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Do you watch Nisekoi:False love?
Twenty One Pilots or Panic! at the disco?
Which celebrity is the cutest?
You think it would be cool if a girl had a name of the opposite sex like "doug" or "nick"
Who's the most broken animatronic?
Could you name all 50 US states?
Day or Night? (2)
Are You a Brony? (3)
Which character has the best weapons in Suicde Squad special ops?
Would you rather have your nemesis push you off a cliff or kiss them?
Cramps or migraines. Which is worse?
Which Is The Best Option?
What's worse? (1)
Do you ever feel like a outcast?
what grade r u guys in?
Do you like RWBY? (1)
Leafy or Onision
Is L cuts as a Neko?
Which game do you like more: Undertale or Pokemon GO?
What kind of candy do you like?
Which digital art is best out of the following images?
Do you like leafyishere?
who's your favorite eveelution?
Has Pokemon go gone down in popularity?
Is Weeaboo An Insult?
What is your favourite broomstick?
Offenderman: Will you give me some love tonight?~
Which is the best Harry Potter book?
Who is your favourite Head of house?
What is your Higwarts house?
Which Naruto Shirt?
which is your faves?
Which Harry Potter House?
What kind of chocolate do you prefer?
Who is your favourite Malfoy?
Which HTTYD Dragon is your favourite?
Which Sans do you like out of the following?
What Animal Is Your Main Fursona?
Which sounds better Macabre or eerie?
How Long Have You Been On This Website?
Which character do you like more: Imp or True Form Midna?
Which princess is your favorite?
Star Butterfly Championship (Who would win) part 1
who do you thing could fight scream in the episode series scream?
Which Mythical Creature Do You Like Best?
Chose your Pokemon Sun and Moon starter Pikachu is not a choice
What's your favorite horse coat color?
What's your favorite ice cream flavor?
Which redesign do u like better?
Which Pokemon Ranger Game is Your Favorite?
Which Homestuck troll character do you think is the best?
Is Marionette male or female?
Should A "Welcome To Flower Skies!" Story Exist?
Do You Like Cry?
Pokemon Go or Candy Crush saga ?
Which do you prefer more: Pepe or Dat Boi?
Who do you believe should be the next president of the United States?
Is freddiedoll a Karamatsu girl?
Brendon Urie or Tyler Joseph?
Who is your scariest in FnaF 2?
What Undertale charater is your favorite?
Which is your favorite rare Animatronic?
Fred, Foxy o Bonnie?
Which book series do you like the most?
Pokemon GO or Pokemon normal?
Which Harley (Batman) is Better?
Is Clyde a clod?
Whos your favorite band member off of black veil brides member
Who is your scariest in FnaF 4?
Which game do you like the most: FnaF 1 or FnaF 2 or FnaF 3 or FnaF 4 or Sister Location?
What's a good security guard name?
Wich your favorite animatronic in FnaF 1?
Who is better at their job?
Which one would you rather kiss?
Which Princess is better? Dusk's Nobility or the Maiden of Light?
Who's more evil? Springtrap or Vincent?
Who is your pokemon crush?
Where would you go? - Heaven or hell?
Whose Staple Villainous Performance Was Better?
Which Photo Is Cutest?
Making a character based off red riding hood but which animal?
Do you talk too much?
In which castle type would you like to live in?
What kind of animal would you like to be?
Warrior Cats: What kind of charater should have the name 'Hazepaw'?
Favorite Loud Sisbling
Are you excited for the Rio Summer Olympics?
Which doughnut do you prefer?
Which musician better represents Fnaf?
Chocolate or Vanilla
Would you rather wrestle a berly Norwegian or a drunken Russian?
If you could have one final meal before your death, what will it be?
In a forbidden love story, you picture the girl or boy dieing
Which Villain?
Which Ellen Page movie is better?
Which action movie is better?
Artwork- Out of these which is more well drawn?
Who is your favorite Harry Potter character out of the following? (1)
Which hip hop artist do you like more: Snoop Dogg or Fetty Wap?
How do you do your hair?