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What is the best? Leopards, Cheetahs or Jaguars?
Red Orange Yellow or Pink and Purple?
Roman or greek mythology?
Blue or green? (1)
whats better "doctor who" or "star trek"
What is your favorite drink? (Answer honestly)
Who is the scariest classic Disney villain?
Which is funnier?
Who is the top Monstro City superstar?
newest Qfeast Update!
How big is your ego?
What is your favorite toe?
Who's hotter?
Are u a smooth cactus, or a prickly cactus?
Which Demigod in The Prophecy of Seven is Your Favorite? (1)
Which Demigod in The Prophecy of Seven is Your Favorite?
Which unique old fashioned girls name do you like the best?
Which unique old fashioned boys name do you like the best?
Shiny eevee or normal eevee?
What is your favorite breed of cat?
Do you believe in aliens?
I know I am stupid for this buuuuttt, I think I am the uglyest pep. My mom says no. Who is prettyer, be honest, I know I am ugly
The Hunger Games vs. Divergent (movie) ?
Smirks. Does anyone else find them creepy. I mean, I do it. But still...
What human eevee is the best?
What winter outfit is the best?
What do you think of school? Basic school plz. For people that are in or graduated. List reasons why you don't like or didn't.
Thoughts on school?
Favorite 1D Dude?
Fav Taylor Swift song. I know some people don't like her, but please don't leave rude comments. Got any others, write them below
Who's you favorite disney princes? Why?
Aeropostale or American Eagle?
Soprano or Alto?
What color eyes do prefer on a boy?
What would you rather do?...
What Dress Is The Best?
Band or Chorus?
Favourite Beauty and the Beast character?
Who's best stallion?
Which Chocolate?
Who's best evil villian?
Which Beauty and the Beast song is your favourite? (Not all songs are included!)
Which Fruit Do You Like?
Which boy do u think is the hotest????
Which is better? (16)
Does anyone like Avatar The Last Airbender?
So video games... what do you like to play them on?
Which do you choose?
Which of these is your fav book? (or movie)
you have two sides?
Do you like pizza?
Anyone want me to make a Sonic WWFFY for girls?
Justin Timberlake or Bruno Mars???
Which is better? (15)
who is better (2)
Do you like waffles?
King of Nightmares?
What Is Your Favorite RPG Class?
fav old show
have u eve been bit by a dog
Randomz!!! (avenger style)
What is your favorite faction? (Comment down below too :) )
Are you a gangster?
Are you too embarrassed to reveal your truly biggest OMG moment?
Have you had your first kiss yet? (1)
What celeb couple should totally do a duet together?
Who do you think should make the first move in dating?
Are you a drama queen?
who should I go out with lj or Jeff ?
If you had superpowers what power would you want?
Do you think wolves eat horse.
Funny? Leopard? (7)
Funny? Leopard? (6)
Funny? Leopard? (5)
Funny? Leopard? (4)
Funny? Leopard? (3)
Funny? Leopard? (2)
Funny? Leopard? (1)
Funny? Leopard?
Funny leopard?
What Hunger Games Character is the Best?
Do you Like Takis?
Democratic or Republican?
candy or unicorns
Do you like Thunderstar?
Which Divergent faction are you in?
What state do u love?
Baylor or A&M?
Soccer or Basketball?
Will you follow TeamFoxface?
Where would you rather go? (1)
Sprite or 7up?
A&W, Mug or Barq's Rootbeer?
elsa or anna or flower
are you a singer or a acter
Which bunny in a hat is best?
Favorite Grumpy Cat quote/picture.
Hot Dogs .vs. Hamburgers
Coke or Pepsi?