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Do you like snakes?
Do you like dolphins?
Is this pic awesome?!
Would you rather... (5)
Who is the BEST youtuber?
would you rather? (7)
Whats your favorite book series?
What is better? (4)
What's your favorite dessert?
What is the cutest Ross Lynch Keep Calm
Do you like harry potter the character?
Polygamy? Since everyone's so worked up about gay marriage how do you feel about polygamy?
Online games or Console Games?
Voldemort or Bellatrix? (1)
Do you consider yourself Tomboy or Girly
If you LOVE R5 like me :), then what is your favourite song from their album 'LOUDER' or just a song that isn't on their album?
Are you... (1)
Are you...
What does your best friend's name start with?
Who is better of Anna and Elsa?
Elsa or anna (1)
have you had your first kiss yet?
Which faction?
Homestuck- Kanaya or Eridan
What is the best book series?
Do you think Divergence, Dauntless, Eurdite, Candor, Abnegation, or Amitity is a better faction.
Do you like leopards?
How many enemies do you have?
Can you be mean?
what's the best thing about big dogs!
Is this pic cool?
Do you like pretzels?
Who is the "smartest"? ;)
What's your favorite AJ attribute?
Lincoln town car.
What joke (That i made) is best?
Right??or wrong.
What seat are you getting at AwesomeMania?
What are you most excited about?
Would you rather... (4)
Will you attend AwesomeMania? (Thunder music, UBF wrestling, etc.)
Who will win the World Lightweight Championship?
Who will win the Divas Championship?
Who will win the Oklahoma Championship?
Who will win the Tag Team Championships?
Who will win the UBF Championship in a steel cage match?
what's your fav song that plays on family channel?
whats the best action movie
Black Veil Brides or My Chemical Romance?
What Tobuscus "Let's Play!" Is Better?
How To Train Your Dragon, Which Dragon Is Better?
which is better harry potter books or movies?! ok so I don't know! people ask me all the time!
Do you think your annoying or awesome?
Elsa or Anna
Root Beer Floats/ Ice Cream Lover or Root Beer Lover.
Which Song In Frozen Is Better?
If you have read the Last Hope, Did you think the Dark Forest or StarClan/Clans, would win?
Do you like the Mortal Instruments series?
Which character from soul eater is better part 2
What band is better?
Best twili or..
Favourite Marauder?
ototr cotur or magis chic
what is your favourite Disney princess! I love snow white!
katniss or peeta
What Tv show is better? (1)
what person do you like more?
Fav time of the day?
How did you discover qfeast?
How heavy is the heaviest person you know?
Who would you hang out with?
is this art nice? I created it myself! please no mean comments!
which one looks the best
Favorite part of NJ?
what's your favourite breed of dog? mine is a St. Bernard and German Shepard
Food Wars: Pop Tarts vs Waffles
If I could be anything in the next 20 years I would...
Who would you like to see as our next president?
Who's better? (Greek gods/goddesses)
What are you? (1)
who is more annoying?!
Who would win in a fight? (1)
who do u like clare edwards or katie matlin?
do u like drew torres or elijah goldsworthy from degrassi?
Best brother?
Who is the best anime character?
Who are the best twins?
Who acts most like you?
witch monster do you like more?
Who is best? (1)
What is your favourite colour
Which is worse? (1)
Who is the best death note character?
Who is the best Alvin and the chipmunks character?
what accent would you rather have?! random question I know?!
Who is your fave on Youtube?
Can guys and girls just be friends?
Google or Bing?
Which demon would harvest souls?
which dance moms blond is your love?! for boys or lesbians!