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Albino Terror vs Megavore, which is better?
Do you agree that it's very sad when you don't see the 12th graders anymore?
What would you rather do? (1)
okatu debate Sub or Dubbed
Are you going to miss school?
Do you like "orange is the new black"?
Who is the best Abnormal Days Boy?
DaveKat or DirkJake ?
Which of these rappers do you like best?
selena gomez or christina grimmie
What do you think is the best age to date?
Cake Vs. Cupcakes
Which fantasy movie series do you like more: Harry Potter or The Lord of the Rings?
Be honest! Are you the bully or the bullied?
What type of cheese do you like?
What type of popcorn do you like? (1)
What type of popcorn do you like?
Who do you want to have this account?(3)
Do you like to cosplay?
What horror game would you play to?
How many floors dose your school have or had?
What type of weather condition /do you like or prefer? (1)
What type of weather condition /do you like or prefer?
Pancakes or Waffles?
What is your zodiac? (1)
What type of pizza do you like /toppings ?
What's your favorite type of cake?
what is your favorite type of Dorito chips?
What's your favorite female character from Harry Potter?
Who is your favorite Harry Potter guy character?
Do you think Chara is a boy or a girl?
What MA/R game do you like out of these?
What fan-art from Night in the woods should be drawn?
What Hetalia Character Do You Want In A Story?
Who do you think is more "evil"?
Who is your favorite Vocaloid producer out of these?
The best Ro'meave (Mystreet)
Which soft drink do you prefer?
Which cola drink do you prefer?
What would you rather deal with?
What temperature should a house be in Celsius?
Who were you rooting for? (Death Note)
What is your favorite animated meme?
what name do you like more out of these?
What country do u live in?
Tom or Zane?
Which month is more depressing and why?
What would you rather eat? (Fun poll)
What super power would you want ?(if you choose elements please comment what element)
What kind of temperature would you rather sleep in?
Which temperature is the best to sleep in?
Do you like to read Creepypastas?
Sonictale? Who should Sonicbe? (Disclaimer: People are arguing over who is who so I have this here.)
Springtrap or plushtrap
Bonbon or bonnet
Rave Murusraptor or Hummingbird Quetzalcoatlus?
Is Runescape still relevent?
Fnaf 1,2,3,4,5 or 6
Tattletail vs fnaf
What kind of weather do you like the most?
Youtuber Showdown Finale Markiplier vs. KapitalPixelated
What kind of hair do you prefer to see on a guy? (Girls only)
About how many months that Justin Bieber grew his hair from a fresh haircut? Take a close look.
Kapital Pixelated Vs. Cryaotic (Youtuber Showdown Semi-Finals round two)
Do you like Justin Bieber?
Which song do you prefer to listen to?
What would you rather do if there's a choice?
Have you ever played Poptropica?
What's your favorite car air freshener brand?
Who is more beautiful: Raven or Starfire?
Gardevoir or Lucario: who would win?
Samus or Megaman X: who would win?
Which youtuber do you like more: Pewdiepie vs. Markiplier (Semi-Finals Round 1) ?
do you like fwooper?
What is YOUR favorite anime? (out of these choices) 2
What is YOUR favorite anime? (out of these choices)
Who do prefer the most between these 3?
Cryaotic or TherpgMinx (Round three of the best youtuber tournament)
Pewdiepie or Cinnamotoastken (Round two of the best youtuber tournament)
Which TV channel do you prefer?
Markiplier or Jacksepticeye
Which of these girls is the prettiest? (2)
Which Game is the best?
These are the two worst animes (By popular opinion) which is worse?
Which YTV show do you prefer the most?
Which cool toy do you like the most?
How good is the year 2017 for you so far?
What's your favorite year between 2015 or 2016?
Which female celebrity is the prettiest?
Which nickname would suit you the best?
Which celebrity do you like the most?
What's the best scent you can ever smell in a car?
Which song do you prefer the most?
Which is Your Favoutite Thea Sister?
would you rather be a phoenix or a dragon?
Which is more important- Personality or Looks?
Do you own a fidget spinner?
Which picture do you like? (1)
What video meme should be made?
magic girl or cat girl