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Which starter is the cutest in generation 1?
Whos your favorite character from voltron
Are you Healthy?
Which of these weird ice creams would you eat? (all of them are real and come from different countries)
What should be drawn from a fandom?
Do you sing in the shower?
Does Undertale Suck?
Boots or Pants
Who would be interested in a video game? (I'm planning on making one about Qfeast!)
Which is better? (43)
Favourite dead meme out of the following
What should me do?
Which Yandere Simulator Student Council member is your favorite?
Who is you favourite Character from the Percy Jackson and Heroes of Olympus Series ?
What should be do?
Will you Miss OINGO after the final battle has ended?
Who is more of a yandere, Yuri or Monika?
Which ou the Twister triplets are the cutest?
Which of these precious babies is the most precious?
Which gemstone is prettier? (1)
Why is it that there is 7,573674666367 or something like that people in the world... AND YET IM STILL SINGLE?!? LIKE... WHAT?!?
Which meal would you rather eat at a restaurant?
Which starter is considered to be the hardest in Fire Red/Leaf Green?
Favorite warriors meme?
Favorite warrior cats?
do you rember alice in wonderland?
What creepy pasta is you favorite?
Who is your face security guard fnaf?
Lunch V.s Breakfast
Which Undertale Character? (1)
Who is the cutest hunger games boy?
Where are you in the world?
Do you Know Da Wae?
What is your Favorite Show?
Do you guys like us? (1)
Which animal is the cutest?
Who would you rather be? (Cmc)
Mochi or macaroons?
What's more aesthetic?
Does Your School Have a School Newspaper?
Do you say "purple" or "violet"?
What Eddsworld trash should the username be?
Harpoons or Spoons (better choice of weapon)
Who's your favorite from Eddsworld?
Who is your Red Velvet bias?
Who's your TWICE bias?
Which European country do you want to visit?
Which Asian country do you want to visit?
Which Mario Odyssey Sport is Better?
which song is better? (7)
Have you ever bullied someone?
Corn: Fruit or Veggie?
Do you like mint icecream?
Marina and the Diamonds, Lana Del Rey, or Melanie Martinez?
Do you like mud?
Who would win? (7)
Which is best? (2)
What type of quiz do you like better?
which FNaF character is your fav?
Which is best? (1)
Would You Rather? (116)
Who is the best youtuber? (4)
Kuroshitsuji: Who is your favourite Character?
Do you like Southpark?
Sailor Moon : Who is your Favourite Character?
Voltron : Who is your favourite character?
Any Furries out there?
Do you like to eat sweets?
Which is better? (35)
Do you know who Pinkstylist is?
What is the most common struggles that the majority of teenagers encounter?
which of these videogames do you like?
David Firth or Jordan Underneath?
are Thunderbirds go or no
Dragons or wolves?
Do you like fridge from jumanji?
New jumanji or old jumanji?
What's the worst part of the human body?
do u thnik a tesseract cut in half almost looks like a cube?
Stripes or polka dots?
Favorite Marble Hornets killer?
What language do you want to learn?
which anime? >:^(
Which dagames song?
Do you mostly say yes or no?
Would you rather be hackerman or have remaes bank card?
what is your favorite earbud color?
I swear this is the last talent show one: just please pick a song maybe?
Do you believe there are more than two genders?
Would choo folow Hyper?
Will you follow dowogami_is_in_love? On qfeast
What's your favorite car brand?
What continent do you live in?( me: North America)
Which should get done 1st?
5sos or little mix?
Villana of games
Which starter is the easiest in generation 3?
Which starter is the easiest in generation 1?
Which car air freshener do you prefer the most? (1)
Who's your favorite series of unfortunate events character?