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Did you hear about evanescence new album?
Which of the following memes should be The Meme of January?
Voltron: Should Kidge go canon?
Voltron: Should Shance go canon?
How many fandoms are you in? (1)
What would you like the pairings in the next collaboration to be like? (Please read comment section first.)
Who is your favorite amalgamate?
Is Alphys cool?
Best musical out of these?
Be More Chill or Dear Evan Hansen?
Veronica or JD?
Which Heather?
Phillip or Laurens?
Lams or Hamliza?
Hurcules Mulligan or Lafayette?
Eliza Schyuler or Angelica Schyuler?
Thomas Jefferson or James Madison?
Alexander Hamilton or Aaron Burr?
Which eye is prettiest?
Le rawr or Le grrr
S'mores or popcorn
Wendys or MacDonald's
Bacon or sausage (1)
Fruit loops or lucky charms
Crab or lobster
Pizza or hamburgers
What is the quintessential American meal?
Who's you're favorite creepypasta character?
Which anime girl is the cutest? (1)
What is the hardest FNAF character to defend against?
How much wood can a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?
Which hairstyle is the best?
Who's your favorite BC host?
What would you rather be? (9)
Which cat is better?
McDonald's or Burger King?
Who Do You Like Better? (6)
What cartoon charcter duo are you?
Is life boring?
Who will win the AFC wild Card playoff Game?
Who do you like better? (5)
Are you an ostrich, goat, or a zebra?
Which Continent Do You Live In? (1)
What Colors Do You See?
Half Full or Half Empty?
Are you... (4)
Which are you most excited for?
better snack?
Who's The Best Female Attack On Titan Character?
What's you're zodiac sign?
Who do you main in Overwatch?
Which outfits are cuter?
Which guy is hotter?
Which one of these girls are prettier?
Who's Better: Ladybug or Cat Noir?
Five Nights at Freddy's or Undertale?
I need a name for a girl
Favorite Movie Genre? (1)
Do you need a reason to love someone?
What did you think of the Last Jedi?
Taco bell or pizza hut?
When you have a cold, do you go to work?
What would you rate Kingsman? If you have seen it
Which one is better? (Not about the prices)
Do some movies make you so mad that you just to drop the entire series? .-.
Is Christmas a Humbug to you? Or is it Merry? (Based on a Christmas Carol, luv that story)
Percy Jackson or twilight
Which One For Hetlia One Shots ?
Whos the best pokemon
which theme do you prefer?
What Females wizard (Not including squids or ghost or the four houses) in harry potter do you like?
Blackfire or starfire
Which Star Wars Character do you Believe I could play better as?
Which Soul Calibur 2 character is better?
Which creepypasta character is your fave?
Anyone else's life so busy, that it stresses you out, besides me?
Which song of Selena Gomez is the best?
Who's better (1)
What would win?
Which character do you think is useless?also comment why you think you think there useless
Who do you think will win Artist of the Year in MAMA 2018?
How good do you think I am at making quizzes?
Which Chipmunk Is Best?
Todd Gurley Or Alvin Kamara Or Kareem Hunt? Who's Better?
Do you think that there are too many games with crafting systems lately?
Voltron: Should Klance go canon?
Out of these places, which is the best to sleep in?
Which is funnier? (1)
Which fan game is better?
Which Undertale boss is the hardest?
Voltron: Should Shallura Go Canon?
Who's Hotter **you have to be at least 12 to take this poll**
Who$ Hotter? Kid Friendly
Which cat looks more cuter in their Halloween costume?
Which cat looks more evil?
Which Kpop band is best?
Cuphead: dont deal with the devil, or Bendy and the ink machine.
roblox and terraria
Type of vamp you be
What country do you live in?