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Who's your favorite R5 member?
what 5 legendary pokemon of the starter pick up will you be?will you be a... maybe X and Y or Omega and Alpha starter.
Did you enjoy the movie Frozen?
Did you enjoy the movie Maleficent?
Was I the first person to vote no on Lapis_Lazuli's poll?
Do you think Lapis Lazuli is a jerk?
Where do you WANT to live?
Would you Rather (Celebs)
Should Marbles and Hawk Get Married?
How much do you like Steven Universe?
Do you think it's wrong to hurt animals?
which is your fave meme!
what is your favorite tv show? (1)
How Many Kids Would You Like to Have?
How much out of 10 did you like your summer?
Do you support LGTB rights?
Who is your favourite RWBY girl?
Are you a fangirl/fanboy of something?
witch we bare bear you like the most?
Who's your favorite teenage mutant ninja turtle? (TMNT)
Do you like the series We Bare Bears?
Are you a leader. or a follower?
Zelda or Shiek?
Funnier sketch
What do you think of We Bare Bears?
Who is better roman reigns dean ambrose seth rollins or randy orton
Ducks or Geese
What's your favorite soda?
Are you mean online?
Do you like teennick?
How many times have you changed your profile pic?
Do you think Sheik is a girl or guy?(I think girl, I played OoT.)
Do you like coffee
Do you like the show cardog?
Have you ever been trolled?
Did you enjoy the movie Home?
Did you enjoy the movie Pitch Perfect 2?
Did you enjoy the movie Pitch Perfect?
Did you enjoy the movie Cinderella (2015)?
Did you enjoy the movie Pixels?
Did you enjoy the movie Paper Towns?
Is Brittany Raymond Better or Lamar Johnson
Do you like creepypasta in general?
whats your favorite food
Did you watch We Bare Bears yet?
Did you enjoy the movie Avengers: Age of Ultron?
Did you enjoy the movie The Avengers?
How quiet are you? (EDITED)
Which soda is better?
Cana or Eclipse?
By appearance, which girl do you think would win a fight?
Who Is Your Favorite Life With Boys Character?
Do you plan on watching We Bare Bears?
What Youtube Video do you like Most?
The Amazing World of Gumball, or Steven Universe?
Do you think Creepypasta is stupid?
Where would you rather live? Night Vale or Desert Bluffs?
Whos Your Favorite Fnaf Character ?
You is your favorite BFF couple (in fifth harmony)?
What style of dance do you prefer?
Do you like modern Nickelodeon?
Do ware glasses?Do you like them?
What's your favorite winter animal?
What's Your Favorite Sport? (2)
Did you enjoy the movie Annie (2014)?
Most annoying song?
Which Huter x Hunter is better?
Which of the following is the most annoying cartoon?
Do you think it is weird how people make polls asking if you will date them?
What Is Your Favorite Part Of Pizza?
Which theme should Starlet focus on for the next Spotlight Theme Style shoot?
Do you think that you need a password to change your username on Qfeast?
Which game sucks more?
Best gaming quote?
When did you start watching anime?And what was your first anime?
How do YOU drive people crazy?
How have you spent your summer?
Have you ever been on the Qfeasters of the Day list?
What bad thing would you do if you were bored (people under 15)
What is your favorite Total Drama season?
Which would you rather do? (2)
Would you rather (9)
Which of these would make you psycho
Which Starter Pokemon Is Better?
What Do YOU Think About Chickens?
steven universe
Which is more awkward
Do you agree with homosexual people?
Which Gem Is Your Favorite ?
Which sounds most like you?
which five nights at Freddy's is your favorite
What do you think of FNAF 4?
Your idea of a funnier prank?
Which Type of Vacation Do You Prefer
Which Video Game Do You Like More?
Would you survive Navi hovering over you?
Young Link or Older Link?
What is most annoying?
Best Link noise? (child link)
Alex Gaskarth or Jack Barakat?