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What picture catches your eye first?
Which Set It Off Song?
which of the twelve Olympian gods is your favorites?
Who Should Be Together In Girl Meets World?
Heathens or Ride?
Do You Believe in Phan?
Do you prefer comics, novels, newspapers or magazines?
Which game (series) was more sad?
Which FNAF member?
Which author do you like out of these?
Overwatch - Favorite Shimada Brother
In or out of the EU which will you choose?
What form of Sally acron Do u like?
Who is the best youtuber?!
Which is your favorite color out of these two: black or blue?
would you rather? #8 danger zone!
Who is your favorite fnaf character?
Which pastel goth anime picture?
Best Gryffindor
would you rather? #7 this is kinda gross and painful...
Which sight is better Qfeast or Quootev?
Which is your favorite Harry Potter house?
would you rather? #6 use google or youtube?
Which of the following Pusheen cat versions do you like the most?
If you watch Youtube)Who do you like the best?
Which is your favorite Terminator movie?
would you rather? #5 be a dragon or a alacorn (horse with wings and horn.)
U Pokemon goin?
would you rather? (74)
YouTube Or Netflix?
Who should be with rocky? (Yandere)
Would You Rather (10)?
Do you believe in Santa? (1)
Would You Rather (80)?
If you where alone then heard the door open, what do you do?
If you could be a FNAF Character, who would you pick?
Love at first sight: agree to disagree?
would you rather? #4 get eaten by a fish or a land animal?
Which social networking website do you prefer: Facebook or Instagram?
would you rather? (73)
Which of the following rules is your favorite?
would you rather? #3 be a...
Which cat do you like more?
Which bean type is your favorite?
Ramen noodles or soup
Pokemon or Naruto?
Do you like tea?
Which singer do you like the most: Cody Simpson or Ross Lynch?
which picture do you like?
Who is your fave Head of House Harry Potter?
Which is better? Hope or Faith?
Which silver dress do you like?
Which golden dress do you like?
Which key do you prefer?
What are you good at?
Which singer/song writer do you like?(female)
who is a better guitarist dimebagdarrel or tom morello?
Which band member is better?
How much candy do you eat?
Winter, Cinder, Scarlet, or Cress?
Which Pokemon Go Team?
Danisnotonfire or Amazingphil?
What seems like a better title for this picture?
Which Cartoon Network Do You Prefer?
would you rather #2 be princess luna or celestia?
would you rather #1 eat spaghetti cooked in a toilet or earwax shake?
what do you like having for dinner?
Would you rather be ugly and live forever or be attractive and die after 1 year?
Do you think long or short blog posts get shared more?
Which of these 4 fandoms is better?
What would you do if You saw a dragon?
What is your reaction when Pokemon anime ends?
Which buzz do you prefer?
Who's Your Favorite Singer?
Which is your favorite children's network: Disney or Nickelodeon?
Which FNAF would you prefer: FNAF 3 or FNAF 4?
Technicolor Song Form Poll
Which Force Awakens guy is cuter (Light Side vs Dark Side)?
What is your favorite movie out of the following?
Which puff do you like the best?
Whom from Fire Emblem Conquest do you like most?
What is your favorite Eevee Evolution?
who would win?.
Which Precure series is the best?
Which Youtuber have you heard of that I know ?
Who is the worst character in Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir: Hawkmoth or Kwami?
Which assassin is better?
Which Ocarina of Time boss was your favorite?
Which creatures do you like more: Narwhals or Unicorns?
Markiplier or Jacksepticeye?
Blue Exorcist season 2?
Is Scott a robot?
Which puns do you like more: fish or cat?
would you rather? (72)
Favorite video game?~
Which is your favourite Undertale character?
What's your preffered Drake song?
Who would seem stronger?- Fnaf
Which fast food restaurant do you like the most out of these?
Who's your favorite seventeen member?