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Glee or pitch perfect
What Hogwarts house are you in?
who is better looking edward cullen (robert pattinson) or jacob black (taylor lautner)??
What is better? Brothers or Sisters?
The age old debate....Batman or Superman
Which is better(i could not decide myself so i need yo to do it)
Which experience would you rather go through.
Which is a better book series?
What is your favorite Hunger games character?
Facebook, Twitter, Qfeast or instagram
Who's better?
The Beatles vs One Direction
What is your favorite music artist?
Horses- Has any of these happened to you?
Cho vs bella
Do you think Santa Claus is a stalker?.... I mean come on "he sees you when your sleeping"
which is better
The big question... kindle, nook or book?
Who is hotter
Hannah Montana, Wizard of wavery place or Sonny with a chance
Horses or cows?
Do you think Miranda Kerr and Orlando Bloom were a good couple??
which is your favorite genre?
Which Harry Potter character is your favorite?
Shopping spree
Which are you more scared of?
Who is the best Band?
Pepsi or Dr. Pepper
Pizza, Chocolate,or Gum
Puppy's or Kittens
What is Your Favorite Chocolate Bar?
Who is a better female singer?
Who is Hotter? (2)
Which story category attracts more readers???
Favorite Actress
What computer is better?
Who is your favorite actor/ actress?
What is your favorite TV show?
Which dessert do you like the most?
Which candy?
What is your opinion on self harmers?
Chocolate or gum
Are you a daddy's girl/guy or a mommy's girl/guy
Do you like TRON: Uprising? (Don't let the revolution end before it has a chance to start!)
Have you heard of Megaman/Rockman?
Puss in Boots v. Shrek
Who is your fave character from Black Butler?
Who is your favorite HIMYM character?
Have you ever heard of Nature's Classroom and have you been there?
Should swearing be banned from song?
Do you support Gay rights? (If not please no mean comments)
Who should Nialls ex girlfriend be? Read my story Love at first sight (Niall Horan love story)
do you prefer the book or the film of the hunger games??
Would you rather?
Are you happy with your life
What do you like to do in your spare time?
if you got a puppy, which name would you give it?
which would you do?
who is cuter? (1)
Would you rather:
Which Animal Is the Best
What Is Your Favorite Farm Animal?
What Is Your Favorite Mythical Creature?
Which of these art pictures is your favorite?
Which of these art pictures is your favorite, rainbow themed? Again thanks for taking this!
Which holiday is better? (1)
Whose the cutest boy in Mindless Behavior
Do you horse back ride? (if so post more in comments,Style of riding,if you have a horse/pony,ect)
Who is hotter? (1)
Polls vs. Quizzes
What movie is better
if you could have on of these kittens, which kitten would you pick?
would you rather be lost in the woods for a day or read a 783 page book?
brave or Rise of the Guardians
Which holiday is better?
Tangled or Hotel Transylvania
whos better sillersream or whitestorm
random! just pick one!
Which Male Artist (s) Is Better?
who is sillier greystripe or cinderpaw
who is better silver stream or graystripe?
who is more evil tiger star or scourge
Blaaa bla bla which art picture is your favorite? (Is this getting annoying)
Oh yeah I made ANOTHER which of these art pictures is your favorite?
What is the best mob in Minecraft?
Who's your favourite main character from Professor Layton?
Do you prefer Ariana with red hair or brown hair?
Which actress do you like best
Which candy is better?
Would you rather go without books/writing or television?
What characters in Harry Potter are better?
Who's your fave monster high doll?
Which baby girl names do you like the most?
Geeky or gorgeous
What do you think is more important in a partner (boyfriend, girlfriend, friends, wife, husband or cohabiting partner!!!!) ????