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What your favorit type of Freddy? In the game.
What band is your favorite out of the following?
Which one do you think is the strongest?
Which Alolan starter you choose?
What your fav FnaF 1 pic on them?
Which one is cuter Ben or jeff?
What hand do you write/draw with?
How do YOU pronounce?: Route
How do YOU pronounce?: Either
How do YOU pronounce?: Data
How do YOU pronounce?: Reprise
How do YOU pronounce?: Carmel
Have you ever thought somethings was innocent but you thought it was dirty?
Have you ever shipped 2 people whom are not canon?
Riley or Maya? (1)
What is your dress ?
Wolverine VS Deadpool
POP or Classical Music Genre?
Donald Trump or Donald Duck?
Ciel or Alois? (1)
Which Pokemon do you prefer: Espeon Or Umbreon?
Can Anime Fan-service Be A Bad Thing?
Which is your favorite FnaF song?
Are You An Otaku!?
Is This A Stupid Question?
Can Broken Trust Ever Fully Be Repaired
Have you ever did something's you regret doing or saying?
Which of the Forces would you rather join?
Who is your favorite Youtuber? (4)
Would you rather out of these options do?
Which Alphy?
Who is your favorite Undertale character? (3)
what is your favorit type of animatronic FnaF?
What is your favourite colour scheme?
Who Is Your Favorite Girl Meets World Character?
Which out of these names is your favorite?
Which girl name is better?
Which video game do you like more: GTA 5 or Halo 5?
What Power of Three cat are you?
Do u like da old LPS or da new ones?
Which Minecrafter do you like the best?
Who is your Eddsworld Senpai/Waifu?
What your favorit FnaF 1 anime?
Who is your favorit Meme?
In Video Games Do You Enjoy Being Good Or Evil More When Given The Option?
Do you like SAO? if so which game version?
What do like to have ?
Has school started for you yet?
What outfit ?
If you had to choose a monster girl, which one would you choose?
What are you in a fairytail ?
What's your eye color 2 ?
what dress do you like?
Which Harry Potter book do you like the most: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 or the newest addition The Cursed Child?
Who is your favorit aninatronic in Sister Location?
would you rather have 1 kid or more?
Do you watch Nisekoi:False love?
Twenty One Pilots or Panic! at the disco?
Which celebrity is the cutest?
You think it would be cool if a girl had a name of the opposite sex like "doug" or "nick"
Who's the most broken animatronic?
Could you name all 50 US states?
Day or Night? (2)
Are You a Brony? (3)
Which character has the best weapons in Suicde Squad special ops?
Would you rather have your nemesis push you off a cliff or kiss them?
Cramps or migraines. Which is worse?
Which Is The Best Option?
What's worse? (1)
Do you ever feel like a outcast?
what grade r u guys in?
Do you like RWBY? (1)
Leafy or Onision
Is L cuts as a Neko?
Which game do you like more: Undertale or Pokemon GO?
What kind of candy do you like?
Which digital art is best out of the following images?
Do you like leafyishere?
who's your favorite eveelution?
Has Pokemon go gone down in popularity?
Is Weeaboo An Insult?
What is your favourite broomstick?
Offenderman: Will you give me some love tonight?~
Which is the best Harry Potter book?
Who is your favourite Head of house?
What is your Higwarts house?
Which Naruto Shirt?
which is your faves?
Which Harry Potter House?
What kind of chocolate do you prefer?
Who is your favourite Malfoy?
Which HTTYD Dragon is your favourite?
Which Sans do you like out of the following?
What Animal Is Your Main Fursona?
Which sounds better Macabre or eerie?
How Long Have You Been On This Website?
Which character do you like more: Imp or True Form Midna?
Which princess is your favorite?
Star Butterfly Championship (Who would win) part 1
who do you thing could fight scream in the episode series scream?