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Which life style do you prefer more: fandom life or reality life?
Cats or Sea Turtles?
are you a ant man fan?
Which Teen Titan is better?
What Undertale character would you rather be?
What creepypasta would you rather kill?
Who Here Has The Game Neko Atsume?
Currently,how many of your favorite shows are on hiatus?
are you a green lantern fan?
are you a green arrow fan?
are you a superman fan?
What youtuber do you like more: Markiplier or Pewdiepie?
do you like shopkins?
do you like/play roblox?
While reading what Ending do you want?
What Would You Rate Me? (Movie Rating)
Who is your favourite creepypasta?
Choose a warrior name!
Which cat do you dislike more?
What creepypasta would you rather DIE by?
Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump?
Which form of Eren is better?
Do you support Trump?
What's the worst/meanest/dumbest thing you've ever done? (4)
What's the worst/meanest/dumbest thing you've ever done? (3)
What's the worst/meanest/dumbest thing you've ever done? (2)
What is the worst/meanest/dumbest thing you've ever done?
Which Fnaf Piemation is best?
Which weapon would fit you for the Zombie Apocalypse?
Link or Navi
Do you think fat people will always be ugly?
Have you ever been heart broken?
Which Med cat is better?
Is gaming good for your brain?
Which Percy Jackson book is your favorite?
Crybaby or Dollhouse EP?
otaku chan kawaii poll ne chan desu kun sama neko
Electra Heart or Froot? (Marina & The Diamonds Albums)
How many friends do you have? (2)
What do you want to go and see more?
Do you think Qfeasties of the day are neccessary?
Do you celebrate or special events?
Do you get bullied?
Who do you hang out with?
Which blonde haired character?
Which youtuber do you like more: Dan Howell or Phil Lester?
are you "approprite" online?
Do You Have A Dirty Mind?
Which Rowdyrouge Girl do you like most?
What Sword art online girl is the best?
Favorite Fairy Tail character?
Do you like Social Repose?
Which pokemon region is best?
Passive or Agressive?
Does qfeast help people socially?
Roblox or WWE
What is your favorite Pokemon type?
which of these is cuter?
Which one Pt.4 Obama?!?!?!
Who would win a fight? (2)
How many friends do you have in school?
Would you rather? Love and lost, or never loved at all
Do you got a fictional crush?
Have you ever read 'Dipper Goes to Taco Bell'?
What Kind Of Person Will You Be/Are When You Are "Too Old For Halloween" When It's Time For Halloween?
Which holiday do u prefer?
How are you celebrating easter?
how many friends do you have? (1)
Would you rather? (50)
Which starting pokemon would you choose?
Would You Rather? Fantasy Vs Reality
What do you think of the new point system?
What would be Scarlet Heart and Luna Star's theme song?
Which Minecraft (pc) Server do You Go on The Most?
What is your favorite Madoka Magica character?
Who would win: Batman or Superman?
Who is your favorite candidate for the USA presidency: Clinton or Trump?
Which do you prefer to say: hi or hello?
Do you like Yandere-chan?
Best Fnaf Song?
Favorite Goosebumps book?
Mortal Kombat Vs Street Fight: What Do You Like More?
Would You Rather Forever?
Which is your favorite Eeveeloution?
Which of the following story ideas do you think is better?
Which do you like more: Anime or American Cartoons?
Love or Weath? The Classic Question
Are you a Senpai or a Yandere?
What kind of music here do you mainly listen to?
West coast vs East Coast
Who is you favorite rapper from the 90's?
harry potter series or the lorien legacies
Battle of the internet
What kind of story would you like to see more of?
Do you want to learn Spanish?
If you had a choice would you...
Pancakes,Waffles,or French Toast
Choose one word
What would you do if Annoying Orange was around?
Are you an otaku?