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What do you think the best pet is?
The best youtube series
What should nicole's wardrobe be? (I do not own any of these clothes and i do not know the little girls)
That awkward moment when....
Which Rick Riordan series is better
If you were on a deserted road with no gas in your car at night without Wi-Fi on your phone, what would you do?
Do you like the divergent series?
If you were in jail, how would you get out?
Sprite, Ginger Ale, Sierra Mist, 7 Up
Chocolate Bar poll
Fast food poll
KFC, Browns, Popeyes
Okay, another tv series poll- whos your favourite Supernatural character? <3
Do You Believe In Slenderman?
Fav One Direction Album
Which TV show is better?
Which America's Got Talent judge is your favorite?
Do you prefer big anime eyes or small anime eyes?
Do you want to watch TV, use a Computer, or draw?
HUGE update on 'Who's Your Favorite YouTuber Out of These?'
Which Breakfast Food is your favorite? :D
Who would win? (4)
whats your favorite cat breed
Which book series is better? (2)
What is your favorite color? (1)
Which band would you pay a million dollars to see?
Which Divergent Character is Your Favorite?
Who's the best Vocaloid? (of these)
Whos your favorite girl celebrity?
Which character is your favorite?
Which Sweet Is The Best?
You are trapped in your house. You hear knocking at the door. It sounds like this: *knock* *long pause* *knock*. You then...
Which Photo with Ariana is better?
LM OR 5H??
Would you rather (Sonic edition)
Which Character from Gintama is the best?
The Better Youtuber
Which outcast cub is your favorite
What is your go to summer snack?
who would you rather date? (3)
Which song is your favorite club song?
Did you cry watching The Fault In Our Stars?
Surprise! If Ezra was going to have a child what should it be?
who would win in a fight? (5)
which creepypasta do you love?
Simpsons or Family Guy?
The Big Bang Theory or How I Met Your Mother?
What myth would you be?
Favourite Character in The 100
Do you like you like your anime dubbed or subbed?
Which is the best??
Who do you want AJ to defend the title against?
who would win in a fight? (4)
Lions or tigers
Out of these video games,which is the best?
What book is your favorite?
Have You Seen Hitchhiker's guide to the galaxy?
Which Creepypasta?
Who would win in a fight? (3)
What's you're favorite book?
Who would win in a fight? A squirrel or a bunny?
Am I the only one who named their Sonic oc after my real name?
Which girl you ship with Zalgo?
Sonamy or Sonackie? Who's the better couple?
Should Cerise be Jackie's anti?
which one better Sonic or Shadow?
Who Do You Think Is Funnier?
What's your favourite song from 5 Seconds of Summer?
Favorite Fruit?
Favorite Sweet Treat?
Which of these bands are the best?
Oceana or MCclain Sisters?
What is your favorite game console?
would you like to be a singer or a dancer?
Which dress is best???? (1)
Which dress is best????
Which Dress is the best???
Marvel or DC
Minecraft or no minecraft?
Do You like Bunnys
Should Jackie join Team Sonic?
Should Ezra join Team Chaotix?
Which Kitty Do You Think Is Cutest?
Do You Like Minecraft? (1)
Wich is better?
which ever after high is best?
How do you like to do your hair the most?
Which of these teens are best?
What movie is best?
What is the better movie?
What is your favorite thing to do in the summer?
wich photo with mions is the best?
which angry bird photo is better?
Do the M&Ms colors taste different?
What stories do you like best on Qfeast?
what channel?
who do you like better: Rihanna or Beyonce?
Would you leave your boyfriend/girlfriend if he/she moved in another city?
wich photo with Rihanna is THE BEST?
Nivea or Dove (just 4 girls)