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Who's backstory seems more tragic?
What's your favorite weather?
What's your favorite emoji?
Which TV series do you like more: The Next Step or Backstage?
What is your favorite fruit out of the following?
What is your favorite dessert out of the following?
What is your favorite TV show out of the following?
What type of guy do you like the most for a relationship: masculine or feminine (girls only)?
Which brand of technology do you prefer?
Which social media website do you use the most?
How many siblings do you have? (Counting half-siblings or step-siblings)
Which meme is your favorite?
Which video game is your favorite?
What pet do you own? (If you own more than one type, choose the pet that you like better/have the most of.)
2016 Election
Democrat or Republican or Third Party?
What should Freddiedoll be this Halloween?
What is your favorite dog breed out of the following?
Do you like Markplier?
Which american musician do you like more: Josh Dun or Tyler Joseph?
Which artwork seems the most depressing?
Who is your BIGBANG bias?
Which event do you enjoy the most: Halloween, Christmas or your Birthday?
Which of the following singer(s)/bands do you like the most?
Do You Like Memes?
What is your favorite nickname from FNAF 2? (Toys)
Do you love your parents?
What is your favorite nickname from FNAF 1?
Which My Digital Escape Member member do you like the most (Including Samm Rochelle)?
Which Magcon Member? (Some may not be included sry)
Do you love "Keep calm"?
Donald Trump or Dan Howell?
Which of the following bands do you like the most?
Do you like yaoi lemons?
What do you like doing on Halloween?
Do you like icarly?
where do you watch anime?
Scorbus or Scorose?
Which website do you like more: Qfeast or Youtube?
What is your favorite non binary name?
Who is the cutest small animatronic in fnaf?
would you rather? (46)
Dan and Phil wffy or nah?
Freddy best pic?
What game is your favorite: Minecraft, Sims, Terraria or Jetpack Joyride?
Fairy Tail vs Soul Eater
Which dress is best for Candor prom?
Which dress is best for Amity prom?
Which dress is best for Abnegation prom? (1)
Which dress is best for Dauntless prom?
Which dress is best for Erudite prom?
Which time of the day do you like most?
Your favorit type of Balloon Boy in gmod?
Your favorit type of Mangle in gmod?
Would you rather sweat mayo or ketchup?
Did you get a signed copy of The Answer this past weekend?
Has this website gone down hill since you first joined
What would you do if you became a bagel?
What is your favorite type of food?
Do you believe racist and sexist jokes are NOT funny, if they hurt someone?
Your favorit type of Toy Chica i gmod?
Your favorit type of Toy Bonnie in gmod?
Your favorit type of Toy Freddy in gmod?
Your favorite type of Golden Freddy?
Your favorit type of Foxy in gmod?
Your favorit type of Chica in gmod
Your favorit type of Bonnie in gmod?
What yiur favorit type of Freddy in gmod?
Do you like Toy Freddy from FNAF?
Do you like SpringBonnie from FNAF?
Who is your favorite "The Mortal Instruments" character?
Which "The Sims" game do you like most?
FnaF 4 normal or FnaF 4 hallooween eddition
What football team do you support out of the following?
What would you do in an intense situation?
Whats your fav
What is your favourite season?
Do you like cats dogs or fish?
Do you have yahoo or facebook
Which way would you rather talk like?*
FnaF relationship contest1 : Bonnie x Chica vs Bonnie x Toy Chica
Do you like FnaF in ponies?
What pokemon game are going to pick?
Who is your favourite Harry Potter teacher?
Tyler, Josh, Or Brendon?
What kind of food do you like most?
Which pokemon shipping is your favorite?
Maria's: Would You Rather? #2
How do YOU pronounce?: patronize
Who did the bite of 87?
What old animatronic is must cute in ART?
Maria's: Would You Rather? #1 (3)
Which operating system do you like/prefer?
Do you believe cancer affects everyone's life?
Would you rather? (extremely hard)
If you watch Kelli Mapple, who is her best baby alive doll?
How do you feel about homework? (0-10 0 worst, 10 best)
Are u a sherlockian or a whovian?
How do you spell Cya?
Have you ever lost someone due to something like Suicid e or Homicide?