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Which do you prefer? Youtube or Pandora?
How much maintenance are you?
What anime is better out of my top favorites >:3
Which pet do you want?
What Super Saiyan Form [Gohan] Is Your Favourite?
Llama or No Llama.
Best couple in Violetta
Which Anime Character Do you Prefer?
Pikachu or Catbug
Which is Best Legend Chicken?
What is your favorite child from the Brady Bunch?
What anime is your favorite?
what kind of music do you like? (1)
Which anime do you like the most?
What show had the best Clone episode? (An episode where some clone or future self is involved)
Who Looks The Best? (1)
Best Warrior Cat?
Which Of The Following Is Better?
Which Game Grumps Segment is Your Favorite
Which cartoon`s songs is better?
Who is your favorite Percy Jackson character (out of the seven)
Cosmo's Tractor Song!
Pencil or Paper?
Which of these Steven Universe captions is funnier?
Who wins this rap battle? Clarence or Steven Universe? Rap Battle Link In Comment Section!
Did you enjoy the movie Max?
who is better for miranda sings?
Which would you prefer to be?
The Great Debate 4: Pop or Rock Music?
What is your favorite anime weapon?
Who is your favorite Gaming Character?
whose your favorite inside out character?
on a scale of 1-10 how much do you like qfeast?
What Steven Universe Song is your Favorite?
Black Devil Girl or Black Matagi?
Divergent or The Hunger Games (2)
Do you use the oxford comma?
witch steven universe story sounds better
who is your favorite inside out character
kitties vs puppies?
whats your favorite color? pick your favorite
Which anime is more appropriate?
Who is your favorite homestuck troll? (1)
The Minion Movie: Are you planning on seeing the Minion Movie?
What background is cooler?
Madoka Magica vs Sailor Moon
Would you rather spend 24 hours with..
Would you rather Be stuck in a room for 24 hours with
Whos the best Link?
how are you feeling today?
Jessie or Good Luck Charlie
What is your favorite food? (1)
Diet or Regular?
Water or Milk?
which cake?
Is France a rapist? (Hetalia)
Dragons or Griffins?
Muffins or Cupcakez?
Minecraft: Yaw or Naw?
Do you like Qfeast contests?
Alone or Big Groups?
Animal Jam or Moshi Monsters?
What's your favorite swim stroke?
Who is your favourite person of the squad in Big Hero 6?
Who is the best looking? (1)
which animal do you want
Soul Eater or Full Metal Alchemist
Did you enjoy the movie Jurassic World?
what us your normal outfit day to day?
minecraft or terrarea?
do you prefer tabby cats or tortoise shells
Did you enjoy the movie Inside Out?
Who's your favorite anime ginger ;)
My usual outfit is...
Which Disney movie would you like to see a sequel to?
Do You Wear Glasses?
What is your favorite band? (3)
Tomboy or Girly girl?
Which would you rather be entitled to?
The Legend of Zelda or Mario?
Which captin would you like to hang out with?
What zodiac sign do you think I am?
Which band song is better? (My fav songs .3.)
Supernatural or Normal?
Would you rather have the new Teen Titans, or the old?
Favorite Burger Fast Food?
Whos the best espada
Is your favorite color black or pink
Who is sexyer?
Who is the best tribute from the 2nd Hunger Games movie?
Who is the best tribute from the 1st the Hunger Games movie?
Do you like Ben 10 or Brave?<3<3
what is ur favorite girl ansectore homestuck
which troll danceestor is your favourite from homestuck the boys
what is smarter/what do u like beter
Isn't it time for parents to bow down and serve to us kids?!
Fnaf or Pokemon?
Green vs Teal
Homoka or Kyosaya?
Do You Call Them Fries Or Chips?