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Which quote should be in Glitched 3?
If Bree were to have a reason not to go to Chloe' s party, why?
Who looks better with Shadow?
Who will join my anime manga page (Anime and manga people only)
Have you seen Angel Beats
Are you an anime lover?
Do You Like School ?
Favorite thing on QFeast?
Sword Art Online Or Attack on Titan
Do you love anime?
For sex ed should they split up the boys and girls and make boy teachers teach boys and girl teachers teach girls
Should they make a season 2 of Attack on Titan?
What is your favourite way of travelling?
What do you think of the classifications?
Are most quizzes and etc rigged
Is qfeast of the day a big deal
Should Qfeast be a app?
Which social media
Should cross breed chickens allowed in shows
Should cross breeds dogs be allowed in doggy shows
Would you Rather (11)
On a scale from 1-10 how socially awkward are you?
Is Minecraft Awesome?
Which quote do you like?
Have you ever been abducted by aliens?
Ciel Or Alois - {Black Butler}
What is the best social media/ connection app is best?
Cats, Dogs, Bunnies, or Birds
Should schools educate students on gender identity and romantic/sexual orientation?
Do you Stalk your Polls?
What would you do if you were Dipper?... (Northwest Mansion Mystery)
Microsoft, nintendo or playstation?
Battle of the Grammar Monsters!
Who has the right to keep BEN?
Who would you marry? (recomended to have seen corpse bride)
What's more boring?
Do you eat breakfast on the mornings?
Animation on computer or drawing
In Anime which one is the best subbed or dubbed
Windows Or Apple
Xbox Live Or PlayStation Network
Xbox 360 Or PS3
If I created a page and offered crush advice, would you be interested?
Harry Potter? or Twilight?
What animal is the cutest (1)
What animal is the cutest
Who is cuter? (3)
Who is cuter dork diaries
whitch dork diaries character would you like to be
What did you do for one hour ago?
Which One? (6)
Favorite Animal (1)
What is the cuter dork diaries puppy
Would you rather? (32)
Do you believe in Evolution?
Do you want Bipper to return?
What is your favorite Disney Channel Show (updated 2015)
what do u think the best food is ?
Which "Glitched" quote sounds most like Chloe
Which of These "Glitched" quotes sounds most like Bree?
What type of book would you want to read (I have a lot of ideas for a book and I want to know which kind I should write)
Which band do you like the most out of these? (1)
In which time zone are you in?
Who is your favourite doctor who companion?
What Non non biyori character is your favourite?
Which picture of MaiKumi is best?
What is your fav wife of King HenryViii
What do you think about my redesign?
What is your favourite season of doctor who?
What Could The Names For Two Male Fire Dragon Characters Be?
If you could only be with one single person for your entire life, who would it be?
Do you think Nikki and Brandon should be a couple by now
Who is the cuter couple
Loin or tiger
Did You Like "Blended"?
Did you enjoy the movie If I Stay?
Who is the best Avatar Last Airbender character?
Which owl cake looks cuter?
What is your favorite Season, I love Fall, so that's why I'm making this...
Who is meaner
How do you say hello?
How do you say goodbye?
What greeting do you use the most?
Which House? (Hogwarts houses: Slytherin, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw, and Gryffindor)
Which is the best FNAF fan song?
Do you think I should leave in October?
Josh or Tyler
Which Qfeaster out of these is best?
Do you like Salad Fingers?
What Soul Eater opening is better?
Whats worse?
Blood On The Dance Floor or Black Veil Brides?
Nightstep or Nightcore? or none?
What version of This Is Halloween is better?
Who are the best qfeaster out of these? (Check them out if you do not know them)
Japanese Uniform or American Clothes
Wich role would you take if you starred in a movie?
(Heroes of Olympus) Greek or Roman?
Tomboy or girly girl