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Is Taylor Lautner Hot,Cute,Stupid,or not sure
What do you think of Carrie's old design?
Do you like huskies?
would u rather have a laptop or an iPhone?
Erisol or Erifef?
Chariot or Dead Master?
Looks, money or intelligence?
Would you rather be freezing cold or really warm?
Would you rather be fireboy or watergirl?
Homestuck ~ Favorite pre-scratch troll
would u rather have a boring vacation day or an interesting school day?
Which one of these knights is cuter?
How often do you get hungry?
What type of Mountain Dew is better?
Who won in the Eyeless Jack vs Laughing Jack rap battle?
are you a fan of my little pony?
WHich Mulan Movie is tha best?
BRS or Insane Black Rock Shooter?
Which Is Your Favorite Pet?
OK i really want to make an awesome book so please tell me which you like best!
College/Job or Marriage/Family first?
Divergent or Hunger Games?
Which Luxury Are You Most Attached To?
What kind of Monkey tower is your favourite? (1)
Would you rather be a cat or a dog for a day?
Which is your favorite Disney princess? (1)
What's your favorite fast food place? (1)
Do you speak more than one language?
Do you think you are normal?
Do you like McDonalds?
Wich type of food do you like best?
How often are you using the Qfeast's purple dot that lets you know that new items have been published?
This might be weird but, Which came first, the chicken or the egg?
What is your favorite frozen song?
Who is your favorite comedian?
What is your Favorite quote?
What is your favorite Robin Williams Movie/show?
Should Hillary Clinton run for presidency?
Do you like Robin Williams?
What food type do you perfer?
Would you rather wear winter cloths in summer or summer cloths in winter?
Which is your favorite Jon Cozart parody?
I am a child and I am attempting to open a bakery. Thoughts?
Which is scariest?
Which Way do You Prefer The Sailor Scouts should Look like?
which headphones are better?
have you ever done archery?
What is your favorite element?
Which dessert do you prefer?
What Should My Theme Song Be? (4)
Looks or intelligence?
who's better Dark Link or Link?
Which Version of Minecraft is Better?
Red vs Blue!
Kyo vs Yuki!
Who is better for Graystripe?
Do you like Mario?
Metric or English?
Which Lord of the Rings character is better?
Who is your favorite Powerpuff Girl? (1)
Who is your favourite singer/ celebrity out of these
Public or Private school?
do you like strawberrys
Who's Best?
What should Shadexis' theme song be 2?
Who do you think are the best partners on Rescue Bots?
which band it the best?
Gossip Girl vs. Pretty Little Liars
Favorite pizza topping?
What do you most see at Partys?
godiva or stuffed bunny (toy)
are you home schooled or just go to school
which guy is cuter from supernatural
Who is the best character from Metal Gear series?
Do you agree with homosexual marriage?
Who has it worse?
who do you ship my buddy poke Mashoko with (the one with the pink hair, yes I made the characters)
which picture is funniest? (1)
What Would You Do In Case Of A Zombie Apocalypse?
Which faction would you want?
The most beatiful ?
who is the best ?
who is the most strong ?
Who is the best superhero/ anti-hero from the comics only?
Who is the best actor?
Do you know what Steampunk is?
Which Language is better to take in High School (out of these choices)?
Which of Wendy's Hairstyles Looks Best On Her?
Would it be ok to use a legit ghost communicator? - Spirit Box - Spotted ghosts
Shojo or Shonen Manga?
Which name do you like better? (1)
How do you think the world will end?
how many times did you smile today
Books or Video games?
Whats your favourite dog breed?
which Belgium ship is better?
which is the truth
huger game/ divergent/ or twilight?
Fez VS. Super Meat Boy (Indie games)
Phan or Troyler?