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What species of unicorn do you like best?
What Trump Meme Is Funniest?
What's the best name for a book about Mary sue's and how to not make one?
What's your favorite color? (1)
What is Josh Dun to you?
Are You Right or Left Handed? (2)
Which Trump Photo Is Best?
Who Be Best Trump Or Clinton?
Are you left or right handed? (1)
Which State Is Best?
Which State Is Better? (1)
Which State Is Better?
Which Emoji Is More MLG?
Which Season Is Best?
Which Place Would You Live?
Which apprentice has more of a chance of becoming a warrior?
what should the new story off "the daughter off aphmau" name be?
Which Steven Universe Character Is Best?
Which of the following Steven Universe character do you like the most?
Which of the following Minecraft YouTubers do you like the most?
Which Online Shopping Store?
Which Quiz Taking App Is Best?
Which Place Is Better?
Is Bigfoot Real?
Unicorns or Pegasus?
Do Unicorns Still Exist?
What Type Of Potato Tastes Best?
Which Pair Of Beats Look Best?
What Teen Titans Go Character Is Best?
Which Cat Photo Is Cuter?
Which Justice League character is the coolest?
What Disney Villian character is worse?
Which Youtuber Is Better? (2)
What is your favorite Jojo's Bizarre Adventure part?
Smooth or crunchy peanut butter?
Would you rather? Warriors version!
Which Soda Is Better? (1)
Which Anime Is Better? (5)
Which Social Media App Is Better?
Which Phone Brand?
Which Board Game is better?
Which Game Is Better? (2)
Which Cat Fits Better?
Which Golden Retriever Is Cutest?
Which Jiffpom Photo Is Cuter?
Which Dog Is Cuter? (2)
What Type Of Pain Are You In MOST Often?
Would you rather!!! (8)
What is your favorite game of these ?
Would you rather?! (:
What is your favorite creepypasta character out of these?
which creepypasta person is your favorite?
Would you rather? AOT (:
Do you like justin beaber?
Who is cooler the flash or deadpool?
Who are u rooting for Super Bowl?
What is ur fav. Food for superbowl?
Story, Comic, or Animation thingy?
Who was reasonable for Ashfur going "insane"?
Have You Ever Had a Crush on a Teacher?
Which of the following Disney movies do you like the most?
what is your fave band/singer/composerx X-tra options?
Who would you rather marry?
What do you do in school?
Would you rather...? (14)
Which Gaston Picture?
Which Cruella De Vil Picture?
Best gerita photo ?
Does anyone ever scroll through their newsfeed just to say, "I did it, I got past 100 things!" when they're bored?
What is your favorite activity out of these?
What is your favorite video game out of these?
Do you like Yandere Simulator or Pokemon?
How often do you fangirl/fanboy over an OTP?
Would asking your crush out be brave or a mistake?
What's your favourite fandom out of these?
Which fnaf fan-games are actually well made?
You are alone on a boat, in the middle of the ocean. Would you kill and eat your cat / dog or would starve to death?
Which chibi is the cutest? (1)
What Is Your Favorite Attack On Titan Character Out Of Theses ?
Who is your favorite character in voltron?
Do you prefer Herobrine or Entity 303?
Which Piercing do You have or want?
Which type of science is better?
Minecraft: What thing would you like added?
Which would you like to see more?
How many genders are there? (1)
Do you still have a teddy bear?
Is pink sheep better or purple shep?
What fnaf do you like?
Which Pokemon series is the best?
Which Mario princess is the worst?
What Soul Eater Character Do You Want To Be ?
what type of tic tacs do you like best?
Which movie studios do you like more: Disney or Dreamworks?
Do you read lemons?
How much languages do you know?
Which of the following tastes is your favorite?
makeup or no makeup?
Princess peach or Zelda?
Would you kill your past self if given a chance?