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Would you rather get eaten by a Shark? or a 1000 ants?
?Would you rather~Black Butler 4
?Would you rather~Black Butler (1)
?Would you rather~Black Butler 3
Do you prefer LoZ or PokeMon?
?Would you rather~Black Butler 2
?Would you rather~Black Butler
Joker or Drocell?
Which Harry Potter Movie is Your Favourite?
would you wanna be a angel or devil?
Do you like enderman ,slime ,herobrine, alex?
Who's cuter? Older or younger Alois
favorite fairy rail couple?
Gilmore Girls: Rory: Logan or Dean?
Who of these celebrity boys is hotter?
Would you like to do secret santa?
What anime is better? (1)
Which Season Do you like the most?
Which one looks better? (2)
Anime Which one looks better
Which is cuter young Ciel or young Alois?
Who do you like better? Batman? Or Captain America?
Was Spottedleaf's death sad to you?
what's better anime or manga?
What Vocaloid is your favorite?
would you choose the pack a punched crossbow over the ray gun mark 2?
Who is your favourite Bond?
Which Undertale character is your favorite?
Which male Kpop group is better?
I don't know whats better, a Cinnamon Sugar Donut or a Chocolate Cupcake?
Do you think when you create something on qfeast do you think we should be able to put our own category ?
Is facebook and Instagram created by the same people ?
Do you think facebook and instagram are the most noticed social medias ?
Out of these social medias I have picked which one do you think is un-noticed ?
Do you think anime is awesome?
Do you think Sims 5will come out soon?
Who do you dislike more?
Whats better (1)
Undertaker or Brock Lesnar?
Are you ready for Pokemon Go?
What is your favourite fandom? (1)
The Simpsons or Family guy or the Cleveland show or American Dad
Which lab rats season is your favorite ?
Are you excited for the new star wars movie ?
Which Disney channel do you like more?
Are you a lab rats fan ?
Do you like diary of a wimpy kid ?
Should Qfeast News Feed Only Notifyy You when it involves you?
Which gadget do you like more: Kindle Or iPad ?
Do you like adventuretime still ?
Which is better? (31)
Which Slender brother do you like best?
Who's better for Mabel Pines?
Ice Cream Or Pie ?
Is a hotdog a sandwich or not?
who is the best creepypasta?
Most Iconic Gaming Character?
If the fate of the human race was in your hands, what would you make the world into?
Favourite Bring Me The Horizon Song (My favourite is Throne, if not one of these, list in comments)
Do you think Electra should have her own anti?
What's your favorite part about Christmas?
Do you celebrate Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, or something else?
What should be mindfangs cover photo?
Which picture would be the best prompt for a story? #2
What book do you like better?
What do you like better? (1)
Rwby Ships
Who is better? (14)
Silver Or Gold ?
If you only could bring 1 thing when stranded on an island, what would that be?
What type of quiz would u like me to make?
Fall Or Winter ?
Do you agree with this #PlayingSimsEveryDay ?
dark or light (1)
Would You Want To Live In An Apocalipse ?
Who's better for Dipper Pines?
Do You Prefer Books or Comics ?
Disney Or Marvel ?
Disney XD Or Cartoon Network ?
Do you participate in Qfeast events (such as secret santa and halloween parties)?
Which wolf looks better? (3)
Which wolf looks better? (2)
favorite black butler character?
Is your first anime Pokemon ?
Lorde,Melanie Martinez,Or Marina And The Diamonds?
which anime is the best? <3 o3o
Which color do you want as your blood color?
Do you put things off until the last minute?
What pokemon picture is best?
What should be my user for the next 6 months?
What should be next username in 6months?
Would you rather?...
who is cuter? (5)
Who's backstory do you want to read?
Do you like FOX 8 ?
Do you like the Universal Channel ?
what is your favourite book ? (girls only)
Which Fab 5 is the best ? (Disney Channel)
Which Of These Is Your Favorite Part Of The Holidays ?