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Do you like One Direction? (3)
Is Oni an onion?
wat do u prefer more ?
Which is better Mommy or Daddy?
Which is better sister or brother?
who do you want to marry in one direction?
Who is your fav Star Wars character?
Which of my cats do you like the most? (1)
Which type of Public Service Announcement is the scariest? (Or PIF)
Will out enter this contest(look in comments)
Who Wins 2p Italy or Romano?
Are you single ready to mingle?
How many siblings do you have ?
life is gr8
Which picture does Jacksepticeye look best in?
Which picture does Demi Lovato look prettiest in?
Which picture of Adele is prettier?
What's a good name for a girl.?
Which Yuri?
Svtfoe, which side would you choose?
What would you rather do? (Trick rather)
What would you rather do? (Hair)
What would you rather do? (Money)
Which song makes you cringe the most?
Fairy Tail Erza: Strong Armor
What's the funniest thing to laugh about?
Which type of bee would you rather adopt?
Fairy Tail Erza: Favorite Empress Armor
Which manga is your favorite?
Blacksun or Bumblebee?
Which punk band do you prefer the most?
Which number of comb is the best for shaving your head?
What would you rather do? (Funny)
Who is the best Merlin character?
Who is fitter? (Fairy Tail)
Who's the biggest A-Trou? (3)
Who's the biggest A-Trou? (2)
whats better ROBLOX or Minecraft
Which Adventures of Merlin Character do you like the best?
Amariah Faulkner VS John Lennon
Will we have a technological future?
Ladder Parkcore Or Fast Parkcore
Do you like quizzes, stories, questions, or polls the most?
Reese's Or KitKat?
Rice or Beans
Minecraft vs Roblox which one is better?
What is your Dream Job? (1)
Mind blowing scenes from svtfoe, Battle of Mewni. Which was greatest?
Do You Like Death Note? (2)
How did your first time go?
Who do you like better? (4)
Is M7 profile pick cute?
I dont gotta post much, right?
Psycho Girl vs. Hacker
Which Heather is your favorite?
What's the funniest nickname to give at a guy with a mustache?
Who's the biggest A-Trou?
What would you rather do as a choice?
What would you rather do? (14)
What would you rather do? (13)
What kind of house light is more recommended?
Do you like Scatman John?
Do you like Amariah Faulkner?
Which car air freshener do you prefer between these 3?
Which bug with wings do you prefer?
What's your favorite movie out of the following?
Pasta Or Pizza
Who is your least favorite?
Favorite Band? (2)
Improving or not Improving?
Which TV show should be eliminated the first?
Battle of The Archers!
Who's a bigger a**hole
Artemis or Athena?
Playtstation or Xbox
Do you like Knt?
What's the temperature of being hot?
What's the temperature of being considered reasonable?
What's the temperature of being considered cool?
What's the temperature of being considered chilly?
Which Tubular Bells album do prefer the most?
Which meme?
Who do you like more h20 or pewdiepie?
1.When I sleep I usually take the following position?
Chica,Freddy,or G.Freddy? I'm doing foxy now,who next?
Which old time cartoon character?
Do you like Monster Girl Encyclopedia?
Is human life priceless?
Whose More Annoying?
Who Is The Best Player Of All Time?
Which Team Do You Like Better?
Who Do You Like Better? (3)
Which TV screen definition do prefer the most?
Which Shadowhunters Character Is Your Favorite Out Of The Main? (Mortal Instruments)
Which of these Pokemon would you prefer?
Bendy, Boris, or Alice? ( Bendy and the Ink Machine )
Singing Battle! The Cup Song
Should the U.S Ban Guns?
which weapon is your favorite weapon?
Who is the best Eeveelution (Not counting Eevee)?