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When did you jump on the Bohemian Rhapsody bandwagon?
what is your favorite quiz I've made? (so I can make more like it)
What would you do if you had a million dollars?
would you rather? (80)
Did you know that a Cats mind is closer to a humans then a dogs?
YouTube channel ideas?
The best instrument of all time! If your choice is not on here, post a comment!
Do you believe there is mythical creatures?
Pick a superpower please?
Would you rather-''Hear''?
Which Sounds More Accurate?
Are You Drawn To Corruption?
Are Asian Women In Your Area Looking For Older Men?
Which Regi In Pokemon Is the best, defensive wise?
Has Science Done More Good, or Bad?
Is Time Just Another God Of The Mind?
Do You Know Someone Older Than 100?
What would you do if Donald's Trump dies?
Doctor Who or Sherlock?
Best movie OST?
What is your favorite show out of the Superwholock trio?
Which is a stronger word?
Who is more honest in your opinion: Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump?
Who would win at making face competition?
UNDERTALE - Which route suits you best
Which Sans is YOUR favorite?
New quiz to make?
Which Pokemon game will you buy first: Pokemon Sun or Pokemon Moon?
Fire types or water types? What do you choose?
Dragon types or fairy types? What do you prefer?
Which bronze color dress do you like the best?
Who would you vote for in the 2016 General Election: Hillary or Trump?
Who would win in a fight? (7)
Did you ever search your name on Google/Yahoo etc.?
Should there be a new secret animatronic to appear in Lurking Nightmares?
Has a Teacher Ever Given You a Personal Birthday Present for your birthday?
Which of the following sweet types is your favorite?
Which book of the Divergent Series do you like most?
Which haircut looks best on Tris Prior (Divergent)?
Which is the best book?
Favourite character from The Middle?
Favourite song on A'wesome?
Favourite song on Melting?
Favourite song on La Roux?
Favourite song on Play It Again?
Favourite song on Sorry I'm Late?
Favourite song on Sticks And Stones?
Favourite song on Thank You?
Favourite song on Title?
Favourite song on Know-It-All?
Favourite song on Talking Dreams?
Favourite song on No Place in Heaven?
Favourite song on The Origin of Love?
Favourite song on The Boy Who Knew Too Much?
Favourite song on Life in Cartoon Motion?
Who is your favorite version of Go! Princess PreCure?
Which of the following pink dessert is the most irresistible?
Which rainbow(multicolored) dress do you like the best?
Which would you rather do? (4)
Who has the best ice cream cakes: DQ or Friendly's?
What would you do if you receive a hurtful comment?
The Big Bang Theory who is better?
Which Of These Beauties Is The Prettiest ?
Who would win Dumbledore from Harry Potter or Gwen from Ben 10 ?
Robin Hood or Alladin
Would you like to explore a haunted house?
Which Pokemon Region Is Your Favorite?
Which Saying Is Better? (all said by hillary clinton in hillary clinton-meme queen 2016)
Would you rather? (79)
do you like twentyone pilots or PANIC! at the disco?
This poll is pointless. Do you agree?
What is your favorite animal type?
What do you usually do in your free time?
What are you most afraid of?
Which music genre do you listen to the most?
Which candy is your favorite?
Who's backstory seems more tragic?
What's your favorite weather?
What's your favorite emoji?
Which TV series do you like more: The Next Step or Backstage?
What is your favorite fruit out of the following?
What is your favorite dessert out of the following?
What is your favorite TV show out of the following?
What type of guy do you like the most for a relationship: masculine or feminine (girls only)?
Which brand of technology do you prefer?
Which social media website do you use the most?
How many siblings do you have? (Counting half-siblings or step-siblings)
Which meme is your favorite?
Which video game is your favorite?
What pet do you own? (If you own more than one type, choose the pet that you like better/have the most of.)
2016 Election
Democrat or Republican or Third Party?
What should Freddiedoll be this Halloween?
What is your favorite dog breed out of the following?
Do you like Markplier?
Which american musician do you like more: Josh Dun or Tyler Joseph?
Which artwork seems the most depressing?
Who is your BIGBANG bias?
Which event do you enjoy the most: Halloween, Christmas or your Birthday?
Which of the following singer(s)/bands do you like the most?