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Who should be President? (No voting for yourself?)
Which Powerpunk Girl is your favourite?
Which Rowdyruff Boy is your favourite?
Which outfit looks best?
What's the saddest song?
What's the most annoying song to listen to?
Which trait is most admirable?
What's the best song to make someone angry?
What's your favorite One Hit Wonders song?
Would you rather? (113)
Which Until Dawn character is your favourite?
Do you like Taylor Swift's haircut?
Do you like Uncle Larry?
Do you like Steve?
Do you like Psycho Dad?
What's your favorite Micro Jammers instrument?
Who should die in chapter Three?
When listening to music, do you listen to the beat or the lyrics?
If some body i trying to piss me off and it working what would you do?
Crowfeather or hawkfrost
Who's your favorite Invader Zim character?
Would you be interested in participating in a collab story?
Are you looking forward to valentines day?
Subs or Dubs?
Do you believe being homosexual is a choice?
Which of these political parties do you favor?
Do you actually believe there's a rape culture?
Which girl from Doki Doki literature club is the best?
Should sluts be shamed? (Men and Women)
Which Game Reviews & News website do you prefer ?
Springtrap or Marionette?
Where do you want to travel?
Where would you least like to live for the rest of your life? (Fandoms)
Who would win? (29)
Mei vs Pyro (Fight)
What youtubers your favorite?
What's Your Favorite Alignment for a Character?
Opinion on Shoplifters?
Have you seen Stranger Things?
Ever Played DND?
Favourite fan art pic? (credit to the owners)
Which one is cuter? (credit to the owners)
Which picture do you like best? pt. 2 (credit to the owners)
What nails?
Does this penguin look cute?
What shirt is your favorite?
What dyed hair?
What hoodie?
Does Ash's voice on Pokemon annoy you?
Which anime boy is cuter?
Which picture do you like best? (credit to the owners)
What's your favourite 'dere' type
Anime or Creepypastas?
Which fandom is the best?
Who is your favorite male character and why?
Shadow vs mephiles
Is Trisha Paytas iconic?
Warrior Cats - Frecklewish: Dark Forest or Starclan?
Warrior Cats - Ravenwing: Starclan or Dark Forest?
Warrior Cats - Mapleshade: Starclan or Dark Forest?
Warrior Cats - Oakstar: Starclan or Dark Forest?
Warrior cats - Mudclaw: Starclan or Dark Forest?
Warrior Cats - Ashfur: Starclan or Dark Forest?
Firestar or cinderpelt
Do you like makeup?
Lionblaze or Feathertail
Crookedstar or tallstar
Sagewhisker or Brambleclaw
Leopardstar or oakheart
Raggedstar or tawnypelt
What's your age group?
Undertale or Geometry Dash?
Which one? (33)
Which one? (32)
Which one? (31)
Who is bettter? (Not saying that me and the people suck also can't find there profile pic
Have you seen The Greatest Showman?
Graystripe or bluestar
Which one is better? (7)
Silverstream or squirrelflight
Stormfur or ivypool
Flametail spottedleaf
Nightstar or jayfeather
Warriors cats hollyleaf onestar
Who is better? Riverdale
Who is your favorite teen wolf character?
Warrior cats mapleshade or pinestar
hwo made IT
Which person is funnier?
Which starting pokemon would you like to choose?
Which boy haircut would you rather have?
What Vocaliad would you like to be?
Who do you prefer the most? (2)
Which character (speaking generally) in your fandom are you usually most like?
which is bETTER? (42)
Favorite Genre in General
Who is the better looking antagonist?
Nick of time nicknames for me!
Did you hear about evanescence new album?
Which of the following memes should be The Meme of January?