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Do You Like Chinese Food?
Which Food is Better?
Do you think pit bulls are bad?
What's Your Favourite Flower?
Who is your favourite yandere simulator character?
Do you like being hugged or kissed?
who will win the 2017 super bowl winner as os 1/8/17 ?
How do YOU pronounce?: rhetoric
How do YOU pronounce?: unscathed
How do YOU pronounce?: Lyre
Who Will Win 2016/17 nba? MVP
How do YOU pronounce?: Acai
How do YOU pronounce?: Heifer
Do you cuss?
What rapper is going to be the best rapper in 2017?
Which emo band do you prefer?
Which anime do you like more: Love Live! or Idolmaster?
What is your personal favorite game of these?
Which animal do you like more: Sloths or Hedgehogs?
If You Were A Character In The Bible, You Would Be
Which of the following rock bands is your favorite?
Deport Corbijn? DLC version
In Your Opinion On Which Anime is Awesomer?
What is the best anime ever?
who's worse ?
Would you rather Legally Change your last name to Hitler or Never eat chocolate agein?
What Anime Is More Romanced?
Your least favourite subject?
What is your opinion about What Anime Is More Action Pact?
If I were to write comic books, would anyone read them?
Which Pokemon Go Team would you choose?
What Anime do you think in action: Voltron or Mew Mew Power?
Which Anime Do You Think Is Cooler ?
If had to ride a horse what style of riding would you do?
Which of the following games would you rather play?
Who is excited for season 2 of Shadow Hunters?
Which of the following Undertale characters is your favorite?
What is your favorite game out of the following? (1)
If you can slap one of these celebrities who would it be?
Jaeyami or Karalyn ?
Which eeveelution is your favorite? (So original, yeah I know shush your pie hole)
Which is your favorite Creepypasta? (1)
Furry or animatronic?
A Death The Kid or Soul Fanfic?
Wich clan does sunning rocks belong to?
What is your favorite breed of horse out of the following?
Which is the better doctor?
For All Of The Nerds Like Me, What TV Show Is Better?
Digital, traditional, or both?
Do you find a 1000 degree knife cutting and melting things satisfying?
Best theme song for me?
Which hair color is the sexiest? (this is a poll for boys)
Are you procrastinating (right now)?
Do you study during the hols?
who do you think will win the championship in 2017?
Does your zodiac sign describe you?
What is you favorite game?
Which Legend of Zelda game do you like more: Oracle of Ages or Oracle of Seasons?
Do You Prefer Pokemon Sun, or Pokemon Moon?
Are There More Than 2 Genders ?
Will Earth Ever Have Peace?
Would You Rather Be A House cat, or Feral Cat?
With whom do you like to spend Christmas? Please comment why
Do you prefer a real or artificial Christmas tree? Please comment why
Which event do you prefer more: Christmas or New Year?
Which Vine celebrity do you like more: Thomas Sanders or David Lopez?
Anyone apart of the Future Farmers of America organization? I posted a question about it but Qfeast privatized it.
Who would you rather go on a date with?
Who is the cutest brother?
Which of these two are sexy?
Which game do you like more: Minecraft or Roblox?
Which anime series do you like more: Osomatsu-san or Attack on Titan ?
What is your favorite holiday out of the following?
What is your favorite big cat?
Would You Rather? (Christmas Edition)
What is your favorite thing to do during christmas?
Do you like Christmas or no?
Who looks more girly?
Do you have and like Sprint?
What kinds of animation filmmakers should eye use?
Favorite FNaF game?
who is your favorite sister location character?
What do you think of Kpop?
Would you rather? (49)
Which Creepypasta would you hug?
Which of the following fandoms do you like the most?
Which wrestler would win in a fight: John Cena vs Big Show?
Who was the more terrible leader in warriors?
Who is more annoying in warriors?
Who is going to win the Superbowl?
What is cuter?
Who would make a better leader in warriors?
Homecoming Nominees
pokemon sun or moon?
What book we you most like to read out of these options?
Who is your favorite character in Simpsons?
Which is better? (40)
Which BTS song do you like most?
Which song do you like most?
Who Is Gayer?