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Who is your favorite Pokemon anime girl?
Which of the following memes do you think is funniest?
Which anime tv series?
What do you like to do during the summer?
What super smash bros game did u love the most?
Do you believe in being normal?
Alphyne or Papdyne
Would you rather? (76)
are you tired of pokemon go?
Which Pokemon would you take as a pet?
Which Popular Disney Animated Movie?
Which Catch Phrase?
Which Warrior Cat Clan is best? (Not Starclan!)
What should a Unicorn look like?
What is your Favorite Pokemon? (First 50)
Do you think Erin Hunter should've kept Spottedleaf alive?
Do you fall in love with people you meet online?
Would You Rather? #5!
Would You Rather? #4
Would You Rather? #3!
Would You Rather? #2!
Would You Rather? #1!
Which Fusion couple is best? - Stevonnie, Opal, or Garnet
Choose your favorite type of food from sweets and fast food
What is a worse natural disaster: tornado or tsunami?
What Came First, The Chicken Or The Egg?
Which animal is scarier to you: spiders or snakes?
cake or icecream
Which MLP character do you like most?
which wolf is best?
Is Luke evil?
Which meme cat do you want to be?
Which anime is better Tokyo Ghoul or Kissxsis?
What team are you on in pokemon go?
Are ants hot?
Are you obsessed with Undertale?
Which game has the saddest ending?
Which is your favorite book series?
who likes one direction?
If these people fought in a battle who would win: Deadpool or Deathstroke?
Who would win: Goku or Akuma?
Who is Wiser?
who is your favorite steven universe character?
Do you know who Shawn Mendes is?
What's your favourite colour?
Eyes truly are windows to the soul, but they forgot to mention what type of window it was. (Would you read this story?)
Who would win? #3
Which boy band do you like the most out of these?
Would you rather? (75)
If you knew you were going to die and could decide how to do it, which would you choose?
Who would win? #2
Which game is most bloodiest game out of the following?
would you rather? #9 Awesomeness
Who would win in a fight? #1
Favorite Zombie show/movie
Who should Farkle be with?
Which Screamo band?
Which Maze Runner book is the saddest?
What picture catches your eye first?
Which Set It Off Song?
which of the twelve Olympian gods is your favorites?
Who Should Be Together In Girl Meets World?
Heathens or Ride?
Do You Believe in Phan?
Do you prefer comics, novels, newspapers or magazines?
Which game (series) was more sad?
Which FNAF member?
Which author do you like out of these?
Overwatch - Favorite Shimada Brother
In or out of the EU which will you choose?
What form of Sally acron Do u like?
Who is the best youtuber?!
Which is your favorite color out of these two: black or blue?
would you rather? #8 danger zone!
Who is your favorite fnaf character?
Which pastel goth anime picture?
Best Gryffindor
would you rather? #7 this is kinda gross and painful...
Which sight is better Qfeast or Quootev?
Which is your favorite Harry Potter house?
would you rather? #6 use google or youtube?
Which of the following Pusheen cat versions do you like the most?
If you watch Youtube)Who do you like the best?
Which is your favorite Terminator movie?
would you rather? #5 be a dragon or a alacorn (horse with wings and horn.)
U Pokemon goin?
would you rather? (74)
YouTube Or Netflix?
Who should be with rocky? (Yandere)
Would You Rather (10)?
Do you believe in Santa? (1)
Would You Rather (80)?
If you where alone then heard the door open, what do you do?
If you could be a FNAF Character, who would you pick?
Love at first sight: agree to disagree?
would you rather? #4 get eaten by a fish or a land animal?
Which social networking website do you prefer: Facebook or Instagram?
would you rather? (73)
Which of the following rules is your favorite?
would you rather? #3 be a...