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Who's the smartest?
Which group do you like more?
Grumpy Cat vs Gabe the Doggo
who is your favorite creepypasta? (out of these)
If you where squirrelflight who would you choose?
Would You Rather? (118)
which one is better? (9)
How do you prefer favourite spelled?
Would you rather? (117)
If Sword Art Online became real, would you play it?
What's your favourite SAO series?
What was god's forbidden fruit?
What did you see first on this image?
Should Starlight join the Resistance
Which sport competition do you enjoy more: Olympics vs Super Bowl?
Which of the following music genres do you most?
Voting is done
Are you a feminist? (1)
What is your Anime Character out of the following?
Which of Brea's characters is your favorite?
What's the best IO game?
Which Robin is your favorite?
Which is the best 2000s cartoon?
Who is best pony? (6)
Who is better for Crowfeather?
Whats Your Favorite song From The Heart Of An Artist Album?
Which is more important: Brushing your teeth or Washing your hair?
Which dress?
Millie or Silverstream?
Who's the best comedian?
Which of One Republics songs do you like best?
What type should Star's baby?
Which is your FAVORITE SuperHero?
Who is the best actress?
Who do you prefer? (1)
Which prom dress is prettiest?
Cats vs Dogs... Which is better?
Would you rather?... (3)
Who's the dumbest?
Who's the best of the rap gods?
Which demon movie is best?
NSYNC or Backstreet Boys?
Who's the best Family Guy character?
Who's the best horror movie villain?
Cake vs Pizza (Who will win?) :)
Which It movie is the best?
Who's the biggest A-Trou? (13)
Who's the biggest A-Trou? (12)
Who's the biggest A-Trou? (11)
Pick a face
Adam or Alesa?
Scootalight or staraboom
Is Starlight's baby going to be girl or boy
Which "lama"?
Markiplier or Jacksepticeye or both
Burger king vs MacDonalds
do you guys like the name Isabella Loren peyton?
Do you like eddsworld?
Which color (Colors seem lighter than they appear)?
Do you know what wubba lubba dub dub means?
Favorite jayfeather meme?
Did you watch the royal wedding?
Which game would you wanna a charecter in?
Who's Peculiarity Would You Rather Have?
Which of these Venus photo?
do you like fnafsl?
Scootalight or Scootabelle
how cute is earth chan like?
do you like ddlc?
Whould you rather? #2 lol
Do you want to join the military?
What hunger games district do you want to live in?
Which Divergent Faction Are You?
Which tv series do you like more: Lost in Space or the 100?
Which starter is the ugliest in generation 3?
Which starter is the ugliest in generation 2?
Which starter is the ugliest in generation 1?
Which starter is the cutest in generation 3?
Which starter is the cutest in generation 2?
Which starter is the cutest in generation 1?
Whos your favorite character from voltron
Are you Healthy?
Which of these weird ice creams would you eat? (all of them are real and come from different countries)
What should be drawn from a fandom?
Do you sing in the shower?
Does Undertale Suck?
Boots or Pants
Who would be interested in a video game? (I'm planning on making one about Qfeast!)
Which is better? (43)
Favourite dead meme out of the following
What should me do?
Which Yandere Simulator Student Council member is your favorite?
Who is you favourite Character from the Percy Jackson and Heroes of Olympus Series ?
What should be do?
Will you Miss OINGO after the final battle has ended?
Who is more of a yandere, Yuri or Monika?
Which ou the Twister triplets are the cutest?
Which of these precious babies is the most precious?
Which gemstone is prettier? (1)
Why is it that there is 7,573674666367 or something like that people in the world... AND YET IM STILL SINGLE?!? LIKE... WHAT?!?