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In your opinion, what takes more time? making a minecraft map or playing one?
Diary of a wimpy kid books or Diary of a wimpy kid movies?
What is your favorite high school grade?
What is your favorite elementary grade?
What is your favorite middle school grade?
What is your favorite school grade?
You are free to go anywhere, where would you want to go?
Do you listen to music or watch anime more?
Which drink do you like more: tea or cofee?
Which house in Weston Collage would you go to?
Are you a fan of foxy?
Terrance or Phillip?
Who is the best YouTuber? (3)
Best Creepypasta?
Who is the best anime character? (1)
Best South Park character?
what is more adorable, emolga or pachirisu?
You have a choice...
Do you believe that ASMR is dumb?
Which of these songs do you like more: "Smile" - Lily Allen, "Fantasy" - Alina Baraz or "Yellow Flicker Beat" - Lorde?
What do you wish afterlife was like?
Which is your favorite band out of these: Pierce the veil, My chemical romance, Fall out boy or Asking Alexandria?
Which is the best South Park couple: Tweek and Craig or Wendy and Stan?
Which activity do you prefer: Going to school or Staying home playing video games?
Which Jibanyan is better?
Do you fear death?
Do you think that using animals for testing cosmetics should be illeagel?
Which Perfect Four do you prefer?
Songs that have no relevance to each other whatsoever
Who would win in a rap battle?
Should it be mangle x sprintrap or mangle x foxy
Who are you most like?
which pokemon is cutest? (1)
Who do you kiss more: mom, dad, boyfriend or no one?
Undertale AUS-Favorite Alphys
Undertale Aus - Favorite Papyrus
Undertale Aus - Favorite Sans
Which movie character do you like more: Gandalf or Dumbledore?
Who is your favorite undertale character? (2)
What undertale run do you prefer?
Which Lola rabbit is better?
Do you like Undertale?
Are you hyped for pokemon sun and moon?
Why do you watch Markiplier?
Would you rather?(Geo. players only)
Who's your fave youtuber?
How much sleep did you get last night? Please write why in comments
What quiz do you want us to make next?
Flowey or Photoshop Flowey?
What is your favourite MINECRAFT or FNAF?
Harry Potter, good or not, I think they are the best books ever
On a scale of 1-10 tell if you like people
Do you prefer drinking soda or water?
Which Ralts Evolution?
Favorite Pokemon Trainer/Pokemon Relationship
Which brunette is the prettiest?
Who's youre favorite Nohrian retainer?
Which game do you like more: Slither.io or Animal Jam?
Which Pusheen Cat do you likie more?
Which Shadowhunters Book?
What does your warrior cat do for fun time?
Which Love Live! School Idol Project character is your favourite?
Life or death
Are you a dirty minded sinner?
What is your warrior cat's favorite food?
Tails Doll: Can you feel the sunshine?!
Who's Your Favorite Cure Leader?
What's you randomness level?
Which of these DEMOCRATS would make the greatest president?
What is your warrior's favorite skill?
Which warrior cat is your favorite?
Who is your favorite Akame ga Kill character?
Which moderator levels should be available for users ? (gain using the reputation / privileges system)
What creepypasta would you date?
Which Pusheen? Jolteon: Y a pic of confused me?
Which Disney movie is the most overrated?
What almagamate is cooler?
Best main Creepypasta?
Do you know who Prince Royce is?
Lexarke/Clexa VS Bellarke!
Mangled Light: Do you like blood?
Outlast Vs The Evil Within
What name do you like better?
Your Favorite Amnesia Character?
What is your favorite warrior cat?
What punishment is worst?
What language would you speak if given the choice ?
Are you a demon or an angel?
If you could speak another language, what would it be?
How is your self esteem?
What mental illness is worse?
who is your favourite Star Wars character?
Hoodie: W-will you eat cheesecake with me?
Laughing Jack: Want some candy?
Dashiexp vs Pewdiepie
Which Rowdyright Boy is your favorite? (Thiago is a utuber, i got this of his channel.)
Penguins or Bunnys?
What Game is better? (not fineshed)
If you where in a rock band what instrement do you want to be
What is your favorite Terraria Moon Lord Weapon?