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Should they pair chrysalis and sombra?
Which band is best?
Taylor Swift vs Katy Perry
Turn up or Netfliz and chill?
Hunger games favourite character
Do you miss Michael Jackson?
Would you like to change the world?
who do you like better from the flash?
are you a flash fan?
Gummy worms or gummy bears?
Do you like Tom Cruise?
Would you rather? (1) (2)
Who is your favorite animal jam youtuber? (1)
Whould you kill him?
Would you rather? #3
Do you like Takis? (1)
Favorite NFL Team
Which Gravity Falls Character is better?
Should Qfeast add badges? - please comment
Which horror movie character would you want to be killed by?
Soul Eater vs Fairy Tail
Cats or Dogs? (2)
Worst animal in Animal Jam?
Attack on Titan vs Death Note
Best artist? (Part 2...)
What is Worse? (2)
Who is your favorite Middle Earth villain?
Who is your favorite hobbit?
What version of a story do you like better?
Who is your favorite underrated Lord of the Rings Character?
Glitch or Broken?
Coke or Pepsi? (3)
Super San or Jhon Cena?
which shoes brand is better?
What Name Sounds Better? (1)
What Series is Better?
Which Starter Pokemon Is Your Best/Favorite?
Which drink is your fav?
Which Mane 6 is your favorite?
Supernatural- Dean or Sam
Endogeny or Gaster Blasters
Sherlock Or Doctor Who?
Would you rather? #2 (1)
Who would win a sword battle?
General Poll - What animals do you like out of the following?
which Lab Rats: Elite Force character?
Would you rather ? #1
Would you rather have giant insects go around, or have your inner ear explode?
Quick, you have to run because of the zombie apocalypse! Where do you go out of the following?
Who's better? (7)
Which One Direction song?
Which one is the worst?
Perfect or Pillow Talk?
What would you do if a Yandere was running to you screaming "SENPAI!"?
Would you rather have a side soup or salad?
If you were asked to leave this country, because of your age/gender/race etc., what would you do?
Would you rather Find True Love or Win the Lottery?
What would you do if Donald Trump becomes president?
Would you rather Live like a villain, or Die a Hero?
Who sings better, Beyonce or Adele?
Who is more cute?
Age range of qfeasters
Cosplay for youtube channel. It will be on hetalia.
What colour is this dress?
Best soda?
Would you rather? (48)
who is your favorite undertale character? (1)
The four...
What BB shirt looks better?
Which online store name sounds best?
Wich princess is cooler?
Do you take polls?
In movie Superman vs. Batman who do you go for?
Do you like chicken?
What band/artist in the best out of the following?
Do you support DaveKat?
New username? until june so which is best
are you a sugar addict?
do you like star wars? (2)
do you like reading?
Kitten or Puppy
Greater dog or lesser dog?
Finn or Jake or BMO?
Dipper or Mabel?
Anime or Manga? (3)
Do you like your body? Girls ages 12-15
How happy are you with your body? Girls ages 8-11
What's the best song from 1989? (Just wondering, not a fan really)
Goku or Naruto?
What's your favorite type of movie? (1)
What's your favorite part of St. Patrick's Day?
Would you rather-?
Barack Obama or Brock Obama
do you like adele?
What do you think about Karkatselfcest? <Homestuck, Kkselfcest>
Are You A Pineapple?
Do you think Donald Trump should be president?
Who is your favourite youber?
Which keep calm? (1)
Do you like Obama?