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Teen titans go
Game Shakers or Herny Danger?
LANGUAGES~ Which language would you learn?
Would you rather? #5
Nature Cat or Wild Kratts?
Which is more fun?
Sam or cat
Every witch way or Talia in the kitchen or Make it pop
Icarly or Victorious or sam and cat
Who is your favourite Yuri on ice character?
what pizza is best?
What Do You Do On Internet-Part 2?
Dipper Pines, Bill Cipher, Mabel Pines, or Stan twins
Fortnight or legends of Zelda?
Who's more annoying?
What's scarier to you between a dangerous plant or a normal spider?
Can lightsabers cut vibranium?
What cat profile pic?
Red, white, or blue
which undertale character is better?
who is better, uf sans or ut sans?
Do you dream in the third or first person?
Would you rather...? (13)
Who do you think will win inanimate insanity?
Who would win? (22)
Shirts, crop tops, or tank tops
Makeup lol
Which one do you think is cute?
Pants or shorts
Would you rather? (122)
Should idfb come back?
Adrian or luka maraculous ladybug and chat noir ?
Which picture do you like best?
Would you rather (bfdi or ii)?
Fma or Fmab
Which risky thing would you rather do? (1)
Did you see a path or a cliff first?
What is your favorite flavor for any candy?
Which plant is much more dangerous?
Which starter will give you an easier time in Sapphire?
Which starter will give you an easier time in Fire Red?
Which meal would you rather eat? (1)
Arrow or dc legends of tomorrow
Star wars or star trex
Favorite Character Design for Abnormal Days? (Includes Characters from later story arcs)
do you like the elf on the shelf?
Maze runner, Divergent or Hunger Games?
Have you had Costco muffins?
What kind of relationship do you think Tony Stark and Peter (Spider-Man) have? (Or is the cutest)
Hufflepuff or Slytherin?
Which endangered adorable animal will you save?
Which Drawing (1)?
Which drawing? (My 60 poll)
Triple S: which one is better?
Which Playstation is the best?
Wii vs Wii U
Did you cry in Infinity War?
Who's better: Silver or Shadow?
What should the lab's name be?
Whixh ii charater would you bring to life
Which empty charater is better?
Which is better? Inanimate insanity or bfdi
Which starter in Emerald/Ruby/Sapphire is Not Recommended to choose?
Which starter in Fire Red/Leaf Green is Not Recommended to choose?
Who is the worst out of my fav?
Which of these are your fav.?(baced on mine)
Do you prefer burgers or hotdogs?
What do you do on Internet?
What do you enjoy eating for breakfast?
Who is better: Tails or Shadow?
Who is the evilest?
How do you spend most of your time?
Which movie studio do you like more: Disney or Dreamworks?
How do you feel about change?
What is your favorite season? (2)
What's the opposite of red?
Who is better: Tails or knuckles?
Would you rather? (121)
Who is better: Amy or Blaze?
Hollyleaf, Lionblaze, or Jayfeather?
Who is you favourite Host? (O.H.S.H.C)
Which (major) BATIM character (from the tapes) is your favorite?
Whould you care if i was gone?
Would you rather...? (11)
Would You rather? (120)
Would You Rather? (119)
Do You Think I'm just a fake and want attention?
Who is better, Rainbow dash or Twilight sparkle?
Which adorable pet will you choose?
Who is best Bfdi contestent?
Which sailor Moon character is your favorite?
What is your favourite colour? (plz give me rep points)
Michael Jackson vs The Beatles
Who's the smartest?
Which group do you like more?
Grumpy Cat vs Gabe the Doggo
who is your favorite creepypasta? (out of these)
If you where squirrelflight who would you choose?
Would You Rather? (118)
which one is better? (9)