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Love or Weath? The Classic Question
Are you a Senpai or a Yandere?
What kind of music here do you mainly listen to?
West coast vs East Coast
Who is you favorite rapper from the 90's?
harry potter series or the lorien legacies
Battle of the internet
What kind of story would you like to see more of?
Do you want to learn Spanish?
If you had a choice would you...
Pancakes,Waffles,or French Toast
Choose one word
What would you do if Annoying Orange was around?
Are you an otaku?
Which singer do you like more: Drake or Eminem?
Should Electra and Wolfina join Triple Threat?
Who Is Your Favorite Female Black Butler Character?
Who Do You Believe is Azor Ahai? (books/tv series)
Asence makes the heart grow fonder or does absence make the heart go wonder?
Which author do you like best?
Elsa or Esdeath?
What do you think of the song Work?
Do you consider yourself a feminist? (1)
Who is you favorite fnaf character?
Favorite YouTuber Out Of These?
Do you like Meghan Trainor's new music video No?
Do you see yourself as lazy?
who is the best youtuber? (2)
Do you self harm? Be honest
Would you rather...? (9)
Gender battle girlsVSguys who is smarter
Mine (Akame ga Kill) V.S. Jinx (Teen Titans Go)
Which car looks better?
Do you agree Windows 8.1 just should be called Windows 9 ?
Who are you during a bullying incident?
Sword art online Asuna?
Sword art online Sinon?
If you had to save a youtuber, who would you save?
What is the one thing that ticks you off more?
Who is your fave ranger's apprentice character?
Which Hamilton Character Would You Like To Be On Broadway?
Are you afraid of you're parents?
Who's your favorite Fairy Tail character?
Have you herd about Amanda Todd?
Best Undertale chara?
What are your thoughts on Diamond the fox?
What's the worst feeling a person can have?
Who's your favorite Straw Hat member?
Do you want Donald Trump for prezident?
What Undertale person is better?
Fred or Annoying Orange?
Wich One Piece guy is your favorite?
Are you MLG like her?
Which is your fave song from AKB0048?
What's is ur fav thing to do on Qfeast?
What is favourite colour cat out of these?
Do you want to serve in the army?
Do you have a wishbone?
Do you have/had a mental illness?
Favorite Legend of Zelda Character? OoT
Who's your favorite in Got7?
Harry Potter 2 who are you?
Which would you be?
who has the best powers/bionics? (lab rats: elite force)
who has the best bionics? (lab rats)
Pretty Little Liars, Gossip Girl, Or Glee?
Billy Unger VS. Chase Davenport
Lab Rats or Lab Rats: Elite Force
Who's the sass queen?
Do you prefer chocolate or fruit flavored candy?
Fire or ice?
What website is your email adress on?
Should they teach more about mental illnesses such as depression,anxiety eg in schools?
Who is your favorite Undertale character? (WARNING: Spoilers!)
Do You Feel More Comfortable With Your Left Thumb On Top Or Right?
Did You Ever Dye Your Hair?
Would you rather ...?
What Color Are Your Eyes? (2)
What is your favorite color? (9)
What's your daily calorie intake?
What's your favorite punk genre?
Who Would win? (superhero edition)
Puma shirt or Panther shirt
Natsu Or Gray
Which job would you like more: Video game designer or a professional animation artist?
Would you rather...? (4)
Woukd you rather? (2)
Owl City or Taylor Swift?
Do you think Heaven/Hell is real?
Asuna anime or chibi
Anime VS chibi
What do you think of qfeast?
Nick or Judy
Best Punipuni?
Are you a tomboy or girly girl?
choose your birth family or the people who raised you
Classic man, Talking head or la la la?
What s your favourite book series?
what kind of girls do you like: good or bad?
What kind of boys do you like: good or bad?