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What's your favourite weather? (1)
Revenge of Johnny Blazes 2
Which Total Drama Island character is your favourite?
Do you like Total Drama? (1)
Who is your favourite Emily Wants To Play Too character?
would you rather your child have feminism or cancer?
your favorite oxymoron
What's Your Favorite Hobby?
Do you like internet trolls?
Who's the best TheTopTens user of the summer 2019?
what is better gacha life or gacha verse or gacha studio
would you rather...? [ kpop ]
Thrice Johnny Blazes 2
Which Undertale Character Should be a Stainglass Drawing?
Who Still Reads Cold Blood ?
School or be a teacher at school?
Which Sans ? Part 3
Which Sans ? Part 2
Which Sans?
Who is better? (36)
will a dog and a cat make a cute couple
is metal on a ukulele a good idea?
More Johnny Blazes 2
In anime, is sub better or dub?
Have you been hated?
Best Netflix Original Series?
How do you feel about furries?
Nightcore or anti-nightcore?
would you want to keep living if there was no one else on earth?
OK Ya'll... Opinion on TikTok?
which haircolor?
Corb does not give a heck
do you prefer staccatos or gamakas?
Do you like Melons? (Comment what you put below :3)
Johnny Blazes 2
dO the biRds wOrK foR the bourGeiOSe?
do u like walter
Johnny Blazes and the Curse of Yheirgul
Your Favorite Alola Starter?
Sims 4, Alpha or Maxis Match?
Your Favorite Kalos Starter?
which of my points do you disagree with the most?
whats the funniest part of this image
Your Favorite Unova Starter?
Your Favorite Sinnoh Starter?
Pick a Dress (2)
Your Favorite Hoenn Starter?
Your Favorite Johto Starter?
Error VS Ink
who is your favorite loud sister?
Your Favorite Kanto Starter?
aphmau or ipaodgirl or Mistylyne
Which of the creepypastas are the best?
Wich dog would you pick out of these two below
Corb does it again
Who's the strongest Creepypasta?
Steve Harrington or Jonathan Byers?
Which Picture?
What's the best Winx transformation?
worst foreign kid
Is Korekiyo triflin
Should Papyrus or Sans Die ?
Are you an early bird or a night owl?
Corb pulls a stunt and gets the poll deleted
Are you salt or pepper?
Coldplay: This or That
Which is better? (Part uno)
would you rather save a baby or your grandparent?
cupid shuffle or cha cha slide?
Johnny Blazes Pocket Adventures 5th Impact
Favourite Soul Eater Boy?
Johnny Blazes Pocket Adventures Part 4rd
Johnny Blazes Pocket Adventures Act 3
fave out of the rat trio?
Johnny Blazes Pocket Adventures part 2
Which online shooting game is best?
Johnny Blazes Pocket Adventures part 1
Soriel vs Frans
Sans or Papyrus?
do you like anime? (6)
Johnny Blazes Eternity Remix!
Johnny Blazes Go!
Melvin or Mayla?
what's the prettiest minecraft biome?
Johnny Johnny Yes Blazes
Which Blue Dress Should Mayla Wear?
Messed up on the Johnny Blazes this year
Bendy and the ink machine characters
whos your fave foreign/old kid
Old or new Lion King?
shrek puns?
eggscusre me?
which sounds better?
what the fr*ck melvin?
Do Storms Make You Tired?
Johnny Blazes is a bitchassmotherfuccer
Which gymnastic/acro/dance move can you do?
youtubers 2019?
Who Deserves the Title of Soup Creme Cas?