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how much do you know about fnaf?
What is your favourite kpop girl group? (many choices)
Who would you rather meet in the middle of a night walking in the woods?
What is your favorite animal (41 choices) ?
do you like foxy from fnaf?
How many things can you do at once (multi-task)?
which one did Mr. Rogers sing?
what did she say to the mirror on the wall?
what was this show/ book called?
Which Band is Your Most Favorite?
Do you like Saint Asonia band?
Who do you like more, Levi Ackerman or Eren Jaeger?
Do you like grumpy cat?
What is your favorite music genre? (1)
Do you watch Gravity Falls?
who's greater for wonder women?
Out of these animes which one do y you like the most
What is your favorite book? (1)
What kind of music do you like?
If Creepypasta were to fight, who would win?
Whose the better looking anti of the Triple Threat?
Who is the best Until Dawn character?
Who's the best slender brother?
Are you good or evil?
who do you like better from mario games?
Who wore it best, Selena Gomez or Beyonce?
Which is better ?(I might keep it)
how kind are you?
Which Heroes of Olympus heroine do you like the most?
What is your favourite Past time?
Who is more annoying dork diaries?
Do you think Minecraft gets boring over time?
Which video game one do you like more, Minecraft or Sims?
Are you a Paul Walker Fan?
How much out of 5 are you bored?
The Spider or the Gaurd Dog?
Favorite warrior cat couple?
What's your favorite cool creepypasta 2?
What is your favourite character from lbp3?
Who would be better president for 2016?
What's your favorite SCP?
what device would you rather have?
Do you like New theme?
How do I get a guy to like me?
How do you pronounce 'gif' ?
What type of food do you prefer more: processed foods or homemade foods?
What do you like to bake?
Whats your favorite Zanpakuto?
How much out of 10 do you like school?
What's You Favorite Hetalia Character Out Of The Four?
What's your favorite gadget / activity out of these?
What's your favorite mythical creature?
What's your favorite book genre?
What's your favorite book series? (2)
Who is the hottest girl in Once Upon a Time?
Who is the hottest guy in Once Upon a Time?
What school subject?
Boyinaband or Cryaotic? (YouTuber Rap Battle)
What cartoon/Legend do you like more, Creepypasta or Steven Universe?
What do you fangirl about most?
What school do you go to?
who's your favorite Cool Creepypasta?
Which kid of school do you attend? Or would rather attend?
who is your fave super hero ?
Which way would you die out of the following?
How much do you fangirl?
Who would Win in an Arm Wrestling Match?
Most annoying sound in gaming, Navi, Baby Mario or Balloon Boy?
Which manga do you think is the best ?
What anime do you think is the best ?
Are you tied of stereotyped quizzes?
Homer simpson or Bart Simpson
Which of these do you like Better?
Wich zodiac sign do you dislike?
Who is your fav zodiac sign?
Who is more annoying? (2)
Who do you like most, Laughing Jack or Eyeless Jack?
Who is better? number one
What is the level of addictiveness of Qfeast for you: 1 - 10?
Have you heard of Artemis Fowl?
If you had a choice to be a troll, What blood color would you be?
Which game between these two would you rather play?
Which is you favorite Minion,? Kevin, Bob or Stuart
Cartoon Characters Competitions #1!
Steven Universe Home World or Crystal Gem?
Does your hair go up or down?
Do you think breann west 5 am an optimist or pessimist?
What kind of song should maryan have?
What SAO fairy is your choice?
Toy Freddy or BB?
Which of Incubus is your favorite from Seduce Me The Otome?
who would win,a Dragon or a Phoenix?
Favorite Fandom?
Do you say "Stupid" or "Baka"?
Do you say "Cute" or "Kawaii"?
Who remembers What Does The Fox Say?
What ship is better? (1)
Peridot or Bill Cipher?
Which Vocaloid is your favorite out of these?
Do you like Homer Simpson?