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What is your favorite Easter Egg in Yandere Simulator?
Which of the following anime do you like most?
what's your fav pokemon movie
Would You Rather 6~?
Would You Rather 5~?
Would You Rather 4~?
Would You Rather 3~?
Would You Rather 2~?
Would you Rather~?
do you like mcdonalds or kfc?
Anime competition!- Which anime girl looks cuter?
Who do you want to be in the middle ages?
What role in a mission do you want to do?
Do You Do More Good Than Harm?
Who would win? (no holding back)
One element, one song, one character what will you pick?
Can You Force Yourself To Believe Something?
do you believe in Illuminati?!?
Which characteristic is more important: Determination, Skill or Motivation?
Do You Believe In Unity?
Is Everyone Unique?
Do you like Classic Rock?
Do you guys want Scar to Stay a Demon wolf or make him into a normal wolf?
Can you pull off an all nighter?
Which dbz character iis better?
Do you live a lie?
Haven't we suffered enough?
Must the complete collapse of society be televised?
What phrase sounds the best?
If you lost all of your ice cream, and apple pie, would you be scared?
Do you like minecraft animations?
What would you Rather Be~?
Can You Have Too Many Toasters?
Whose eyebrow game is stronger?
What fandom are you in?
What are the imaginary places you would like to go?
which eevee evolution is the strongest?
Marvel or Disney
Will there ever be enough time?
Who should win the guy? Anime edition
Choose a phrase...
Would you Be Okay With passing away right now?
Can you trust people?
Do you collect trading cards?
What should be drawn?
What color dog nose is the cutest? (in general)
Which role is most important in pokemon?
Which place to eat dinner to you like more: Chipotle or Panera?
Is anything impossible?
Glaceon, or Leafeon?
Which Is Better...?
Do you prefer Turkey, or Beef?
Would You Ever Kill Someone? (Under Certain Conditions)
On a 1-10 scale, how corrupt is society?
Iron Man vs. Captain America?
Which Ice type Pokemon Is the best in your opinion?
Do You Care About "YouTube Drama"?
Do You Like the new TV Show "The Loud House"?
what is your favorite Walking Dead character?
Alternia vs Mobius
Who is more awesome from the Warriors series: Squirrelflight or Leafpool?
Favorite Disney Princess Song (Out Of These)
How many boyfriends or girlfriends have you had?
What would you rather do? (2)
What is your favourite colour?
DC vs Marvel: Which is the better comic book universe?
normal undertale or au undertale's
Which Undertale ending would you do: Pacifist or Genocide?
Which is the best quote? (1)
Which route do you like best?
Starbucks or Caribou?
Which sports clothing and accessories company do you prefer: Under Armour or Nike?
Do you have a ocarina?
Do you think I am crazy for liking Samgladiator?
Which actor do you prefer: Taylor Lauthner or Robert Pattinson?
Who your favorite person leafy did a video on?
Who here actually knows who Nick Menza was?
What is your favorite Call of Duty World at War gun?
Have You Ever Felt Guilty About A Small Thing?
What is a better name for a guide to Mary Sues?
Watch 'Hit the Diamond' and 'Barn Mates' on Kisscartoon before it airs?
Is a part of this story idea weird? (More info in comments section)
What's your favourite dance type
Which Mystery do you prefer?
A genie appears and you have one wish! What would you rather wish?
Are selfies stupid?
Is Linebeck allowed to shake the baby?
Superman or Supergirl?
choose a dress(.only for girls)
How the hell are you?
Do you love your family?
Who would be better?
Which Melanie Martinez song do you like?
Which is your BEST kuroko no basket character?
Is someone actually allowed to make a canon character an adopted child to the O C?
Chose a picture!
top 10 best songs of week may 28 2016 (vote for the next top 10 in comments)
who do you want to win the 2016 presidental election?
Which of the 7 do you chose?