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Do you sometimes wish you could live the life you'd rather have?
Mlp, Lps, or Tmnt?
How much do you use styrafome? (sorry I spelled that wrong)
Which Toads' cd toy is your faverouite?
what is your fav anime? 2.0
What Kind Of Qfeaster Are You?
Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton 2016
which assassin would you be?
Which is your favorite game out of the following?
Which Suite Pretty Cure is your favorite?
Which Cartoon show is better?
Whose Your Favorite in the Emo Quartet?
Which is Your Favorite ?
who do you think will make great president in 2016?
Which Quarterback should the Cowboys play with?
what do you like better? (2)
Which is your favorite game developer?
Would you rather have Voldemort stuck in your head wrap for a year, or Nagini lurking in your toilet for a year?
Who is blueberry sans?
Who is your favourite "Book Celebrity"?
Would you rather? (81)
Which is your favourite Five Nights at Freddy's 2 character?
Which is your favorite Five Nights at Freddy's character?
Which FNAF do you think is better?
Are you excited for Halloween?
Which internet star is your favorite?
Who do you most want a poster of?
Which rainbow hairstyle do you like most?
Which hair colour is most beautiful?
How do YOU pronounce?: Arabic
How do YOU pronounce?: Gala
who do you like best in harry potter?
what is your Favorite anime? (2)
Which movie?
which is your fav website?
Which fandom is best?
Who will win on this fight: Puppet or Puppet sad?
Which actor do you believe is more suitable for playing as Batman: Christian Bale or Ben Affleck?
do you like Jared Leto or Heath Ledger better?
Who is your favorite Animorph?
What's your favorite song?
What % Busy Are You Actually?
which wolf do you like best?
Who is your favorit animatronic on mine favorit animatronic?
Which personality fits you the most?
True or false- Mangle is a male?
Which One? (22)
What Is The Worst State In The Nation?
Which Harry Potter character has the saddest death impact?
What is your favorite Monster High ghoul? (Of the main characters)
When did you jump on the Bohemian Rhapsody bandwagon?
what is your favorite quiz I've made? (so I can make more like it)
What would you do if you had a million dollars?
would you rather? (80)
Did you know that a Cats mind is closer to a humans then a dogs?
YouTube channel ideas?
The best instrument of all time! If your choice is not on here, post a comment!
Do you believe there is mythical creatures?
Pick a superpower please?
Would you rather-''Hear''?
Which Sounds More Accurate?
Are You Drawn To Corruption?
Are Asian Women In Your Area Looking For Older Men?
Which Regi In Pokemon Is the best, defensive wise?
Has Science Done More Good, or Bad?
Is Time Just Another God Of The Mind?
Do You Know Someone Older Than 100?
What would you do if Donald's Trump dies?
Doctor Who or Sherlock?
Best movie OST?
What is your favorite show out of the Superwholock trio?
Which is a stronger word?
Who is more honest in your opinion: Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump?
Who would win at making face competition?
UNDERTALE - Which route suits you best
Which Sans is YOUR favorite?
New quiz to make?
Which Pokemon game will you buy first: Pokemon Sun or Pokemon Moon?
Fire types or water types? What do you choose?
Dragon types or fairy types? What do you prefer?
Which bronze color dress do you like the best?
Who would you vote for in the 2016 General Election: Hillary or Trump?
Who would win in a fight? (7)
Did you ever search your name on Google/Yahoo etc.?
Should there be a new secret animatronic to appear in Lurking Nightmares?
Has a Teacher Ever Given You a Personal Birthday Present for your birthday?
Which of the following sweet types is your favorite?
Which book of the Divergent Series do you like most?
Which haircut looks best on Tris Prior (Divergent)?
Which is the best book?
Favourite character from The Middle?
Favourite song on A'wesome?
Favourite song on Melting?
Favourite song on La Roux?
Favourite song on Play It Again?
Favourite song on Sorry I'm Late?
Favourite song on Sticks And Stones?
Favourite song on Thank You?
Favourite song on Title?
Favourite song on Know-It-All?