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What is your favorite emoji?
What kind world would you rather be in?
Grell x Sebastian or Ciel x Sebastian
Do you think Qfeast id better than Twitter or Facebook?
Who do you dislike the most?
Who will win the emojis war?
Do You Like Star Wars? (1)
Do You Use Illegal Drugs?
what minecraft animal do you like best?
what animal is cutest out of these?
what is your fav animal?
who do you like more in fnaf 1, and 2?
Favorite Character from Heroes (season 1).
Have you seen Heroes?
What type of Fallout 4 Quiz/Story would you like me to do next?
Skillet Or Three Days Grace
five nights in anime or fnaf?
what would you want to be in slime rancher?
what hair style do you like best?
which do you like better? (2)
what slime do you like the best? remake
what slime do you like the best?
which one do you like better? (2)
Pink or red?
Would you rather kiss...?
Favourite Matsuno Sextuplet?
New User ideas?
Would you rather want Ticci Toby or Jeff the Killer as a boyfriend or just a friend?
Would you rather be a angel, demon or both?
Do you like Hatsune miku? (1)
what football team do you support?
Rose, Amy, or Clara for the Doctors companion?
Who do you pick? (1)
Taylor swift or Katey parry?
Wonderland or Neverland
Human Inteaction or Internet?
Which sounds most exciting for a birthday celebration? Girls ages 10-15 please
Vivian or Sef ,Ellen's Design Challenge
What do you think is the best pet?
Which Fnaf plushies are better?
Germany or France?
Do you diet?
gamers guide to pretty much everything or lab rats or jessie?
Who do You Love most in one direction?
Which wolf? Demon style edition
Do you know how to speak Spanish?
What Video game do you pick?
What's the best show? (1)
Would you have a tea party with Muffet?
Would you rather fight in the WW1 or would you fight in the WW2?
What are your thoughts on Mystic Enchantress?
Would you rather?!
What bad guy from Star Wars would you love to date or be in the same family?
Whos Your Favourite Classic Man Character?
Elimination Disney game
Which Car?
Would You Rather...? (8)
What pronouns do you use?
Would you go on YouTube to set the record straight about a past relationship?
What does your last name start with?
What actress do you prefer?
If you were a Jedi what robe you would wear?
Which social media would you choose?
Which Steven Universe mom is best mom?
Which force of nature do you think is more destructive?
Which of my favorite bands/artists do you like the best?
Who's your favorite Titan Shifter? (AoT Anime)
Which is your favorite wedding dress style?
Favorite ball gown?
Have you created a quiz, story, question, poll or page on the Mobile version - without switching from the Desktop version?
Who is funnier: Patrick Star or Jar Jar?
What do you use to watch your anime on ?
Who as this T-Shirt ?
Do you like Ron Paul?
what is your favorite green day album?
Barack or Vladimir
Favourite Dictator? Just for fun.nohate
Which is your favorite skirt?
Which is your favorite purple dress?
Skillet vs Black Veil Brides
Which is your favorite female suit?
Which video streaming service do you like more: Youtube or Netflix?
Which is your favorite blue dress?
Who is your favorite Sesame Street character?
Do you think virtual reality will make the word better?
Would you rather? Undertale version
Do You Agree With Abortion? (1)
Kawaii or nah
Ajin or Tokyo Ghoul?
Which is your favorite red dress?
How is Hillary Clinton?
Do you like Elizabeth Warren? (Don't vote unless you actually know who they are)
What is better out off all restuaraunts?
General Election, who is you favorite? Hillary Clinton or Ted Cruz?
Which color do you like more: Red, Blue, Green or Yellow?
Who would you rather have ruling the world?
What is better out off all games?
What do you think of Donald Trump?
Which Version Of Foxy Is Your Favourite?
Which dessert is da booomb?