow - Square that is the site of Saint Basil's Cathedral
Fact about a celebrity. Guess who the celebrity is? The Star of the 1999 "Notting Hill", Who had a marked Slutter as a child
Hustle loyalty or Respect?
Which superpower?
Which Ciel is better?
What would you use in a fight?
Homeworld or Crystal Gem? (Steven Universe)
Who is your fav you Tuber?
What is your fav cake?
Which kind of pie to you like the most?
Do you like Dantdm?
Would you rather? (39)
Do You LOVE The Next Step?
Are u A tomboy or a girly girl or both?
Which movie series do you like more: Avengers or X-Men?
What is your favorite type of food: fruits, vegetables, meat or fish?
Which Sherlock Do You Prefer?
Would you rather have a white cat or a black cat?
Wolves are... (1)
Would you rather? (36)
Who would Win ?
pokemon or sailor moon?
What is your favourite school subject?
Which is my best drawing?
Who Would Win in an Argument?
Do you like the color White?
Do you like hindi songs?
Who's Funnier? Dan Or Aphmau?
Books or Music?
Which Jeff do you prefer?
Cutest Disney actor?
what troye sivan album is better?
Disco or Punk?
Which Disaster is the Most Effective?
Do you like reading books or video games?
Milkshake, Fries, or Hamburger?
Which horror anime do you like the most?
Team Angel or Team Spike?
Thoughts on David Tennant?
Mega Charizard X or Mega Charizard Y? (Pokemon)
What is better ?
What kind a games you Think are the best?
Which Harry Potter Couple Do You Like?
If you could remove one weather what would it be?
Project Diva f or Project Mirai?
What rank would you want to be in a wolf pack?
What is your species?
If you won 100 000 $ in the lottery what woud you buy?
Minecraft or Blockheads?
Anime or Mlp?
What UnderTale Character Is Your Favorite Out Of These?
Which is better Werewolves or Vampires?
Out of these dragons from How to Train Your Dragon and School of Dragons which would you rather get?
If you could have 1 super power what would it be
The Big Question Coke or Pepsi?
r u sad Anakin became Darth Vader?
Minecraft vs roblox
Which Yaoi ship?
SAO or Durarara?
Minun or Plusle? (Pokemon)
My little pony or my little pony equestria girls?
BB-8 or R2-D2?
Have you ever cried in your sleep before?
What would you do if my Demon Wolf Scar was dead?
On other sites, do you use the same name?
What would you rather prefer to eat?
What Emoji Do You Dislike The Most?
Did you guys ever have a crush on a Fictional Character?
If you could change one thing about your appearance what would It be?
What are you attracted to?
What Kirinon photo is cutest?
Would you rather? (38)
Favorite Fnaf Fan Songs (From games 1 & 2, and of course out of these)
who do u like more ? (part 1 )
If you had the chance to date Loki, would you?
What do you think about cake?
Favorite Type Of Wolf?
Do You Like Wolves? (3)
Which main Noah's Ark Circus member is the best?
Who's your favorite Black Butler boy out of these choices?
Do you dip your french fries in milkshakes?
Do you like Yandere Simulator?
pusheen the cat or kawaii potato?
m&ms, skittles, or mike and ikes
Do you think the Darth Jar Jar theory is correct?
Laurmau vs Garmau
Who Is The Best Joker on Impractical Jokers?
is jar jar binks funny or anoying?
Choose A Wolf (My Demon wolves)
Do you guys like the sound of wolves howling at the moon?
Which Edolas Tien is best?
which show brand is the best ever?
What would you rather prefer?
Every Witch Way or Talia in The Kitchen
Who's better Harry Potter or Voldemort
Do your parents try to stalk you online?