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Chugs or Weimaraners?
Are you more afraid of things that are logical or just crazy?
Selena or Ariana ?
Which one do you want as your birthday gift ?
What kind of kpop version do you like best?
Favorite youtuber
Do u like to read for fun
Who is the most evil Warrior Cat?
Which one is your favourite ?
Which is better ?
Which verison of teen titans look better?
Which singer or band is your favorite?
Do you wanna be famous?
What time of day do you shower?
Team Stan or Team Ford?
Who do you want to rap against Kaneki Ken in an anime rap battle?
baby po of baby tigeress who's cuter? (sorry if i spelled tigeress wrong) (if i got it right don't tell me)
Do you LOVE fall?
Shadonia or Shadamy?
do yo like tacos
Should me and Steven_Crewiverse make a morning talk show (on scratch)?
What do you think of Raichu pup? (Another Wolfie creation)
which emoji is cuter?
Do you prefer Statue BEN or Pastamonster BEN?
FanFictions: Smut or Fluff
Have you've ever been told you couldn't like something?
Would you rather? (35)
Do any of you guys have siblings that get on your nerves?
What grumpy cat meme makes you laught more?
What is your favourite comic person?
whos your favorite south park character?
What movie do you prefer? (1)
is digimon a copy of pokemon or the other way around?
Who is hotter? (11)
Who is hotter? (10)
Which of these places is best?
Would you rather..? (3)
Would you rather..? (2)
Would you rather..? (1)
Would you rather..?
Do You Prefer Superheroes or Legendary Hero's?
Do you like auto correct?
What should Zircon Overdrive's theme song be?
Wich dimension do like best?
What would you do if someone is chasing you with a knife?
Do you like twisted grim? (YouTube)
Team fight! Scourge and Fiona vs. Diddy Kong and donkey Kong who will win!
what band s better?
Do you think opposites attract?
what is your favourite fruit?
Which of these US cites is your favorite?
how much do you know about fnaf?
What is your favourite kpop girl group? (many choices)
Who would you rather meet in the middle of a night walking in the woods?
What is your favorite animal (41 choices) ?
do you like foxy from fnaf?
How many things can you do at once (multi-task)?
which one did Mr. Rogers sing?
what did she say to the mirror on the wall?
what was this show/ book called?
Which Band is Your Most Favorite?
Do you like Saint Asonia band?
Who do you like more, Levi Ackerman or Eren Jaeger?
Do you like grumpy cat?
What is your favorite music genre? (1)
Do you watch Gravity Falls?
who's greater for wonder women?
Out of these animes which one do y you like the most
What is your favorite book? (1)
What kind of music do you like?
If Creepypasta were to fight, who would win?
Whose the better looking anti of the Triple Threat?
Who is the best Until Dawn character?
Who's the best slender brother?
Are you good or evil?
who do you like better from mario games?
Who wore it best, Selena Gomez or Beyonce?
Which is better ?(I might keep it)
how kind are you?
Which Heroes of Olympus heroine do you like the most?
What is your favourite Past time?
Who is more annoying dork diaries?
Do you think Minecraft gets boring over time?
Which video game one do you like more, Minecraft or Sims?
Are you a Paul Walker Fan?
How much out of 5 are you bored?
The Spider or the Gaurd Dog?
Favorite warrior cat couple?
What's your favorite cool creepypasta 2?
What is your favourite character from lbp3?
Who would be better president for 2016?
What's your favorite SCP?
what device would you rather have?
Do you like New theme?
How do I get a guy to like me?
How do you pronounce 'gif' ?
What type of food do you prefer more: processed foods or homemade foods?
What do you like to bake?
Whats your favorite Zanpakuto?
How much out of 10 do you like school?