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Have you ever report something on Qfeast?
Do you vote on your own polls?
Naruto or Sasuke
Which avenger would you go on a date with?
Hawaiian Pizza or Pepperoni Pizza?
D u <3 eidelweis bakery?
Katy Perry or Taylor Swift
What is your favorite social media?
What parent(s) do you have?
Which minecraft skin would you like to have most?
Nutella or Peanut Butter
Ham vs turkey
Who is the best hunger games character?
which baby girl name sounds the cutest?
Which Simpsons Town Would You Live In
Who Is the Best Guardian of the Galaxy?
What do you say when you rek somebody in a game
whats your favorite color out of these?
Which name is best
which happy tree friends is best?
What do you want: Money or Family?
Your favorite serial is...
coffee or tea? (1)
fave female badass character?
which video game character out of these?
Divergent or hunger games (2)
How many pets do you have
Who is your favorite FullMetal Alchemist Homunculus? (FMA 2003)
How Long Do you Check your Qfeast?
When Do you Check Your Qfeast?
Which Call of Duty game is the best?
These are my pictures of celebrities dressed up as my little ponies! Pick which one you like best!
how do u copy a photo
I Avengers Awesome? Or Hunger Games?
Do you like day or night better
What color eyes do you have?
What is your favorite girl name
Who is your favorite Liv and Maddie character
What is your favorite teen Titan character
What is your favorite type of candy?
Black or White? (2)
Do You Like The Next Step
Do you like the Warriors book series?
Who Do You Think Would Have The Best Shot Of Being Ash's Girlfriend? (Please List Your Reason In The Comments)
What's your book fandom?
Yin or Yang?
Who IsThe Best Disney Villian?
Antivenin or Antivenom (Random category)
What Is The Best Board Game?
What kind of personality are you?
Which Straw Hat Pirate is you favorite?
Which name do you like the best? (1)
Play or Work (The Poll)
do you think katy perry is awsome?
What is Your Favorite Element? (1)
Are you an optimist or a pessimist?
Who will win on gravity falls
Which one is a hit?
which eye makup is best?
which lipstick?
which ice-cream?
which food? (1)
What is the best superpower?
Doctor or Dentist
Which is the best FRED movie
what sport do you play?
Who is the best Disney princess?
What is the best sport? (2)
What is the most popular teenage/ tween book?
favorite fnaf character?
IS balloon boy cute or scary?
Do you think vincent deserved to die?
Do you think vincent is kawaii?
What is your favorite song of 2014?
are you tomboy or girly girl?
who is a rainbow fash fan?!
Wich pizza is better?
Favorite 5NaF Song?
which Abstract Do You Like Most?
who is the hottest supernatural guy ~(trolling purposes only)
What is your favourite ocean?
what is the best season?
Do you like foxy or mangle?
Who's More Adorable?
Mickey or the Cheshire Cat? (Totally opposite but who cares?)
who is the best singer in these choices
Which is your favorite Five Night's at Freddy's 3 Animatronic/Hallucination
Who's the Evilest Disney Princess Villain?
What Superhero Would You Want on Your Team?
Which of the 39 Clues series have you read?
Which name is best for an ice cream truck?
What do you think of 39 Clues?
How do you feel about school?
Hair color
WHat song is more epic
Which is the most mouth watering sweet?
Is water/agua your favourite drink?
Which lettuce do you prefer?
Isobelle carmody
Who is the better warrior cat?