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What do you want more of
What language would u speak if you could only speak it for the rest of ur life and u could learn it in 1 hour? (not english)
What Frozen character is the best?
what anime?
Red, Orange or Yellow?
Green or Purple? (1)
Pink or Blue? (1)
On clash of clans, do you prefer to use a trophy base or a farming base?
What is ur fave Disney princess
Favorite Sugar Rush Racer?
violin or piano?
angels or devils?
If you had to choice a game to join what would it be?Please answer!
Which is your Favourite Strategy Game?
What is your Favourite Type of Game?
Who is the best warrior cat couple?
Which Fairy Tail OVA is your favorite?
Favorite Gorillaz Band Member
Which Genre Do You Like Reading About?
Pony or Alicorn? None? other?
what is ur fav Percy Jackson character
whos do you like more?!
Are chain mails annoying?! BE HONEST.
Diabloik Lovers who would you go for?
Supernatural, Doctor Who, or Sherlock?
Which is the best quote?
Have You Ever Been Criticized Because Of Your Size?
Who is your favourite character in the Hunger GAMES
What Is Ur Fave Harry Potter Character
Who is your favorite celebrity couple?
Which version of Chica is your fave?
What Is Your Fave Mythical Creature from the Heroes of Olympus Series
Which Fairy Tail Couple out of these is your favorite?
Where would you go on asia?
Which brand of shoes is the best?
Best my little pony?
Which DC Couple?
Is the latest doctor any good?
What accent would you want your man to have?
If you were a vampire, which type would you be?
Tony Stark or Robert Downy Jr. ?
The big bang Theory vs Freinds vs How I met your Mother
wwe vs ecw vs wcw
Which version of Bonnie is your fave?
Which Foxy is your fave?
Which version Freddy is your fave?
Who is your favorite NFL team?
What attack on titan character is best
Who is the least scariest fake animatronic?
do you like gravity falls?
Have you ever tried the Oculus Rift?
What Dream Home would you like?
What season do you like best?
Do you like Meghan Trainor?
What time do you usually eat dinner?
What animal do you like best? (1)
How often do you change your profile image?
What weather is your favorite?
Which Fairytail character is your favorite out of these?
PMMM: Kyoko Sakura or Sayaka Miki?
who wore it best(hair)
Who wore it best
Do you like apple products or anything else?
Do you like Liv or Maddie better?
Cake or Pie?
Zutara, or Kataang?
Which Is Better? Larry Stylinson or Elounor
The doctor companion or sherlock's blogger what would you choose.
Favourite Disney character?
what's the scariest fake fnaf character?
who's your favourite band?
What nightcore song do you like best?
What type of book do you consider a "quick-read"
who is you favourite youtuber?
Is It Better to be an Older Sibling or a Younger Sibling?
Who was the better Doctor?
Would You Rather Be Stereotypically Female or Stereotypically Male?
Do you agree that space is awesome?
Piercing or Tattoo?
Would you Rather Meet Your Ancestors or Meet your Great-Great-Grandchildren?
How was the world created?
Which one is worse?
Jeff or Jane?
Sonic EXE or Tails Doll
which Mello is better?
Imagine Dragons or Maroon 5?
(Fan-fic choice shortened) Farcry or sonic?
Who's your favourite between these two villains?
Your Favorite Super hero form these listed.
which is your favorite app?
Do you like bunnies?
Do you believe aliens exist?
Do you like dogs, bunnies or cats?
What animal do you have?
Socks or gloves
Orange or green
Red or green
Showers or baths
Which Social Media Website/App Out Of These Do You Like Best?
Who would you pick is hotter? I love both but you can't beat Leonardo DiCaprio personally <3