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Which Name Do You Like Better?
Who is your favorite Homestuck Alpha kid
Who is your favorite Homestuck BETA Kid?
Who is your favorite Homestuck Troll?
What is your favourite anime series (of these) which was released in 2013?
Which cartoon is better?
Which game is better?
Witch is Best quote?
What is your fav game out of these?
Favorite Story?
More chapters on video game high school or second book now?
choose the which u like the best
which pet is the best
WHo do you think is faster? Forest Gump or Usain Bolt
Favorite freind of Firestar?
Whos a better tratior??
What hair color fits Zayn?
who is cutest?
How would you rate Celest_Stories 1 to 10
What were you like wen you saw then doctor regenerat?
What game is best?
Which anime gal r u?
Which kind of person are you? (Based on my quiz "which person are you?")
Do you have a lot of friends?
Donuts, Pie, Brownies, or Cake
What continent do you want to go to
Which singer do you like more: Avril Laigne or Selena Gomez?
The Hunger Games. Books or Movies?
guinea pigs or hamsters?
Mia or Tia?
what's your favorite sport
What is Your Favorite CreepyPasta! Cute/Normal version?
What's your favorite subject in school?
Which Creepy pasta is the best?
which is better? (7)
Tom Hiddleston or Loki Laufeyson?
Do you know or like the band We The Kings?
do you like double cheese pizza
which cake do you like
do you like burger
What is your YUMYUM food?
What Ice Cream flavor do you like best?
What is your favorite animal?
Which Adventure Time (with Fiona & Jake) is the best?
If you had to pick one of these animals, which would you pick?
which channel is better NBC or CBS
What age did you like being the most?
Read, or write?
Which would you rather jump into?
who is worse Miley Cyrus or Justine Bebier
Which of my wolfs rain cosplays is better (worn by me)
who will win the winter Olympics 2014
Who is better Tobuscus or Pewdiepie
Do you like the song, What Does The Fox Say?
Do you believe in ghosts?
Who is your fave character from good luck Charlie?
Ariana Grande, Katy Perry, or Carly Rae Jepsen?
Which is better Slender or White Noise
who would win in a fight Chuck Norris or Superman
witch is better Marvel comics or DC
Best ShadowClan leader?
Best ThunderClan leader?
Which One Is Better???
Which one do you think is better??
What is your favorite thing at Disneyworld?
Do you like the band Crush 40? They're the band that create songs for the Sonic series.
Eternal youth or marry you you want (celebs, your crush, fictional characters, etc.)
Which is worse a snob or prissy?
What do you think is the best?
If they were real, which would make a cooler pet?
Whose a better actor?
Do you think this picture is funny
Favorite Creepypasta?
What is your favorite quote of my selection? (THESE ARE NOT MINE! THESE ARE ONES THAT I LIKE)
Which series of Nintendo needs more focus? Metroid or Kirby?
whitch drawing is better part 2
Do you know who the Zombie Musketeers are?
Cat or Sam?
Favourite Ariana Grande Music video?
Which Weasley is your favorite?
witch drawing is better?
Do you like Queen?
Who is your favorite of the mane 6?
Is it true when you look at a weeping angel you will live in your past?
Which social networking site do you prefer?
horses or dogs
Which ones better? (Derp vs Cherry)
Do you watch Disney channel?
What your favorite book?
The Hunger Games or Twilight
Who's better? (4)
Whose your favorite Other Girl? (maybe read the Other Girls quiz description first)
Who has the best dress? (Tavi or Vinyl)
Does your guy friend like you?
What do you guys like? I need to know what's most popular for the celebrity page!
Little Mix or Jasmine Villegas?
what's your fav pic
Petra or Katniss?