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Do you like merlin manson
What cat do you like more?
(In percentage) How smart are you?
Wich doctor who revival female companion do you like most?
Who do you like better snake or raiden
Do you like metal gear
Which of these bosses did you like better in metal gear solid 4 gun of patriots
Knight of soul edge or knight of Excalibur
Excaliber or soul edge witch would you choose
Would you be void or celtic mage or knight
Who here likes FNAF 4?
Fallout or skyrim
Do you like the song pain by three days grace
Do you have a pet? (2)
Headphones or Earbuds (1)
Who is the better artist
Do you like taco bell breakfast?
Do you know that awesome show, Grounded for Life? and do you like it?
Three days grace or slipknot
Which 2016 movie are you excited for?
Are you a nerd?
What do you do in your free time?
What is scarier?
Who did you find scary
What Dawn Of The Clans cat do you like the most?
What warrior cat is your fave?
What is your fave song?
Who is the best magical girl? (Kazumi Magica discluded)
Do you like the horror game the forest
Would you rather...(Disney)
Would you rather... (Disney) (1)
Would you rather... (Disney)
Do You Belive Nuclear Weapons Should Have Been Invented?
Would you rather? (Disney)
Got a good story suggestion?
Do you like naruto
Do you think your birthstone is a big part of how you are?
What is your birthstone?
Who think five nights at Freddy's is stupid
Did you like the book or movie a clockwork orange
Did you like the grudge
Do you like horror movies
Have you played 5 nights of love?
what your favorite ed sheeran album?
Which of these pife mottos is best?
Steven universe, or gravity falls?
Do you want another Glitched sequel?
Blink or Cloxy? (Both canon, Glitched)
Which best love genre is your fav?
Which Star vs the FOE pair is the best/cutest?
A crush on Dipper or Bill?
Which TTG character is your fave?
Would you rather... (20)
three days grace or green day
Pen or a pencil
Did you enjoy the movie Decendants?
How Nerdy Are You 10/10
Have you ever been in a car crash?
Do you like being human?
Do you like attack on titan
Do you believe that aliens are watching Earth?
Who is your favorite girl in Lucky Star?
Crip or a Blood?
Do you like bleach the anime
Who your favorite finger puppet in salad fingers
Are you excited about the Five Nights at Freddy' s movie?
Fallout who was your favorite team
Fave Youtuber
Fallout 4 are you excited
What Warrior series do you like the most?
Do you agree that BEN and BREE make a good couple?
Which side of the pool do you like more, the deep end or the shallow end?
Did you enjoy Lilo and Stitch: Stitch Gets a Glitch?
Did you enjoy the movie Lilo and Stitch?
Did you enjoy the movie The Little Mermaid 2?
Did you enjoy the movie The Little Mermaid?
Did you enjoy the movie Cars 2?
Did you enjoy the movie Cars?
Did you enjoy the movie Finding Nemo?
What is your MBTI?
What is your favorite thing in the ocean?
Whats your favorite place in your house
what do you want to be when you grow up
Have you read Glitched?
What is your favorite form of art?
What do you think about chocolate?
whats your favorite thing to do in the winter
whats your favorite place to go
Singing or Dancing?
Do you like the powerpuff girls z ?
Do you like red vs blue
Who your favorite A.I. in red vs blue
Who would you rather be?
What freelancer do you like better from red vs blue
Have you ever had an imaginary friend?
Which one of these franchises is your favorite?
Homestuck - Favorite Human Family
Homestuck - Favorite Troll Family
Do you get involved in politics?
Which Political Party: Democrat or Republican?