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Peckpocket or Rockabelly?
what do you think my wallpaper is on my laptop?
Are you happy?
What movies your choice? (among the top five this movie)!
Would you rather? (51)
1 Do u think that that the eagles are a good football team?
Have you ever really growled at someone? (not counting times under 10yrs old)
Slenderman: Who do you like more?
Best meme?
Among the following five seasons which season do you like?
Fave author?
what are you in fantastic four?
Favorite Twenty one pilots song
What are you in Inside out?
Tomboy vs Girly girl!
What your faction in divergent test(aptitude) 2016?
Jeff: Will you go to sleep for me?
Ben: Do you like video games?
Who is your favorite X Men First Class character?
Which team are you on? (Civil War)
Anyone going to use Yara Language ?
SevenEleven or ForeverSeven(for my band name)
Elect current Board of Directors for 2 year term
Narcissistic person vs Attention seeker
Do you like Bigbang?
What kind of skating do you like best?
Which actress do you like more: Emma Watson or Jennifer Lawrence?
Nerd, Geek or popular?
katniss hermione or tris
Books or TV (1)
Fave Divergent character
Harry Potter or The Hunger Games
Do you backwash when you drink?
Who's been reading Loveheart?
Which is a worse fashion trend?
What did you think of Wrestlemania (2016)?
Which wolf? (9)
Which do you think is the funniest?
Who Are You? (As in, what's your true self? Geeky, jocky, preppy? Express who you are happily!)
Which is your favorite zodiac sign?
Fave Fandom
Are the Harry Potter Books or Films better?
Romione or Hinny
Team Peeta or Team Gale?
Any Sherlock/Cumberbitch Fans?
Which character do you like most in harry potter?
Does it make you laugh when you scare people and they have a hilarious reaction?
Black butler vs Soul eater
Did you know there was a Blue Moon on July31 2015?
Who is the better Gravity Falls demon?
What would RavenPaw's Warrior name be?
What Madoka Magica character do you like best?
What is your favourite Percy Jackson God or Goddess?
Which Hogwarts house is the best?
Think of a tool.. what was your first tool you thought of!
Would Muffet or Claude win a dance battle?
Who would win Superman vs. Batman?
Do you know what your birth flower is?
What is your favourite Harry Potter spell?
Which Horse Would you Want to Be?
What is your favourite Harry Potter character?
What is your favourite Percy Jackson character?
what book series would you most likely read?
Favourite VOCALOID out of the 'Big Eight'?
Do you think the universe is infinite? (i will tell answer tommorow around noon, those of you who know don't tell
What is your favorite expression?
Do you like Gravity Falls? (2)
What is your Druid Tree sign?
Who is your favourite hunger Games tribute?
Fictional senpai or Real Life senpai?
What kind of person would you say you are?
Which character type would you be on High School Story?
What part of your appearance are you most insecure about?
General Election: Clinton vs KAsich?
Do you consider yourself an introvert or extrovert?
birthstone poll
What Is Your Favorite Cryptid?
Wonder Woman vs Superman? Who would win in a fight?
Do you know Sophie Diana Schmidt?
Which David bowie song is better?
Sans x Toriel or Sans x Frisk or Sans x Grillby's?
Which frozen dessert do you like more: ice cream or Popsicles?
No Netflix or no Qfeast?
What do you like best about Qfeast?
What makes you mad?
Harry Potter or Hunger Games? (1)
Do you guys actually like me?
Do you prefer to shower in the morning or at night?
Should Yandere Dev change Yandere Simulator's name to Lovesick?
Do you like people from the outside or inside?
Battle of the bands (punk edition)
Mermaid Mabel vs Snake lady Pacifica
Who was the most influential band?
Who do you think will win the democratic nomination?
Who do you want to win the GOP nomination?
When did you learn what the birds and bees meant?
Favorite Migos Member
one direction or fallout boy
What is your favorite kind of Ice Cream?
What kind of clothes do you prefer to wear: jeans, leggings or trousers?