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What do you think about the new God of War, announced on E3 2016?
Enjoy your five more nights or kick back and grab a slice?
Would you rather? (67)
Which Eeveeloution is your favorite?
Which cute pokemon do you like out of these?
Who is your favorite harry potter boy?
How's life? - so basically I like to ask this question. Randomly, weirdly, and amazingly! What's wrong with learning about US?
Which Fandom would you rather have a sleepover with?
What is your favorite ice cream flavor? (1)
Would you rather? (66)
Which edit looks best? (1)
What is your favorite Tim Burton movie?
Do you believe that: Freddy Fazbear's Pizza is a real place?
Greater, Lesser, or Annoying Dog?
Which color do you like more: Blue or Purple (Violet)?
Which part of a smore is your favorite?
Do you laugh, love, or dislike violence?
Who makes a better human?
Best Ruth Jones tv show
Which Harley Quinn photo do you like?
WWYD: Someone asks you to safe-keep their million dollars
Leo, Nico, or Percy?
Kai, Thorne, or Wolf?
Ze'ev and Scarlet or Thorne and Cress: which couple is cuter?
Homicidal Liu or Jeff the killer?
What's next? U choose! (Will be doing shout out)
Are playing the FNAF games devil worshipping?
Are a vegan? just asking ..
Which dress do you like the best-:?
which photo looks more adorable or kawai?
Creepypasta or FNaF?
What country do you want to visit the most?
How Do You Feel About Lucifer I mean jacob Sartorius?
Which flirt pun?
If you were stuck in a Fnaf game which would it be?
If you could be in ANY anime genera what would it be (please select honestly even if its... H e n t a i
Who's version of the core was better?
If your life was a movie, what would it be rated?
Who Should Story 2 Centre? [ESL]
New Captain America or regular Captain America?
If your animal were endangered, would you help it?
Sky, Aphmau, Ross, or Max
Would you rather explore a new planet or the deepest parts of the ocean?
Which one of these characters are better?
Which one of these characters is the best?
Do you believe that deleting the"Things you Can't Stand"page was a good idea?
Be a Lunar or Earthen?
Who is your favorite Creepypasta character?
Angel VS. Devil! Who wins?
Would You Rather 7~?
What would be a good YouTube username?
Which Sister Picture Is Your Favorite?
Which guy of the Always Sunny gang is the most attractive?
What is a better quiz idea?
Which Force Awakens guy is cuter (Dark Side)?
Which Force Awakens guy is cuter (Light Side)?
Is Lio Messi cute?
Does Jo Frost (Supernanny) look better with or without glasses?
Which sounds like the best backstory fur Scarred Heart?
Beck J or Beck G
Which Phrase Do You Like The Best?
Angry Birds or Finding Dory? Your Choice
Is Kanye West a jackass?
Which Would You Rather Do?
Will I Ever Win You Over?
Have You Ever Bruised A Bluenana?
What "Word" Is The Best?
Is That A Mickey Mouse T-Shirt?
Is Cancer An Insult? (Some People Use It As One)
Would you take the job a Freddy Fazbear's Pizza?
Are You In A Dilemma?
Are You Surrounded By Diabetes That Love You?
Are Fish Sticks Hard As Tits?
Do You Enjoy Life Most Of The Time?
Does Your Dad Love You?
Do You Ever Think Some People Aren't Real?
Who's character should be the guest in the quiz?
Any Sunny fans in the house?
Which of these Harry Potter stars' attractiveness is most suprising? (Because their characters are supposed to be repugnant)
Sports or video games
which Hemsworth brother is cuter?
Do you think Bucky is awesome?
Do you feel sorry for Gale?
Captain America or Iron Man?
Who's your favorite villain?
Jason or Percy: who has better powers, looks, and overall amazingness?
Is Caspian or Peter hotter?
is Percy Jackson, Peeta Mellark, or Harry Potter better?
Rikey or Mikellie?
Does your mom love you?
What swimsuit is best?
cats, dogs, birds, or fish?
Do you think you fall in love easily?
Favorite tv show/anime out of these
What do you like better genocide or pacifist?
Who's stronger?
Who is the coolest in Team Blackout?
What book series have you read?
Which story idea do you think is best out of these?
Which of the following video games is your favorite?