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Which is cuter? (6)
What Is Your Personality?
Who would win? (13)
Would you rather? #3 plz comment
What's your favorite Diary of a Wimpy kid?
Would you rather? #2 plz comment
Wimpy kid or Harry Potter?
Which catchphrase?
Should you follow Ruby Woods on YouTube?
Who would you rather have in mk kombat pack 2? Plz comment
Do you like kabal? Plz comment
Would you rather? #1 (1)
Witch game is better? Plz comment
Witch ever game gets the most votes I will do not 1 but 3 quizzes regarding its glory, so vote up!
which mighty med character is better?
Witch is better battlefield or call of duty? Plz comment
Witch is better mortal kombat or Gmod? Plz comment
Are things such as Dragon Ball Z, Soul Eater, and Pokemon cartoons?
Do you know who the miser brothers are?
YouTube Or NetFlix
SAO Or Fairy Tail?
Red Or Purple? (1)
Do You Like Minecraft Or The Blockheads?
What is the better hair style?
Thompson,Timber,or Canterbury?
do u like douglas when he was evil or nice? (lab rats)
Waffles or pannncakes?
Cryaotic or The Gaming Beaver
What Do You Like Most About School?
Have u Ever cussed before?
Zombie Wolves or Zombie Foxes?
Who's better? (13)
Wolves or Foxes or Coyotes
Which Song is better? (6)
Which Sword Art Online Character Do You Like Best?
Do you like waffles? (2)
What Akastuki member is the best?
Who is the better princess of Equestria?
would you rather politics?
do you like ghost type pokemon ?
do you like darkrai ?
Do you want another week of Thanksgiving break?
How bored are you right now?
Which nickname suits you best?
Kpop or jpop both or none
Is Justin Bieber worth it?
Which boy is cuter?
Are you a Grammar Nazi? (By me)
Bunnies,Kitties,Puppies,or Piggies?
What cartoon network show (out of these) is your favorite?
Who's your favorite from BTS?
Which season of mlp is best so far?
Would You Rather...? (pt 2)
Would You Rather...? (pt 1)
Do you like Video games?
If you could get rid of a subject, what would it be?
What's your favorite Tupac song?
Who is your favorite Clannad girl?
Who is cuter? (9)
Football or Baseball
Who is better? (26)
Carrie Underwood or Taylor Swift
Which famous jammer is the best?
Emojis or Words
would you rather? (31)
What should my theme song be And why? (9)
What should my theme song be? (8)
Liv and Holden or Andi and Holden from Liv and Maddie
Which Rpgminx/Boyinaband song?
What should my Theme Song be? (7)
Liv or Maddie (1)
What should my theme song be? (6)
How do u guys feel about Rap or Hip Hop?
What's your favorite NWA song?
Rock Or Pop Music ?
Which Fnaf World Person Are You Excited For?
Which FNAF 2 Character Nickname Is The Best?
Which Neko?
Are you a fangirl, fanboy or a 'normal' person?
Which Cutey Honey?
USA VS Canada?
What fairytale wizard would you rather be?
Do you write fanfiction?
Who is the better SAO character?
Which one would you play for eternity?
Which bands do you like ?
clash of clans or boom beach?
If you were to kill one of my fan-made Creepypastas, but be killed by the other, which would you choose?
What's the best show?
Do you love grumpy cat?
What is the better Christmas anime photo?
The minions or the purple minions?
Catwoman or Batgirl?
ellie goulding cds
Should they put games on qfeast like they do on Facecook (Example Farmville)
Don't kill me but who remembers that Black and Blue/Gold and White dress incident?
Would u rather? (9)
Who's more Racist?
Would u rather live in California or Florida?
Would u rather? (8)