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What is your favorite hair color?
who is prettyest
Who is the best Harry Potter character from all books?
Who is your favorite character from Frozen
What is your favorite pet? (1)
Which Katy Perry Song is your favorite?
What do you do most on qfeast?
Which are you more likely to say?
Which The Vampire Diaries character?
Which Teen Wolf character? :P
Which is better? (9)
Whats your favorite glee season?
do you like fleetway?
Who let the dogs out?
The story that comes next?
Who gonna be WWE Champion?
Who will win at WrestleMania XXX?
Who's Better ANtional Geographic Channel or Discovery Channel
Who's better sam,clover or alex?
What shoe brand do you like best?
Who is your favorite boy from fairy Musketeers?
Who is your favorite girl from Fairy Musketeers?
What color is your eyes?
Most Popular Kitchen Interior Style?
What is your favorite wall color?
What is your favorite band? (1)
Who is your favorite character from Frozen? (1)
who would win
Who is your favorite hedgehog from the sonic series?
Do You Like Creepypastas? (Say In The Comments Who Your Favorite Is)
What's Better: Cartoons Or Live Action?
who do you like better (1)
who do you like
What is the best sport? (1)
Do you like pole ball? (tetherball)
What should I put on the t.v. at school?
Should I put Qfeast on the t.v. at school?
Who is your favourite Singer?
Are you racist?
Who is your favorite singer
Which artist do you like the most?
How rubbish is Creepypasta?
Sweets or crisps
Do you think Kurt Cobain's death was a suicide?
terraria or minecraft
Google or Bing? (1)
Random Poll
How old do you think I am? If you already know, don't comment it!
Do you like DontJudgeMeByMySocks(me)?
do u like burritos or hamburgers?!?
Katy perry or Demi lovoto
Are you the...
older siblings vs younger
Do you like Elsa or Anna better?
Who's the better character?
who is worse in the divergent series?
Who is your favorite female celeb.
Did you like the movie Divergent?
Which of these songs (from our musical!) is your favourite? (1)
Which of these songs (from our musical!) is your favourite?
Who do you like more from the movie Frozen?
Matty b or carson lueders
Do you like Tyson from Percy Jackson?
Love or chochlate
What is your favorite Eeveelution? (evolutions of eevee or eevee)
what is more healthier?
Who is a better couple Elsa and Christof or Ana and Christof
All for one or one for all?
wich do you pick?
ok who is cuter myrnin or shane?
who do you like from frozen?
wich dog would you pick
Which of my pictures is better?
who is better Tobias or Tris
Is love or life better?
Which color is better red or purple?
Harry Potter or The Hunger Games?? :)
You have 4 imaginary bowls with 4 different things inside them, what will you choose?
Does anybody play terraria?
Are you a single pringle or taken bacon?
What is your favorite color?
Which team do you think is going to win the 2014 NCAA March Madness?
Mortality is it the path that all people want or do people desire more.
The Lost Hero or Son of Neptune
Team Blue (Percy Jackson, Jason Grace, Nico Di Angelo,) or Team Red (Annabeth Chase, Piper McLean, Hazel Levesque, Leo Valdez)
who would win the fight no wepons allowed
Who would win in a fight? No weapons allowed!
Best Disney Villain
Who do you think will win a fight?
Interesting? Teenage mermaid girl struggling to keep loving her merman through the constant obstacles that plague them? Read??
What is your favorite "Frozen" character?
Who is your favorite character from frozen?
Bluestar or Firestar
Guess what? An average human accidentally eats 5 pounds of bugs each year!!!
Which TomCat makes the better match for Squirrelflight?
Who should be next in the ORIGINAL HOF?
Disney VS Dreamworks
Which Hogwarts house are you in?
who is hottest and sexiest?
What kind of music do u like better?