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Who would you pick is hotter? I love both but you can't beat Leonardo DiCaprio personally <3
Which is the best character?
Paul Zimmer or Danny Edge?
Which one is the cutest? (1)
which song is better (1)
Which is more popular?
Do you like feet or hands better?
Who is a better match for Graystripe?
Do you like Elsa or Anna better? (1)
What movie is better?
Which animal is Better?
Do you like your sister or brother better?
Pencils or pens?
Are you a female or male?
Which singer is better?
Which one is the better singer?
What type of games do you like?
Which is Better? (24)
Who do you ship Jackie with? [This is made to settle the fight]
Scariest Doctor Who villain
Who is smarter Artemis Fowl or Sherlock Holmes?
Who has already seen the new spongebob movie (sponge out of water?)
Cartoons vs anime
Which superhero is the best? (1)
Are You A Youtube Lover?
(Biggest Debate) Have you read "Diary of Anne Frank"?
Dumbledore or Gandalf?
Mario or Sonic
Which of these websites you like more?
What's your favouite band?
Danny VS Deuce
Leafpool or Squirrelflight?
Which one are you?
Whats your favorite God?
Percy Jackson or Mortal Instruments Series
Who did you ship with Alaska?
How do you think that life came to be?
Favorite book Genre
Psych, Doctor Who, or Supernatural?
Doctor Who: Best Doctor (new series)
Which Type of Story Would You Want Me to Write?
Which is a better gaming system of these five
legend, prodigy or champion?
The hunger games or Divergent?
Which band do you prefer?
Fav Song ?
Snapchat or Instagram?
ups? or fedex for ships
when you make a ship do you ship it like fedex or UPS?
what plushie shoud i make
What kind of Homestuck fanfiction should Pocky write?
Favorite Psych Character
Do You Agree With Religious Freedom?
What book symbol is the best?
Anime or manga? (1)
does anyone else find dork diaries so stereotypical?
Bunnies, Dogs or Cats?
if you're under 18, are you allowed to have a qfeast
Who is your favorite dance moms girl?
Which is the best female singer we all know and love?
Which of the Hogwarts Houses is best?
What is your favourite book series?
Do you like your...
What's your favorite weapon in Worms?
Which Ninja Turtle is your favourite .
Wii vs xbox?
Would spongebob make a good fandom?
Which maturely popular fandom are you in?
Which One of the Big Seven
How do you feel about modern games (for installing and playing?)
Do you like to...
who do you like out of these pics:-)
Do You Think The Mangle is a Girl or Boy?
Which of these truth or dares is worse?
Riddle: What do you think is the reason to the dissapearence of a man who was sailing in a canoe one day?
If an animatronic was getting deleted from five nights at freddy's, who would you want it to be?
How many Brothers/Sisters do you have?
Which Would You Rather Eat?
Do you like...
Rarity or Applejack? (1)
Pinkie Pie or Rainbow Dash?
Who's your favorite five nights at freddy's animatronic?
Pewdiepie, Markplier, Jacksepticeye, or Yamimash?
Top 10 Songs Of Week February 7 2015
Who is a better match for Dovewing?
Witch anamotroinc do you like the most ?
Hunger Games, Divergent, or Maze Runner?
DC Comics VS Marvel!
Twilight Sparkle or Fluttershy?
Peanut Butter or Nutella?
Waffles VS Pancakes
Which iPod wallpaper?
What is Your Favorite Cereal?
Which Chips Brand is Your Favorite?
Which candy bar is best?
Android VS Apple?
Do you love your mom or dad better?
What game should've come on Xbox One, but didn't?
Who will Win Euro 2016?
Which is your favorite gametypes?