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Is it just me? Or does dork diaries get stupid over time?
John Cena Vs Homer simpson
Who would win in a arm wrestling match?
Who would win? (12)
Ultimate who would win?
Profile pic?
Who would win? (11)
Fantasy or reality?
What did u think about lexi's backstory?
Which Undertaker?
Which One Direction member is the best?
Would you Rather? (28)
Would u rather? (7)
Who here likes in & Out?
Who or who?
What Type of Music do you like? (1)
Which is cuter? (5)
Jessie or Emma
High Heels or Cowgirl Boots
Twister or Hedbanz
Denver Broncos or New England Patriots
Which continent are you currently living in?
You're stranded in an Unknown island... what do you look for first?
Who's your fav sercurtiy guard (FNAF)
Which Silly Face Mary or Mine?
Do you consider yourself more of a boy or girl?
Would u rather? (6)
What anime do you like in order?
Profile picture (1)
Which Farmville ?
Guitar or Piano
Who do you like better from Mabel's bubble?
Which wolf is better? (1)
What Country do you want to live in?
Would u rather? (5)
Absol or Mega Absol?
Are you on the Naughty or Nice list this year?
Thor vs Homer Simpson
Who's better? (12)
Who dislikes Adverts ?
Mega Absol Or Eevee?
Who would you want to spend your Thanksgiving with?
who's better tupac or Snoop Dogg?
Who would win All the crystal gems or Bill?
Do you think qfeast is full of qfeasters mainly during the weekend and holidays ?
Who would win in a death battle Steven universe or Dipper Pines? comment why.
Who would win in a death battle homer simpson or The Undertaker comment why?
Who plays Agar.IO?
Would you consider yourself a bookworm?
Do you have a type?
Do you believe that you have mythical powers?
Best TV channel?
Are YOU Going to See Star Wars: The Force Awakens?
What is your favourite video game?
What is your favorite way of killing people in games :P?
Since you ever got qfeast have u been using it more than any other social media's u have ?
Who's better Dwayne johnson or vin diesel
Who wins the impersonation contest on the Alois and Ciel fan page?
Who checks there news feed on qfeast ?
Who uses the website Kiss to watch there Anime and Cartoon also reads manga on ?
Hinata or Kageyama? - Haikyuu!
Do you like it when it snows?
Which Four Swords Link is your favorite?
Silver or Silver? (1)
Funny or Scary
Which Subject is the Worst?
Which one would you louse ?
What is your favorite book in The Hunger Games trilogy?
Male or Female? (1)
Are you on...?
do you like.. ?
ahsoka tano rebels or clone wars
When with others,do you ever feel like your not yourself?
Opinion on Ruby Rose?
which is your favorite Minecraft, Roblox, Or the sims? (Any of them) BE WISE!
who is your favorite youtuber? (3)
who would or is the most evil?
who is the best couple ever ?
Which we bare bear you like?
Who Is Your Favorite Divergent Character? (1)
Which Withered Toy Animatronic Is Better?
What's your highest rank on Agar.io?
Which Broken Toy Animatronic is better?
What's your Gender?
What is your favourite sport? (1)
Do you just dislike auto correct on your Technology?
Which Gaming YouTuber is Better?
Hotmail or Gmail or Yahoo
Do you pick Unicorns or narwhals?
Roblox or Minecraft
Barbie or American Girls
what FNAF game is scarier?
Which is your favorite OTP? part 1
Creepypasta Pinkamena or Rainbow dash or both
Snoopy or Charlie Brown or Woodstock the yellow bird
what is your favourite ice-cream flavour?
do you like anime? (4)
would you rather? (27)
Would you rather keep a friend who is rude and sad all the time or get away from them ?
What is your favorite character from Fnaf ?