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Who is the best looking? (1)
which animal do you want
Soul Eater or Full Metal Alchemist
Did you enjoy the movie Jurassic World?
what us your normal outfit day to day?
minecraft or terrarea?
do you prefer tabby cats or tortoise shells
Did you enjoy the movie Inside Out?
Who's your favorite anime ginger ;)
My usual outfit is...
Which Disney movie would you like to see a sequel to?
Do You Wear Glasses?
What is your favorite band? (3)
Tomboy or Girly girl?
Which would you rather be entitled to?
The Legend of Zelda or Mario?
Which captin would you like to hang out with?
What zodiac sign do you think I am?
Which band song is better? (My fav songs .3.)
Supernatural or Normal?
Would you rather have the new Teen Titans, or the old?
Favorite Burger Fast Food?
Whos the best espada
Is your favorite color black or pink
Who is sexyer?
Who is the best tribute from the 2nd Hunger Games movie?
Who is the best tribute from the 1st the Hunger Games movie?
Do you like Ben 10 or Brave?<3<3
what is ur favorite girl ansectore homestuck
which troll danceestor is your favourite from homestuck the boys
what is smarter/what do u like beter
Isn't it time for parents to bow down and serve to us kids?!
Fnaf or Pokemon?
Green vs Teal
Homoka or Kyosaya?
Do You Call Them Fries Or Chips?
peace sign or ying yang?
which dessert out of these is your favorite?
What is your favorite colo(u)r?
South park or family guy?
Breakfast Lunch or Dinner
What is your fav genre of books
Justin Bieber or Justin Timberlake
Who should Katniss choose?
(To people who have read Percy Jackson) Who do you like more Piper McLean or Hazel Levesque?
Favorite Fandom out of these?
What's your facorite Jessie character?
How many balls can you pong?
What Is Your Stereotype
pizza or icecream
school is out! how do you feel?
What Is The Most Popular Book For Youth?
Fairy tail or sailor moon?
What's your favorite thing to write with?
Which is your fav character from teen titans go
Fnaf vs. Chuck E. Cheese
What is your favorite game from the Just Dance series?
Favourite Quote from Harry Potter?
Who has read The selection by Kiera Cass?
What part do you lay on when you sleep?
Which Band is better Beatles or Monkees?
what is your favorite faction
Which Steven Universe Character is the total BEST?
Blobfisb or Afro Chicken
What Greek god of the big three do you like the most
what is your favorite beanie boo out of these
Good, evil, or in between?
Selena Gomez or Adele? (Celeb wars)
Ariana Grande or Taylor Swift? (Celeb Wars)
Lion or Garfield?
What do you do in your sleep?
Steven Universe or Uncle Grandpa?
What do you wash first when you shower?
What is the best thing about Steven Universe? (Why do you love Steven Universe?)
Favorite One Tree Hill Character?
Which of these is the best Hetalia ship?
Is Russia evil or just misunderstood? (Hetalia)
What should be Selena ans Shade's theme song or love song?
What is your favorite dessert
Do you want a hunger games?
Which Hogwarts House?
Which Of These Shows Is The Best
Star Wars or Star Trek?
Mark Ruffalo or Bruce Banner?
Fae or Fairies?
Who is the BEST? (Updates!)
What Cartoon Network show do you like the most?
Cookie Cat or Lion Lickers? Find out if you are more like Lion or Steven!
Grumpy Cat VS Nyan Cat VS Cookie Cat
Steve or Alex Minecraft
Which Season Is Your Fave? (Explain In The Comments)
who is the BEST? (2) (I made an updated version, ppl)
Who is the favorite Child? The Amazing World of Gumball
Nyan Cat or Tac Nayn
Autobots or Decepticons?
Which Electronic do you have? (if you have more than one of these, choose the one you like most)
Who is your Favorite Steven Universe Gem?
Which animal feature would you rather have?
Which anime is the best
Which weapon do you want to have, Gun vs Sword?