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White or Silver?
Do you like Green or Silver?
What do you think you are?
how do you look at easter
Which Bread type?
Which Racism is the worst?
(Fnaf 3) scariest character?
(Fnaf 2) Which toy animatronic is the scariest?
(Fnaf 2 old animatronics) Which one is scariest?
(Fnaf 1) Which one was the scariest?
Are you a left or right handed person?
Which is a better animation company.
What's your favorite type if art?
what should my theme song be? (3)
Do you live in the Northern or Southern hemisphere?
Which Phone Company Id The Best
What's your Least Favorite Social Media?
Which FNAF game is the Easiest?
Apple or Amazon
Have you Seen The TV Show Lost?
Who's better? Buffy or Angelina Jolie
which is better? The Harry potter Movies, or the books?
Who is the awesomest warrior cat
Do you like Horimiya?
Vocaloid Contest Special Edition: Kimono Style
do you like math?
Do you think you could survive in Candor?
Do you believe in love at first sight?
How would you perfer the end of the world?
Fav activity 4 school
What subject is best
Do you find babies cute or ugly?
How many polls have you made on Qfeast?
What kind of dragon are you?
Do you like high school parties or not?
Who was the cutest baby dragon?
Favorite restaurant?
what dance type do you like the best (out of these)
Choose One! (6)
Choose One: 'riddle'
Choose One! (4)
Choose One! (3)
Choose One! (2)
Choose One! (1)
What Once Upon A Time Character Do You Like Best?
Which is better? (28)
What Does Your MC House Look Like?
What's your favorite movie type?
What colors do you see on this dress?
good/ bad/or both
Which one is a better game?
Which Cupid is better?
Do you hang with friends a lot?
Favorite store
Whats your favorite weather?
which one is cooler?
Do You like Skyclan?
which YouTuber is your favorite?
Are Jane and Jeff a couple? :3
do you think rainbow dash is cool?
whose your favorite mlp
whose your favorite powerpuff girl
whose your favorite lps
What's YOUR zodiac sign?
California VS Nevada
Which gender do you perfer?
What are Ligers?
Good Side or Evil Side?
Normal or Chilli Peppers?
Fnaf 1, Fnaf 2, or Fnaf 3?
Who on qfeast do you ship me with?
What my Theme song meh hedgies?
Which one is scarier? (1)
Do you like Soda or Water better?
Who do you trust more?
What tea is better in your opinion?
Do you prefer online friends or real life friends more?
which pattern of nail polish is better?
Who is your favorite tmnt turtle?
Do You Like Poutine?
What's Your Favorite Chess Piece?
Vocaloid Contest: Miku or Gumi
Vocaloid Contest: Luka or Lily
Which guardians of the galaxy character do you llove
Who is cuter? peeta or gale
How much do you love Zoroark?
Whats your favorite color? (1)
Are neon lights cool?
Do you think the old Mcdonalds store was cool?
Favorite Mcdonalds food
Favorite ice cream flavor?
Who do you think is more important?
Which is better? (27)
What do you like doing?
Are you an introvert or extrovert?
If you were a parent, what age would you allow your child to have a serious relationship?
guiea pig, hamster or gerbil?
Best Dory Moment?
Do you want to go to mars?
Total Divas or True Divas